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Once Upon A Time: Billionaires in Disguise: Flicka (Runaway Princess Book 1)

by Blair Babylon

When a modern princess falls in love with her bodyguard, a man who is definitely not a prince, a royal fairy tale turns dangerous.

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a beautiful princess. Flicka von Hannover lived an enchanted life. She jetted around Europe staging charity events with friends, had married a handsome prince in the most spectacular royal wedding of the 21st century, and should have lived happily ever after.

But then she found the handsome prince in bed with a duchess. And then a coffee shop barista. And then her own goddamn secretary.

Finally, the beautiful princess had had enough of the cheating prince, and she ran away.

The prince didn’t want to let her go. He couldn’t take his throne without her and sent henchmen to take her back to the castle. Her worried royal brother sent people to look for her, too.

The prince threatened her. He said that if the princess contacted her brother or any of her friends for help, he would kill her brother and her brother’s new, pregnant wife.

So the princess ran to the only person she could trust, a man who was frankly not a handsome prince.

Dieter Schwarz had been Flicka’s bodyguard for years. He had protected her from assassins, kidnappers, and high school dates who got too handsy after a few drinks. He was a sharp-witted, sharp-jawed, hard-muscled former Swiss Special Forces operator who had started his own private security firm, Rogue Security, and had no past that he spoke of.

No one knew that he had been her first lover and broken her heart, but he’s the only one she can trust now.

Echo Canyon Brides Box Set: Books 4 – 6: Historical Cowboy Western Mail Order Bride Bundle (Echo Canyon Brides Box Sets Book 2)

by Linda Bridey

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Immerse yourself in 4-6 in the Echo Canyon Brides series that critics describe as “a wonderful blend of hope, passion, romance, mystery, and humor.”
Book 4: Montana Luck
Lucky Quinn and Leah Carter’s budding romance is threatened by unforeseen events. Will good fortune keep smiling on them or will their luck run out, destroying their dreams?
Book 5: Montana Fire
When famous bounty hunter, Thad McIntyre, and lonely widow, Jessie Alderman, meet, a fiery romance flares between them, but terrible events threaten their happiness. A mysterious stranger also arrives in Echo Canyon. Is he friend or foe?
Book 6: Montana Hearts
Cheyenne brave, Wild Wind, discovers that Roxie Ryder has been harboring feelings for him for a long time. Amid danger and mystery, their love grows, but can they survive outside influences that threaten to drive a wedge between them?

Blind Overlook (Book 3 of the Jay Leicester Mysteries Series)

by JC Simmons

Jay Leicester (pronounced “Lester”) is a retired airline pilot, retired because he could not stand the bureaucratic web the government spun over the aviation industry, and partly because anyone with the price of a bus ticket could fly on the airlines which resulted in overbooking, overcrowding, and near chaos on every route. Raised in a family of Judges and police officers, the only thing he knew to fall back on was the law. Opening his own private investigation business was a natural evolution, especially since he had trouble with authority, and could work outside the constraints of legalese. Handling mostly aviation related cases, recovery of stolen aircraft, investigating drug-hauling pilots, and helping set up corporate aviation departments kept him busy.

In Blind Overlook we find Leicester doing a favor for an attorney friend and taking a case far removed from aviation. It involves something he knows nothing about, the art world. A beautiful, but enigmatic young woman who owns an art gallery in New Orleans hires him to travel to Maine where a body has been found fitting the description of her brother and partner in the gallery. He has not been heard from and the young lady grows concerned as he was traveling with four hundred and fifty thousand dollars in cash with which to buy a collection of work by an artist named, Rockwell Kent.

Delving into this situation leads Leicester straight into a confrontation with the most powerful Mafia figure in the United States, a local detective, a police sergeant, local fishermen, and a friendly, but suspicious waitress at a local cafe. The entire populace of the small community seems involved in the murder, the missing brother and his money.

Maine coastal locals and offshore islands provide a unique setting for a powerful work reminiscent of Ross MacDonald or John D. McDonald. Character driven and plot oriented, this is a must read for the serious Mystery/Thriller ‘aficionado.’

