Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 17 Jun 18

SQL: The Utmost Intermediate Course Guide In Fundamentals And Concept Of SQL Programming

by Zach Webber

Do you wish you had guaranteed job security? Do you want to earn more and work less? Do you work with people who seem to have easy lives, and yet, the kind of life with endless struggles continues to follow you around?
Mastering database administration, you will EARN more money, allow you to travel the world attending tech conferences, and rubbing elbows with powerful people from the top technology companies around the world. This might seem outlandish, but database engineers at top companies live like rock stars. Nice cars, nice clothes, beautiful wives, and travel to exotic destinations, all from learning SQL and its various implementations. Take control of your life. Hard work pays off and the first step is right in front of you NOW! Take IT! Learn SQL!
-Take charge of career opportunities
-Extend your earnings into SIX FIGURES!
-Create residual income
-Create solutions to automate your job from home
-Command respect and authority at work

$1,000 Ecommerce Challenge: Create a $1,000 Per Month Ecommerce Business Even Without Investing Money on Product Inventory via AliExpress Dropshipping and Amazon Associates Marketing

by Dave Parker

Learn 2 Money Making Opportunities with Little to No Capital Required


What you’ll discover in this bundle:

AliExpress Dropshipping
– How to get started with no money for inventory
– What is dropshipping via Aliexpress and how you can do it fast!
– How to never worry about inventory ever again
– How to fulfill orders without the hassle
– How to market your products with just a few dollars
– How to choose a product that will sell on Facebook

Amazon Associate Video Marketing
– How to use Amazon Associates Program to make money from home
– The exact criteria to follow when you’re looking for a product to review
– Why you should still consider low price items even though they don’t have big commission payouts
– Why competition is great!
– The top 4 product departments to target for your affiliate reviews
– What to do if you can’t afford to buy the product you want to review
– How to sign up as an Amazon Associate and get your affiliate link
– The 6 step process for reviewing a product
– How to optimize and publish your video for maximum SEO rankings for Google and YouTube
– How to rank your videos without work on your part

YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES You can “trial and error” your way to internet business success.
Or you can learn it the smart way, which is learning from other people’s mistakes. I urge you to choose the second method!
Scroll Up and Download Your Copy Today!

Introduction to IP Subnetting:: MASTER in 4 Simple step IP Subnetting (Computer Networking Series Book 3)

by Ramon Nastase

Want to Learn IP Subnetting in just 4 simple steps ?

Then this eBook is for you. In this guide you will learn how to do IP Subnetting in 4 simple steps (and handle networks of any sizes).

If you’re studying for the CCNA exam (or any other Networking related certification) then this guide will help you master IP Subnetting in a short amount of time without knowing a lot of math or any other skill.

Just use the 4 steps and subnet any network you want !

You’re about to discover the steps of IP Subnetting and how computer networking (and the Internet) works.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to Subnet a network
  • How the IP Protocol works
  • How does computer networks work
  • How can you apply this knowledge in a practical scenario with Cisco devices
  • Much, much more!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.Get your copy today!

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Apple HomePod: Simple guide and Review of Apple HomePod with comparison to Amazon Echo Dot

by Alex Ackerman

Apple HomePod

Simple guide and Review of Apple HomePod with comparison to Amazon Echo Dot

Have you heard of the Apple HomePod? Apple Homepod Speaker is a new smart speaker system that recently came out. It’s essentially Apple’s answer to Alexa and the Echo, and it uses the Siri personal assistant in order to utilize this. It’s a smart Bluetooth speaker and a potential smart home device (Siri home) which you can utilize in order to achieve a lot of great success.
But, did you even know about this? Did you know that it does have some similarities with Alexa Echo? Did you know it also can be used in many different ways, similar to how the Echo is? Well, you’re in luck, because this book will give you everything that you need to know about the Apple HomePod. The Apple HomePod is a unique system, and one that actually involves a lot of different activities, and you’ll learn from this guide just what the Apple HomePod can do for you, and why it may be the smart home system that you were looking for.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • What is the Apple HomePod
  • How to set up the speaker including some important things to incorporate before you use it
  • What you can do with Apple Homepod, including apps, features, and abilities
  • Siri capabilities and what you should try to use with this
  • How it ranks up in comparison to the Echo, along with the plus and minus points of each of these systems
  • Common questions you may have about the HomePod, and whether or not they can do certain things
  • All about HomeKit devices, and why they’re considered a great addition
  • How to set up automatons, the simple way to have stuff turn on and off whenever you get home

