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From the port loader to the world-famous master: 120+ pictures of the French artist Raoul Dufy

by Yuri Karminsky

Raoul Dufy once said: “I love everything that appears in the most beautiful light.” People are perceived in the ensemble. “In painting, the most important moment is color, and color is a phenomenon of light.” To paint the light, the artist turns to colors. A flower, a woman, a butterfly? Simple incidents of a great drama of color and light.” By color and light, and even by the manner of writing, we often can easily find out the work of this or that artist. Painting of Raoul Dufy is easy to learn: it is bright, unusual and … primitive. Easily recognizable style of Fauvism, which was previously mentioned in connection with the painting of another French artist Maurice de Vlaminck. The same bright colors – blue, yellow, red – and also lack of perspective, plot and lightness of light …

Great Infographics: Tools, Creator, Resume, Social Media Infographic, Data Visualization Tools

by Johnson

Infographics: Resume, Social Media Infographic, Data Visualization Tools

  • Successful Infographics (for presentations, business)
  • Infographic Resume (chances to be hired – 150% higher)
  • Data Visualization Tools (what to use & where to use)
  • Social Media infographics (how to use, where to use)
  • Most Popular Websites To Use (comparison. Take best for your needs)

What You’ll Get Inside:

  • What is Infographic
  • Evolution of the Infographic
  • How to make a Successful Infographic
  • Infographics Resume
  • Data Visualization Tools
  • Social Media Infographic
  • Most Popular Infographic Websites

Whether you’re working on a presentation, a website or teaching materials, infographics helps in projecting the complex story with subtle, straightforward way to understand. The process of creating infographics can also be referred to as data visualization, information design, or information architecture. Information graphics have become a boom to the man-kind, making clear and simple graphics which often make one wonder if the stories told aren’t much more complicated, nuanced, and messy than they seem.

Infographics can be also described as the virtual blog. Information graphics take help of the information, data or knowledge for the viewers to grasp the accessible knowledge in simple and effective manner. With help of various pictures and words, we aim for the readers to be much more in tune with the term and its various uses in our daily lives.

Take A Sneak Peak Inside: (Page 14)

“As a freelancer or job seeker, it is very important to have a resume that stands out. With the eye catching quality of infographics, Infographic Resume are the new trend in the job market.

An infographic resume enables a job seeker to better visualize his or her career history, education and skills, in a variety of way, be it chronological order.
Unfortunately, not everyone is a graphic designer, and whipping up a professional-looking infographic resume can be a difficult task for the technically unskilled job seeker. For those of us not talented in design, it can also be costly to hire an experienced designer to toil over a career-centric infographic.”

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