There are a total of 10 ebooks in the Jay Leicester Mysteries Series by JC Simmons:

Blood on the Vine
Some People Die Quick
Blind Overlook
Icy Blue Descent
The Electra File
Popping the Shine
Four Nines Fine
The Underground Lady
Akel Dama
The Candela of Cancri

Tablet of Destinies: Lisa Emmer Historical Thriller #2 (The Lisa Emmer Series)

by Rob Swigart


In this action-packed historical thriller, an ancient, extremely dark religion gains terrifying vitality and power, as the pieces of a 3,000-year-old Sumerian jigsaw puzzle fall into place.

A clay tablet turns up, containing a prophecy of demons, a snake goddess, and the birth of a “disruptive” miraculous child. A prophecy so dangerous the tablet was smashed to bits, and the shards scattered to all the cities of the ancient world to prevent reassembling, until a Jesuit scholar’s vision sets the prophecy in motion in Paris, where the pieces have lain for centuries, half a world and three millennia away from their source.

Yet very close to the current home of Lisa Emmer, chosen the Pythia, head of the Delphi Agenda, because of her gift of sight, and trained in ancient world studies by a mentor who promised to “teach you life”; more accurately, he might have said “teach you to save the world from evil.” Prophecy is Lisa’s bailiwickâ??she’s the modern-day Delphic Oracle, head of a secret organization whose purpose is to protect the world from rogue conspiracies within the Church.

Over the centuries, the Delphi Agenda has prevented the cult of Ophis Sophia from the fulfillment of their doomsday prophecy several times. Now, in a suspenseful race against an alignment of planets and comets that signals the “wondrous child’s” impending birth, Lisa speeds to find and protect the mother and child. If she’s too late, “disruption” will take on a devastating new meaning.

Fans of intrepid women sleuths will love Lisa, as well as anyone smitten with the romance of the ancient world, and action-adventure in historical fiction and thriller conspiracies, (especially those involving the Catholic church, like The DaVinci Code). Sure to please fans of Dan Brown, Steve Berry, and the first Lisa Emmer thriller, The Delphi Agenda.

Bound: Wicked Dark Boston Thrillers Series, Book 1

by Michael Campbell

What started as kinky fun just became deadly serious.

All summer, Tom’s biggest worry was keeping the women who owned him happy. It was a cushy gig until a .22-caliber bullet and a dark truth changed everything. Just how far will he go to repay those student loans? At times rough and raw, this is a story of love and trust, deception and revenge, and its own definition of family, told with a good share of tongue in cheek humor.

This fast-paced, dark, psychological thriller set in Boston is much more than meets the eye. With a cast of kinky characters who think nothing of swapping partners or teaming up on one another within their private little world, there is no shortage of heat and sexual intrigue. But that’s not what Bound is about.

The steamy sex lives of the humble man and strong women of The Arch Nathan Foundation family are a subtext. It is in how these characters interact with the outside world that drives the drama in the Wicked Dark Boston Thrillers Series. In these very visual tales, you’ll find spies, gangsters, and other random representatives of the Boston underworld who betray and murder one another almost casually.

BOUND IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. If you are uncomfortable with open relationships, much profanity, the language of BDSMâ??including repeated use of the words “slave” and “master” in their most fetishized and politically incorrect formsâ??or characters who get off on hurting and controlling the people they claim to love, you won’t stick around to see that this is really a story about love and trust as the cast struggle to find some sense of home and family in their unconventional relationships while keeping their world secure. Other books in the Wicked Dark Boston Thrillers Series may contain “triggers” for survivors, but Bound only contains references to past sexual violence.

For all the kinky, adult themes, there is little sex in Bound. IT IS NOT EROTICA. You don’t get a complete sex scene until about halfway through the book and it’s short. This was intentional. Of this decision, says one reviewer: “[it] allowed the story to move along freely, without the interruption of overwhelming or repetitive erotic scenes. However, the nature of the relationships and the language which is used to both describe [them] andâ?¦the characters’ dialogue make this book unsuitable for those that wouldn’t normally be interested in reading erotic novels.”