The Apple HomePod is a very new device, in that it came out just a couple of months ago. But, it’s a device that’s recently gained popularity, and if you’re an Apple or iPhone user that likes to have something like this at your disposal, then it’s definitely worth checking out. With the Apple HomePod, you’ll be able to achieve many different tasks, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits that you want to from this. Definitely consider using the HomePod today, and you can learn more about this Bluetooth speaker, its capabilities, and also how you can get the most out of this Apple product with this book.
If you’re a fan of Apple products, and in general and like to have a smart speaker in your home, this is definitely a good option, and if you have more Apple products, you can use this in order to connect everything, and to bring it all together so that they can all work swimmingly as well. With this book you’ll be able to learn more about some of the great Apple products that you can use with this, and just what the full capabilities of Siri is.
Download your copy of ” Apple HomePod “ by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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How to Make a Kindle Book Cover: Step-by-Step Instructions to Make High-Impact e-Book Covers with Photoshop Elements 11

by Charity Milan

Update: The cover has been updated to reflect changes using Amazon’s new free ‘Cover Creator’ module, however the photo is still one created using Photoshop Elements 11.

Better Kindle book covers equal more sales, plus more confident readers.

Even though the old adage says that you can’t judge a book by its cover, plenty of us do anyway. And apparently, so do Amazon Kindle customers as they are scrolling through the Kindle eBooks store trying to figure out what to buy.

Find detailed step-by-step instructions that will teach you how to use Photoshop Elements 11 to get professional, compelling covers done — taught by an author who learned the program and has printed plenty of Kindle books under a plethora of pen names.


Better Kindle book covers equal more sales, more confident readers

Why make your own Kindle eBook covers?

How I bought a $128 image and created a simple Kindle eBook cover with it using Photoshop Elements 11

How I bought a $5 photo and made my own Kindle cover with intermediate ease

How I bought a $9 photo and made my own Kindle cover with advanced Photoshop Elements options like brushes

Scan old photos or take new pics (even iPad, MacBook and cell phone photos) and use them to create Kindle covers

The Kindle cover with no photo and all words

Getting better with Photoshop Elements

Where to get visual inspiration to design your own Kindle book covers

How to Blog for Fun & Profit: Follow the proven system of blogging winners for launching, running and growing a blog

by Tommy Mickle

REVEALED: How to launch, run, promote and grow your blog – EVEN if you are just starting out and don’t consider yourself a techie person!

Want to launch your own blog but not quite sure how to do it? Don’t want to lose months on figuring out how to structure your blog or what type of content to create? Dreaming of having a popular blog that will be both fun and profitable to run?

Blogging is still the BEST way to express yourself online and share your story with the world. It is a perfect way to grow your tribe, show your expertise, turn yourself into authority or influencer – and have multiple benefits along the way.

The problem?

It is not the easiest thing to do. It definitely is not some ‘get rich quick’ scheme or something you can do overnight. If that is the truth, we would have millions of successful bloggers. But, as you know, that is not the case.

However, blogging is not hard – if you have a tested and proven system. Or a proven plan for every step of the way. Because let’s be honest here, there is a system (and a secret) for building a successful and profitable blog.

What is the secret of successful bloggers?

The secret is to build a blog that people will like, find useful, share with others and come back to for fun or helpful content.

Yes, the REAL secret is that every successful blog out there provides value to its visitors. And that is the only way to make your blog popular and profitable.

I don’t agree with people who say that you can’t write about yourself and expect to make money. You can, but you still need a system that will guide you in the right direction.

Because, realistically, to build a successful blog you need a strategy… It is still essential to strategically create content, to have a successful promotion strategy, to have a monetization strategy, and so on.

