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Notes from a Hardcore Capitalist

by Sam Brent

Sam Brent grew up in an enclosed community of a fruit company in Central America amid an era of dictators and mercenaries. After college in the U.S., he returned to work for the fruit company. After five years, he advanced in the company despite a growing political instability all around him. With his family’s future and safety in mind, he returned to the United States. He worked for over forty years in the steel production and construction industries in Texas, with several stints in Mexico and Venezuela, all the while struggling to balance a family life. This is the story of a hard worker, who increased production and profits in each company, found the best in every worker, and found peace with his faith. This is the story of a workingman.

Per Aspera Ad Astra: Itâ??s your Chance to Make Life Better

by Victor Wayne

Can a few well-chosen words hit as the arrow hits the target?
Can a few words completely change the way of thinking?
And can a few words change a man’s life?

The answer to all questions above will be â?? “Yes”.

I present to you my new book â?? “Per Aspera Ad Astra”.

In English this means “Through the difficulties to the stars”. Interesting name, isn’t it?

Before you is the book of more than 100 best great people Quotes. At first, there were about 1000 of them, but after qualitative selection it became only a little more than 100.

The book will be useful for those who are looking for themselves in life, who can’t find answers to some asks, or just those who looking for development book or just have some fun.

The book will be a perfect gift for friends or for the relatives, perhaps this is exactly what they need now.

It doesn’t matter who you are at the moment, a student, a factory worker, or CEO of a company with, sometimes we all need support, more inspiration, or the right advice.

The book contains quotes, which reflect the way of thinking successful people that helped them to achieve great results, kill laziness in themselves, and despite the failures move forward.

I wanted you to get the most pleasure of reading, so I decided to make each quote together with a picture, and I think it turned out well.

Sincerely, V. Wayne

How To Build Right back links For Your Agency: building link 2018

by Liam William

How to Build Right Backlinks For Your Agency
Winning backlinks to your site is a standout amongst other approaches to support online permeability, but at the same time, it’s a standout amongst the most troublesome Web optimization systems to execute while staying adaptable and steady.
You require frameworks set up to recognize the best gatherings of people and tailor a substance to their requirements. You should have the capacity to prospect for and the effort to huge groups of onlookers. You have to keep a finger on the beat of the correct battle achievement measurements so you can react fittingly, what’s more, keep your endeavors going solid.

Normal learning is that it’s more advantageous and сost-viable to procure an office to deal with third party references. However, how would you pick the correct third-party referencing accomplice

Exploring the universe of Website optimization sellers isn’t generally as simple as you may trust since it’s anything but difficult to succumb to top-notch contrivances and easy routes, or then again all around covered dark cap strategies. Legit external link establishment can appear overwhelming and costly; however regularly work serious and requiring time for its greatest impacts to kick in, it’s still eventually a vastly improved procedure than attempting to amusement the framework.
A decent attempt to close the deal can frequently conceal strategies used to confront challenges and tempt you with doubtful guarantees. In the meantime, you can’t question an office since it remains by the outcomes it guarantees to convey. In this white paper, we will cover what you ought to anticipate from your connection building organization and how you can begin to vet them to guarantee you working achievement.

Table Of Content
-How to Build Right Back linking For Your Agency
-5 Things you ought to anticipate from your external link establishment Agency
-Things to ask
-You Should Know
-External link establishment Agency Cautioning Signs:5 Warnings to Watch Out For
-Everything Was Great at First
-Step by step instructions to Contract Your Next External link for your Agency

I hope to review my book, Thanks.

European Financial Regulation – MiFID II: An Introduction to European Financial Regulatory Framework and Key Changes introduced by MiFID II

by Ali Hashmi

Decoding European securities markets regulation “Markets in Financial Investments Directive II” (MiFID II) is a substantial challenge, conceding from my personal experience. I find more questions than answers elucidating the MiFID II directive, every day. Consultants in my profession additionally challenged to delineate MiFID II regulation and requirements to diverse stakeholders, with a mixed inclusion of EU regulations.
As there are multiple European Union (EU) regulatory bodies tasked specifically for distinct components of the MiFID II directive; it is not easy to comprehend and track all issued Delegated Acts (DA), Implementation Technical Standards (ITS), Regulatory Technical, Standards (RTS), etc., associated with MiFID II directive. Additionally, MiFID II directive implemented alongside with Markets in Financial Investments Regulation (MiFIR).
My aim through this book is to explicate EU financial regulatory framework modestly. To discern the EU financial regulatory mechanism, various participants, and role & responsibilities of regulatory bodies, and the evolution process of the EU regulatory framework approach.
This book discusses;
-EU Regulatory Framework
-Impact of MiFID I on EU Markets
-An introduction of MiFID II & MiFIR
-The primary focus area of MiFID II and key requirements
-Key changes introduced by MiFID II & MiFIR
-MiFID II impact on Financial Markets
-Getting your firm ready for MiFID II compliance

Mid-Life Career Rescue Job Search Strategies That Work: How to Confidently Leave a Job You Hate and Start Living a Life You Love, Before Itâ??s Too Late (Midlife Career Rescue Book 5)

by Cassandra Gaisford

Midlife Crisis? Practical, inspiring and empowering tips and strategies every job hunter and career changer needs to know

From the best-selling author of “How to Find Your Passion and Purpose”: a powerful, inspiring, and practical book about career change, overcoming obstacles and finding the job or career you really want.

In Mid-Life Career Rescue Job Search Strategies That Work, holistic psychologist and international career coach, Cassandra Gaisford (BCA, Dip. Psych), has written a passionate call to redefine what it means to be happy and successful in today’s world.

When you’re a mature worker and you find yourself in a position where you have to look for work, age bias can be a factor, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier. Although some employers might look for young, less mature hires, older workers have lots to offer, as many smart organizations realize. Successfully finding a job takes skill and confidence, but once you know the rules, you’ll feel more confident, more successful and a whole lot happier.

To increase your chances of getting the job you really want, this book will help you:
-Beat “age bias”
-Increase your awareness of the importance of self-marketing
-Highlight the appropriate attitudes, styles and behaviors that you need to market your skills successfully
-Prepare you to use a variety of job search strategies, including: Using recruitment agencies effectively; Responding to direct advertizing, including newspaper and Internet mediums; Outline the steps to successful networking; Provide strategies that will help maintain a positive outlook
-Accelerate your job hunting success

Some people find job hunting very challenging. Perhaps years of conditioning that you should be seen and not heard, acute shyness or lack of practice and experience in the art of self-promotion may be affecting you.

In Mid-Life Career Rescue Job Search Strategies That Work you will also discover how to:
-Harness the law of attraction by focusing on areas of passion and purpose
-Tap into the hidden job market
-Let people know what you have to offer confidently
-Overcome stress and doubt
-Boost confidence, courage and self-esteem
-Help you find and get the job or career you want

Whether you love the idea of the 4-hour workweek, want to find a job that reflects who you are and what’s important to you, or thinking about starting a business, career change after 50 and finding a new job can be yours.

As Richard N Bolles, author of ‘What Colour Is Your Parachute’, once said to me, “sometimes all it takes is one book, one sentence to transform your life.”

Quit feeling trapped. Reclaim your power! Find a job you love and finally live the life you want. Scroll up and click “Buy Now” before it’s too late.

The strategies in this book will also help job-hunters in their 20s, 30s or 40s successfully change careers.

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