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The lovelies

by Jeffrey Koh

The book is made up on short poems and any semblance to real life is a coincidence and does not depict what happened. After living many years, I would say that perceptions change with time. The old man, the young man, the rich man, the poor man, the spiritual man, the religious man, the agnostic, the atheist and the many experiences and how we interpret them shape us as well as enables or disables our very walk in living life.

And yet how can we change perception? Is it a force that simply guides us or is it something we can control? Is it a two way traffic or something else altogether? I find that writing is a way of discovering oneself and for readers it is a way of challenging one’s ideas.

Genes, environment, pre-destination, free will interact with one another. Exploration whether by writing or reading enhance our decision making process. As for the rest of what is contained in life lies outside our sphere of influence and the point of will power over what cannot be controlled is mute. Writing and reading can change our perceptions.

Words like ideas spellbinds a mind, drifts it along the coastal sea from the rivers going past mountains and down the plains. So it is with short poems that each tells their story. These poems are the river passing through each town, each farm and each city. The water passes by quickly and mirrors our fast paced world. Today it is hard to reflect on anything when it is all about efficiency and effectiveness. There is nothing wrong with that. And yet I will always miss the 80’s, the slow paced secured life where things just was a lot more constant, people a lot more robust in their relationships because the security was already there.

Life is mysterious and reality like dreams, turn into something insubstantial. The present, like dreams ebbs away with the passing of time and what we have left is us – and what we have done in this journey of life.

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