Luckily for you, there is a proven plan you can follow to increase your chances to build a successful blog in a reasonable amount of time. Quite logically, if you try to do it by yourself, without any plan to follow, it would be live reinventing the wheel. A lot of unnecessary trials and errors, which usually leads to lots of lost time and money.

So, what is the plan?

Just follow the word – B.L.O.G.

In “How To Blog For Fun & Profit“, I share what the acronym B.L.O.G. stands for. It’s a 4-step system for launching, running, promoting and growing a successful blog.

Besides that, inside this report you will discover:

  • Why now is the best time to launch your blog;
  • Why there is no reason that you can’t become a successful blogger;
  • Why you don’t need to be some kind of a superhero to build a blog;
  • How to pick the best topic for your blog;
  • What you need to think about when choosing the name for your blog;
  • Why self-hosted blogs are much better (and smarter) choice than free blogging alternatives, and what is the best way to set up a self-hosted blog;
  • What are the 4 basic requirements for a successful blog;
  • How to organize your content for the best results (for both visitors and search engines);
  • What type of posts you should publish on your blog;
  • What is one of the most critical parts of your blog;
  • How to get hordes of visitors to your blog posts;
  • How to strategically use ads to grow your blog and following;
  • What is the best way to monetize your blog and secure its profitability;

And much more!

The fact is, you can become a blogger! Just follow this proven system and learn all the steps for launching, running and growing a blog!

What is your next step?

Download this book now, read it and start implementing!

By following this system people like you were able to launch a blog in just 3 to 7 days, so I know you can do it too!

Computers and Internet Easy Guide

by Drea Gadsdon

A basic Computer and Internet Easy Guide for anyone learning how to use a computer and the internet for the first time. This guide provides easy steps that will help you to become computer and internet confident.

Mobile Security: Antivirus & Apps For Android And iOs Apple Users

by Jameson

In the past these gadgets were principally used to call and send instant messages. Furthermore, all mobiles have in any event a capacity to keep a location book. There is another era of cell phones that accompany Internet access, inherent camcorders and the capacity to introduce extra programming. These advanced mobile phones can be exceptionally helpful and give you influential and valuable apparatuses. These telephones contain a great deal of private information and, lamentably, a telephone can be lost effectively. The accompanying part manages a few techniques to utilize them more secure.

What You’ll Get Inside:

  • Threats and its analysis
  • Consequence
  • Network based Attacks
  • Password cracking
  • Malicious Software’s
  • Antivirus Systems
  • Paid or Free
  • Paid Antivirus systems for Android and iPhone
  • Free Antiviruses for Android and iPhones
  • Mobile Payment Security
  • Mobile Bank Security

Take A Sneak Peak Inside: (5 page)
“At the point when a cell phone is contaminated by an assailant, the aggressor can endeavor a few things:

1st, Mobile gadgets regularly don’t have passwords empowered. Cell phones regularly need passwords to confirm clients and control access to information put away on the gadgets. Numerous gadgets have the specialized capacity to help passwords, individual distinguishing proof numbers (PIN), or example screen locks for verification. Some cell phones additionally incorporate a biometric peruser to output a unique finger impression for verification. Be that as it may, recounted data demonstrates that purchasers at times utilize these components. Moreover, if clients do utilize a secret key or PIN they frequently pick passwords or Pins that can be effortlessly decided or avoided, for example, 1234 or 0000. Without passwords or Pins to bolt the gadget, there is expanded hazard that stolen or lost telephones’ data could be gotten to by unapproved clients who could see delicate data and abuse cell phones.”

“Our Main Mission – To Give You Knowledge About Mobile Security.” – Authors

Best Free Antivirus Software: 2015 Edition

by Jonathan

Anti-Virus software is a program or set of programs that are designed to prevent, search for, detect, and remove software viruses, and other malicious software like worms, trojans, adware.

These tools are critical for users to have installed and up-to-date because a computer without anti-virus software installed will be infected within minutes of connecting to the internet. The bombardment is constant, with anti-virus companies update their detection tools constantly to deal with the more than 60,000 new pieces of malware created daily.