Murder and betrayal drive the story in Bound and Tom is just an average guy. That puts it in the crime noir/thriller category. But there’s also drama and intrigue within the characters’ relationships and Tom and Ginger’s hearts. In that way, it is also a psychological thriller.

Bound is a revised version of The Family Trust Books 2 and 3.


After 24-year-old Tom graduated from college, his mysterious benefactor, The Arch Nathan Foundation, suddenly demanded full repayment. Without a dollar to his name, he fell right into the trap set for him and became the indentured servant/slave of two of the sexiest strong women in Boston.

The 1st book in the series, Bound, picks up at the end of that summer when his relationships with the women of The Arch Nathan Foundation have grown from exploitative to fulfilling and fun. But there’s trouble in the home. Ginger and her partner, Jacqueline are struggling, and Tom thinks he is “onto” their assistant, Stella, who abuses him whenever she can get away with it. It’s bad enough that he is willing to risk what has become a cushy gig to document her breaking one of the twisted little family’s rules.

In the first of several twists, Tom and Ginger soon find themselves tangled with spy-turned-gangster Jimmy Connelly’s underworld associates. It will take all the trust and luck the good guys can muster to keep from losing everything.

The Collected Works of Arthur B. Reeve: Crime & Mystery Collection, Including Detective Craig Kennedy Novels, The Silent Bullet, The Poisoned Pen, The … The Master Mystery, The Conspiratorsâ?¦

by Arthur B. Reeve

This carefully crafted ebook: “The Collected Works of Arthur B. Reeve” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents:
The Craig Kennedy Series:
The Dream Doctor
The War Terror
The Social Gangster
The Ear in the Wall
Gold of the Gods
The Exploits of Elaine
The Romance of Elaine
The Soul Scar
The Film Mystery
The Silent Bullet
The Scientific Cracksman
The Bacteriological Detective
The Deadly Tube
The Seismograph Adventure
The Diamond Maker
The Azure Ring
“Spontaneous Combustion”
The Terror in the Air
The Black Hand
The Artificial Paradise
The Steel Door
The Poisoned Pen
The Yeggman
The Germ of Death
The Firebug
The Confidence King
The Sand-Hog
The White Slave
The Forger
The Unofficial Spy
The Smuggler
The Invisible Ray
The Campaign Grafter
The Treasure Train
The Truth-detector
The Soul-analysis
The Mystic Poisoner
The Phantom Destroyer
The Beauty Mask
The Love Meter
The Vital Principle
The Rubber Dagger
The Submarine Mine
The Gun-runner
The Sunken Treasure
Other Mysteries:
Guy Garrick
The Master Mystery
Constance Dunlap
The Forgers
The Embezzlers
The Gun Runners
The Gamblers
The Eavesdroppers
The Clairvoyants
The Plungers
The Abductors
The Shoplifters
The Blackmailers
The Dope Fiends
The Fugitives
The Conspirators

Death Checks Inn (Aspen Valley Inn Series Book 1)

by Sara Robbins

Finally, Lacey Washburn is ready for the grand opening celebration of the Aspen Valley Inn. She has two problems. First,the dead man at the bottom of the stairs actually died seven years ago. Second, Lacey had sworn off men forever so why is she so interested in the handsome sheriff investigating the murder.
This is a novella of approximately 25,000 words and the first book in the Aspen Valley Inn Series.
Over 100 5 stars ratings

Gold of the Gods

by Arthur B. Reeve

Professor Craig Kennedy is a scientist detective at Columbia University. He uses his knowledge of chemistry and psychoanalysis to solve cases, and uses exotic devices in his work such as lie detectors, gyroscopes, and portable seismographs.
“Gold of the Gods” – A Professor of Archeology from the University asks detective Kennedy’s assistance in order to find a thief who stole an ancient Inca dagger from the artifacts found in a recent dig. While the two are still in conference, a word comes out that a wealthy Peruvian has been killed, and the Inca dagger has been used as a weapon.

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