Free science fiction Kindle books for 16 Jun 18

Posioned Eros: Mind-bending Tales from the Dark Side of Love : (Bonus Edition)

by O. A. Beckett

A post-apocalyptic tyrant with a pre-apocalyptic fetish. A restaurant where cannibals can take their dates. An interstellar alien come to lure human victims through her dating profile. A young woman who inadvertently murders her male teachers. These are just a sampling of the outlandish fictions you’ll encounter in this collection of short pieces from the delightfully-twisted imaginations of O. A. Beckett and Peter Nemenoff. The stories involve a daring mash-up of genresâ??science fiction and romantic comedyâ??and are guaranteed to delight, disarm, and disturb. So reader beware: love may be blind, but Cupid’s poisoned arrows hit true to their markâ?¦ often with unintended consequences.

Bayonet Dawn (SMC Marauders Book 1)

by Scott Moon

Family honor. Unbreakable destiny. Ultimate sacrifice. One man will do anything to save what matters most.

Kevin Connelly embarks on a quest to honor the memory of his grandfather, a war hero in a neighborhood without heroes, and rescue his twin siblings from mysterious aliens. His older brother, now the head of their orphaned family has other plans, requiring him to flee a contract with a powerful crime lord. Military enlistment might be the answer to his prayers or the beginning of his destruction.

Ace and Amanda-Margaret Connelly learn firsthand the secret of the Siren doom when they are captured by a race of giants opposing their Siren masters. Nothing is what it seems. The human race will soon learn rebels are treacherous allies.

Gunnery Sergeant Robert Priest, PhD, is dedicated to the 343rd Marauders despite the horror of Brookhaven and the damage done to his closest friends. Duty doesn’t get easier when the Connelly family complicates his mission of vengeance and redemption.

Bayonet Dawn is military science fiction packed with camaraderie, action, and a family saga to be remembered. The book strives to realize the best elements of classics in the genre: Starship Troopers, Battlestar Galactica, and Dune.

Arising Beasts: Genesis

by Luis Robles

An alien invasion occurred on Earth. As a consequence, most of the planet had become a poisonous desert wasteland, where little life existed. The last of humanity was scattered throughout the globe in high-rise bunkers called Havens. But most of the Havens were failing, and time was running out.

Their only option was to send a group of scouts into the treacherous desert filled with terrorâ??men and women who would risk their lives and the lives of those in the Havens to try and find the last of the War Beasts, buried somewhere in the endless sand.

With limited time, rations and weapons, the brave scouts had become the last hope for humanity to survive the end of the world.

Arising Beasts is the larger-than-life story of humanity’s battle for survival on a poisoned Planet Earth.

Toy Soldiers 1: Apocalypse

by Devon C. Ford

In 1989, Peter’s young life is an unfair and miserable existence, even before events unfold far beyond his isolated, rural corner of the world. He is left alone to fend for himself and to survive in impossible circumstances.

In the dying throes of the Cold War, testing of experimental bioweapons goes wrong in the worst kind of way. As the media coverage of disorder and chaos in London spreads, so too does the disease that makes the hosts it invades exist with just one goal: to find more living flesh to infect. Pockets of survivors, meanwhile, struggle to comprehend the nature of this new enemy.

Cut off from information and senior leadership, one squadron of armoured troops finds itself forced to operate independently, until the remnants of military and government command re-establish themselves safely at sea in the English Channel.

The dead, however, have a different agenda, and begin to exhibit behaviour that could eradicate the human race from the world.

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