There are several different companies that build and offer anti-virus software and what each offers can vary but all perform some basic functions:

  • Scan specific files or directories for any malware or known malicious patterns
  • Allow you to schedule scans to automatically run for you
  • Allow you to initiate a scan of a specific file or of your computer, or of a CD or flash drive at any time.
  • Remove any malicious code detected -sometimes you will be notified of an infection and asked if you want to clean the file, other programs will automatically do this behind the scenes.
  • Show you the â??health’ of your computer
    Always be sure you have the best, up-to-date security software installed to protect your computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Kanban Remastered: Agile Lessons from Strategy Games

by Clemens Lode

It has been 20 years since the release of StarCraft, with a “remastered” version coming out this summer (2017). Having been an avid player, I only now realize that a surprising amount of what we know as “Agile project management” is actually implicitly part of a normal game of StarCraft.

Being an Agile coach, I realized that especially in industries with teams with a gaming background, coaching lessons could benefit if I could show the relationship between games and Agile methodology. Likewise, you can start explaining management methodology in a language that your tech-savvy audience understands.

StarCraft, the most popular real-time strategy game of all time, is also all about producing and deploying just as many game units at just the right time. This book is about the relationship of StarCraft and Kanban. When your team knows StarCraft but not Kanban, this book will provide you with a series of analogies to allow a better and easier understanding of Agile principles. It is written in a light-hearted tone, similar to how you might chat with a fellow coach about your Agile experiences implementing Kanban, taking for granted that you have experience with StarCraft.

“When you choose to use Kanban as a method to drive change in your organization, you are subscribing to the view that it is better to optimize what already exists, because that is easier and faster and will meet with less resistance than running a managed, engineered, named-change initiative. Introducing a radical change is harder than incrementally improving an existing one.” —David J. Anderson, Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business

No matter the size or structure of your organization, take small steps. Kanban promotes this approach by starting with what you have in place and pointing out the bottlenecks. Where StarCraft falls short, by comparison, is the visualization of the “workflow.” While tools eventually emerged that visualized some aspects of the replays, like your “actions per minute” symbolizing your workload, I know of no tool that does it the Kanban way and actually analyzes how much time you spend on each team or location and thus points out possible ways for optimization.

The closest software that does a similar job is “Evolution Forge,” which I will discuss in the last chapter of this book. It helps you to optimize your basic build order in small steps. Behind both approaches (Kanban and Evolution Forge) is the grand idea inherent in nature to leave things as they are and move forward without ever making a step back. Every change you make should improve the situation and larger changes come into place as the sum of a whole number of smaller ones. In that regard, if you want to improve your StarCraft play the Kanban way, manual observation, maybe together with a critical friend, might be the best choice. On the other hand, if you want to learn the idea of Kanban with StarCraft as an easy-to-understand reference, you have come to the right place!

16 Ideias Simples e Baratas Para Trabalhar em Casa Pela Internet (Portuguese Edition)

by Wilker Costa

Ganhar dinheiro na internet é um sonho para milhares de brasileiros. Alguns ainda se mantêm céticos quanto a esta possibilidade, porém, quero compartilhar aqui neste e-book algumas formas de trabalhar pela internet e finalmente conseguir alcançar a sua liberdade financeira.

Mas antes de começar eu gostaria de afirmar que você não vai encontrar aqui nenhuma fórmula mágica de ganhos surreais em casa. Pelo contrário, você vai ter acesso a informações que com muito trabalho se tornarão sua principal fonte de renda.


by Ethan Joe Pingault

« L’autoédition expliquée » est une série d’articles détaillés destinés à l’origine exclusivement aux membres de mon blog pour se former ! Des conseils, des exemples, des astuces, des tutoriels… qui expliquent petit à petit comment s’autoéditer et devenir un auteur indépendant !

Suite à la demande de plusieurs personnes qui souhaitaient accéder aux articles sans forcément s’inscrire à la Zone Membre et déçue de ne pas pouvoir accéder à ce contenu qualitatif, j’ai décidé de retravailler ces articles afin de les publier sur Amazon sous forme d’ebooks !

Dans ce N°1 de : « L’autoédition expliquée »

Je te partage 6 Conseils que j’aurais aimé recevoir au moment de lancer mon entreprise !

Si tu souhaites te lancer, je vais te donner 6 conseils pour t’aider à démarrer ton business en ligne.

