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Damaged: Damaged Duet Book 1

by W. Winters

From USA Today bestselling author W Winters comes an emotionally gripping romantic suspense.

Lies are what destroy marriages or even just hiding the truth.
I love my husband more than anything and that’s what hurts the most.

I thought he lied.
I thought he’d cheated and so I kicked him out.

I said goodbye to the one man I ever loved even while he begged me to trust him. The hardest part is throwing away true love.

And that’s what we had.

With secrets I couldn’t have possibly imagined, I was torn between what’s right and what was right for us.

But let me start at the beginning.
Back to when I knew nothing but how deeply we loved each other yet how damaged our marriage had become.

“In my reading life, I have come across books that have touched my soul. I have read books that have made me breathless. I have read books that took a piece of me and left on the pages of the book. Damaged is one of them. What an emotionally driven book. What a soulful and heart entrancing piece of literature that consumed and crippled me. I was reading a book utterly heart-breakingly beautiful… I was reading a book so captivating with a moving storyline that almost damaged me.” – Tanaka K

Abigail’s New Beginning: Orphan Mail Order Bride

by Sandee Keegan

Abigail Lynch has recently lost her mother and to make matters worse, she is disowned by her only remaining relatives. She lives in the South, but the country is growing increasingly tense, and she knows it’s only a matter of time before war breaks out.

She heads to New York in search of her father, but discovers that he, too, has recently passed away. With no one to turn to and no money to her name, Abigail decides to turn to a mail order bride service to keep a roof over her head.

She knows her new husband is looking for a hard worker, but she feels that no matter how hard she tries, there’s nothing she can do to impress him. He thinks that she is a soft southern girl, and that she’s never worked a real day in her life.

But when tragedy strikes, she is his only hope. But to save him, she must do something that she has never done.

Will Abigail be able to face her fears and rise to the challenge? Will she finally prove to the man she loves that she’s the woman he needs? Or will she crumble under the pressure and lose everything?

Ciera’s Reign: A sister’s love story

by Sh’ Moore

A journey through the life of sisterly love,murder, greed, hustle, and vengence. As Ciera manipulates the visions of those around her, her secret life threatens her love life with reveal. Two women one dream and many sacrifices are made in the quest for Ciera’s Reign. The deeds of the sister and the actions of a boss leave you to question what exactly is it that Ciera loves? What would you do for the love of your life?

PUNISH ME… PLEASE? (Erotic Taboo Tales)

by Trixie Tootight

All the hard and fast stories you really want – no fluff, no fuss – just TABOO BRATS getting all the hot action they crave from BIG & THICK Older Men.

Punish me… please? 😉

Seduction Games (Game for Cookies Book 1)

by Allyson Lindt

Andi’s been denied fundingâ??againâ??to expand her cookie business, and walked in on her boyfriend screwing another woman. Saying she’s had better days is an understatement.

Kane and Isaiah, her online gaming partners and the cutest couple ever as far as Andi’s concerned, know exactly how to cheer her up. They’re thinking road trip to Las Vegas, compete in a national first person shooter competition for a cash grand prize, and find her a one night stand to take her mind off her cheating ex.

Andi’s all inâ?¦ except she’s not sure she can seduce a random hookup. Isaiah and Kane offer to give her some hands-on experience. With each new lesson, it becomes harder for Andi to remember the guys are just friends.

If Andi can’t put some distance between their seductive three-way hookups and her heart, it will cost their team the competition, and she’ll lose two of the best friends she’s ever had.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released as Will Game for Cookies (For the Win Book 1)

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