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Emperor of Mu: Saga of the Six Realms: Book1

by Jason Beveridge

The Emperor of Mu is the most powerful man in the six realms, and yet finds himself defenceless against a hidden foe; one that has manipulated from behind the scenes for centuries. Doomed to die, he prepares to meet his fate.

It begins on the eve of civil war with Emperor Constantine summoning his closest confidant Salvarre to a private meeting. Sworn to secrecy, he instructs Salvarre to dispatch a letter to the Sorceress of the Powers, but the news arrives too late. Constantine is murdered, and Mu is thrown into turmoil as the rulers of the six realms decide who is to become the next emperor.

While Mu elects a successor, the outland races stir. The hunt for those with forbidden dark elf blood threatens another Elvic War. To the north, rumours spread of dragons returning after a three hundred cycle absence. In the desert lands, the fearless Imanishi defend the empire from the night demons, while South of Mu, the sea invaders consolidate their rule.

This is a story of rivalry, romances, and battles between race and kind alike that keeps you guessing with its twists and turns. Set in the medieval world of Mu, where the powers of the mind and mysticism set apart the extraordinary, this new series redefines what it means to be human.

If you like a fast-moving epic with mystery and intrigue set on a big stage, please consider this page-turner.

Rise Of The Chosen Vessel: Maestro Chronicles Books One, Two, and Three

by John Buttrick

Rise Of The Chosen Vessel

The first three books of the Maestro Chronicles in one addition.

Daniel Benhannon rises from the simple life of a mountaineer to being a powerful Accomplished who has been chosen by the Creator to be the fleshly vessel to fight on the side of good against the chosen vessel of evil. Tarin Conn, whose rise from the depths of Mount Kelgotha would bring about the deaths of any who opposed him, from whom not even a person’s dreams would be private, wants to have domino over everyone and everything.

To Cast The First Spell

Daniel Benhannon has finished building his cabin near the peak of Mount Tannakonna and ready to leave home and invite Val Terrance to be his wife. The simple life he hopes for is changed when he inadvertently casts a spell so powerful it draws the attention of the Grand Maestro of Aakadon and the Dark Maestro Tarin Conn. The two foes sense a change in the balance of power and both of them intend the tilt to be in their favor. Daniel wants nothing to do with either faction but must learn to master his newly discovered potential before the forces looking for him destroy his family, friends, and every person in the remote village of Bashierwood. To seize control of his life he must set his priorities and arrange his chores accordingly.

To Challenge a Maestro

Daniel Benhannon, a young mountaineer, recently raised to six-bolt Accomplished, wants to be left alone to live out his life as he chooses. The casting of his first spell has placed him square in the middle of an ancient battle between the seven Guilds of Aakadon, led by Grand Maestro, Efferin Tames, and the Serpent Guild, led by Maestro Balen Tamm. To accomplish his goal, Daniel must break his link to the mind of the evil Tarin Conn, the Dark Maestro, imprisoned beneath Mount Kelgotha. To break the link, he must go to Aakadon, keep secret his standing as a six-bolt Accomplished, a potential equaling that of the Grand Maestro, out maneuver Efferin Tames, Balen Tamm, and Tarin Conn, three of the most powerful Accomplished in history, and show them what a Ducaunan backwoodsman can really do after he sets his priorities and arranges his chores accordingly.

To Be Chosen

Daniel learns what it means to be the Creator’s Chosen Vessel. Queen Cleona has a deadly disease for which there is no cure, Serin Gell has escaped, and spies infest the royal court. The Serpent Guild is reorganizing with two Accomplisheds vying for the coveted position of Maestro and the Ducaunan mountaineer gets caught up in the machinations of one while his friends get tangled up with the other. For a thousand years the Trumpet of Tarin Conn has been hidden away by the Ducaunan Royal family, now Duke Cantor of house Ducalin sends word that his estate is under assault by members of the Serpent Guild and the trumpet is in danger of once again falling into the hands of the enemy Aakacarns. As a newly dubbed Royal Knight of Ducaun, Daniel must go from the Sasquatch infected Swamps of Append to the northern kingdom of Pentrosa in pursuit of the trumpet. His friends, Sherree and Jerremy, face horror and death if Daniel makes the wrong choice, but the right choice could mean war between Ducaun and Pentrosa. To succeed, Daniel must accept that he is the Creator’s Champion, recover the Trumpet of Tarin, compose a healing Melody, all while trying to keep secret his ability to cast spells has not been hampered by the Silencing laid upon him by the Grand Maestro.

Transitions: Novella Collection (The Biodome Chronicles series Book 2.5)

by Jesikah Sundin

“Secrets are foolish creatures, I have learned. No longer do I wish to play with fools…”

Five weeks after the Great Fire, the village square in New Eden Township bustles with rebuilding activities. Hope begins to flicker as a new future rises from the ashes of deception. Yet for three newly appointed Elements–Ember Watson, Skylar Kane, and Rain Daniels–the many transitions to Project Phase Two expose dark secrets that demand sacrifices. Sacrifices, they discover, that may still destroy the very community they vowed to protect and serve.

Beyond the dome walls, Mackenzie Ferguson and Lynden Nichols refuse to feel powerless as Fillion Nichols stands trial. But, under constant surveillance, control and privacy seem as elusive as hope. Then Mack schemes an outrageous idea to help his friend reclaim ground by using the law to create an opportunity. The very same law, Lynden learns, that places her and Coal Hansen at risk of being forever separated.

A prequel to GAMEMASTER, book three in The Biodome Chronicles, this collection of novellas allows the reader to embark on a journey with Ember, Skylar, Rain, Mack, and Lynden as they untangle truth from lies and rebuild hope after betrayal.

**Novellas feature brand new content in a connected story and read like parts in a full-length novel**

“…a great inclusion to a unique and interesting series!”
Kookie Krysp Reviews

“I loved the first two books dearly, but I have to say that Transitions is my favorite of the series, thus far.”
— Artis Fricbergs, author of The Muskokans

“I loved Transitions! It’s filled with superb worldbuilding, a riveting plot, and engaging characters.”
— J. Ellen Ross, author of the Mad Queen’s Massacre series

“Jesikah’s rich and engaging characters sparkle in this novella set. A perfect edition to The Biodome Chronicles.”
— Tyffany Hackett, author of The Thanatos Trilogy

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