« Et bien me voilà rassurée de savoir que de grandes réussites sont passées par des échecs avant d’en arriver là, et pour certains je ne l’aurais pas cru ! Merci ces conseils m’encouragent dans la persévérance… » Blaticka Auto-éditeur

L’autoédition expliquée, c’est déjà plus de 150 lecteurs conquis !

6 Conseils qui vont t’aider à te lancer pour vivre de ta passion et gagner ton indépendance en terme de temps, de lieu de vie, de travail, et d’argent.

Conseil 1 : n’attends pas d’être parfait !

Je t’explique :

Qu’est-ce que la réussite ?
Qu’est-ce qui mène à la réussite ?
Pourquoi idéalise-t-on souvent la réussite de nos modèles ?
Et enfin je te donne des exemples concrets de stars qui ont réussi, et pourquoi : comme Michael Jordan, Aznavour ou JK Rollings !

Conseil 2 : arrête de te poser des questions !

Je t’explique :

Qu’est-ce que le doute ?
Comment vaincre le doute et enfin entreprendre ?
Comment réussir en y allant par étape et l’importance de la formation ?
Et enfin je te livre les trois questions à te poser absolument pour réussir !

Conseil 3 : engage-toi !

Je t’explique :

L’importance de l’engagement personnel et pourquoi la motivation ne joue pas tellement dans le processus de la réussite.
La puissance de l’engagement vis-à-vis de l’autre et les leviers qui vont te permettre de hacker ton cerveau pour passer à l’action !

Conseil 4 : aie un produit à vendre !

Je t’explique pourquoi selon moi la stratégie communément adoptée de faire la promotion d’un produit avant qu’il ne soit prêt à la vente fonctionne, mais n’est pas la meilleure et pourquoi je te conseille de faire l’inverse !
Je m’appuie sur l’histoire entrepreneuriale d’Eric Ries, l’auteur de Lean Startup, l’un des livres de business les plus intéressants et les plus vendus dans le domaine pour étayer mon propos.
Et je te raconte le succès de « Cinquante Nuances de Grey » pour découvrir concrètement comment appliquer le Lean Startup à ton entreprise ou à l’autoédition.

Conseil 5 : passe massivement à l’action !

Je t’explique :

L’importance du passage à l’action !
Pourquoi l’action implique une dose d’inconfort ou même de peur ?
Comment éviter les objections mentales en imaginant le pire scénario et comment faire en sorte que ce ne soit pas un frein, mais un levier vers la réussite ?
Comment enclencher le processus du passage à l’action,
Et enfin l’importance de passer massivement à l’action !

Conseil 6 : n’aie pas peur de l’échec !

Je t’explique :

Pourquoi a-t-on peur d’échouer ?
Pourquoi l’échec n’est pas décorrélé de la réussite ?
Quel serait le vrai échec pour toi ?
Et pourquoi je t’invite à aimer échouer !

Excel 2016 Guide: The basics. All you need to know about Excel

by Dan N.

This is a guide for you on how to use Microsoft Excel. The various features provided by Excel have been discussed; hence you will know how to use them. You are guided on how to use Excel worksheets including creating new worksheets, copying worksheets, hiding worksheets, moving data etc. The author also helps you know how to format Excel cells including rotating cells, changing color, merging, wrapping etc. Excel supports the use of arithmetic operators for calculation of arithmetic operations. These have been discussed. Excel data can be validated, filtered and grouped. The author helps you know how to do this on your data. With Excel, you can also sort your data. This book guides you on how to do this. With numeric data, you may need to perform a number of calculations. This can easily be done using formulas. The author helps you know how to apply formulas and functions on your data. You are also guided on how to insert various graphics into your Excel worksheet. Excel macros allow Excel users to automate most of the tasks that they do on a daily basis. This makes it easy for them to use Excel. This book guides you on how to create Excel macros. Charts and tables have also been discussed.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • What is Excel?
  • Excel Worksheets
  • Formatting Cells
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Validating, Grouping and Filters
  • Data Sorting
  • Ranges
  • Formulas
  • Working with Graphics
  • Excel Macros
  • Charts and Tables

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