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Nola’s Western Romance: Mail Order Bride

by Sandee Keegan

Nola Milton is a feisty southern woman who dreams of romance and love. But when she leaves her southern home in Georgia and travels west to marry a man she had been writing to, she soon finds out that love and romance are not what she had hoped they would be.

Even worse, the man she was supposed to marry turned out to be a worthless outlaw that was shot dead in a gunfight. And even more worse, if matters could get worse, she is stuck in a deserted town with no hope in sight. That is until a handsome stranger appears on a horse and offers to ride Nola into the neighboring town.

Nola accepts the offer with caution; suspicious that the strange man might be an outlaw himself. But when the stranger abruptly stops his horse on the trail and forces her to hide as he takes on three deadly outlaws, Nola learns that the stranger is noble and honest.

But the following day in town while leaving the Sheriffs Office with the stranger, Nola encounters and very angry man reveals a horrible secret. The stranger refuses to fight the angry man and walks away. Uncertain and scared for the stranger, Nola knows she has to help him. But before she can act she is kidnapped and brought to an abandoned shack as a powerful storm settles in over the land.

She knows her kidnapper is going to use her as bait to lure the stranger to the shack and then kill him. But what can she do? What can she do to save the life of a man she was falling in love with? Nola prays for a miracle. Will a miracle take place or will hate prevail?

The Surprise Baby: Mail Order Bride Romance

by Mercy Levy

Lexi Winter is a spitfire who isn’t comfortable in Boston society. The money, the clothes, it isn’t enough. She flees to Garvey, Texas in hopes of escaping and runs into love.

She leaves a family to find a future. A leap of faith. Lexi’s a mail order bride.

John Stark is grieving but when Lexi come to town there is hope. He lost his wife and son and doesn’t expect happiness again. Her raven hair and blue eyes are what he sees first, He doesn’t realize that his future awaits.

There is a baby with green eyes.

Lexie finds the truth, but it’s not an easy truth.

A feeling and then a touch, There’s a secret – can it be uncovered?

Born With It: Unleashing Your Greatness

by JB Smiley Jr.

Life is tough. Negativity is all around us. Many of us have experienced failure first hand. Despite the difficult circumstances, every individual has the desire to succeed. If you are in need of an extra push, guidance, or are seeking an encouraging word, this is the book for you.

Born With It: Unleashing Your Greatness is groundbreaking in its approach to personal empowerment. It boldly states looking outside oneself for the solutions to personal struggle is not the answer. The answer lies within. This book will fuel your efforts to accomplish any goal you have set. So are you ready to achieve your goals? I hope so! As you dive into this book, let this serve as a personal reminder: You are BORN WITH IT, and it is time to Unleash Your Greatness!

Stole His Billionaire Heart: Billionaire Romance

by Mercy Levy

Casey Van Wilding grew up surrounded by old money. It was no a shock to his friends when he met, wined, and dined the beautiful young Jayda.

But she, more than the long, forgettable line of mini-dresses and merlot tastings, had all his attention.

She’d learned young that she had a light touch comparable to any thief on the street. Her guardian, Evan, had beaten the best tricks of the trade into her until there was no pocket she couldn’t pick.

Evan chose Casey for her. She knew the man was worth more than she could imagine, and wanted her share. But Jayda had another plan; escape.

Casey had the means, if she could get it away from him without being caught. But, his generosity and the world he showed her dazzled her, and his appetite for her stole her breath and gave her new life.

Instead of hating her as she thinks he should, Casey promises her all the freedom she could ever need if she stays with him and gives him the only thing he doesn’t have. A dirty little secret for them to share.

Skirting Tradition

by Kay Moser

Sleepy, tradition-bound Riverford, Texas is startled when a Czech immigrant sharecropper’s daughter, Sarah Novak, announces she wants to be a teacher rather than marry. Granted it is 1895, and a new century is fast approaching, but nothing has changed in Riverford since the end of The War 30 years ago. Then …

…. Mrs. Victoria Hodges steps off the train at the Riverford station and change arrives in a big way! She’s a native Texan who ran off to Europe 20 years ago to become an artist. How she managed to hook wealthy local businessman, Hayden Hodges, is a mystery to the town, but one thing is certain â?? she’s here to stir up things. Why, she wears Paris fashions, speaks French, wants to build a public library, and supports equal rights for women â?? including rights to education!

With this newcomer’s help and support, nothing but hard work stands between Sarah and a teaching certificate. Nothing, that is, except Robert Lee Logan, a handsome young banker from Fort Worth with eyes for Sarah.

Greta’s Surprise Baby: Mail Order Bride Romance

by Mercy Levy

Greta Gutermuth becomes heartbroken after the man she is engaged to marry runs off, taking half of their money with him. But, as a woman of true faith, she decides to move west and accept a position as a school teacher.

When she arrives in Brown Ridge, a small town filled with faith and anger, Greta is soon cast into the middle of a family battle involving a bitter cowboy, a preacher, and an innocent newborn baby.

It isn’t long before Greta falls in love with the newborn baby as she slowly begins to understand that in order to save a lost soul, she must place her heart on the line. Depending on God, Greta decides to care for the bitter cowboy in order to lead his heart away from the anger eating him alive.

But caring for an angry man with the hopes of changing him into a healed man isn’t as easy as Greta hopes. Facing off against anger and pain, she steps into a battle that must be won for the sake of a newborn baby, a desperate preacher, and a bitter cowboy that is being destroyed by his own anger.

Will Greta’s faith overcome the dark clouds facing her? Or will the storm she is thrust into destroy all of her hope?

Belinda’s Sweet Escape: Mail Order Bride Romance

by Mercy Levy

Belinda is an orphaned young woman living in New York. She has run away from her parents after they gave up her baby for adoption against her wishes.

Betrothed to a rich young tyrant, her baby would have proven to be a scandal in the city, and they were doing their best to cover it up.

As a result, Belinda ran away to make her own life, and soon reached news that her parents had tragically passed. Determined to remain on her feet, Belinda refuses to go back to her rich estate.

Instead, when things get hard, she becomes a mail-order bride and heads out west. The man she marries has a small child, about the same age as her own child would have been.

She can’t help but fall in love with the family, but there seems to be a dark secret he’s not telling her.

Why doesn’t he ever mention his first wife? What happened to her? Is Belinda going to face the same fate his previous wife did, or is she simply going crazy?

His Mail Order Bride: Sweet Frontier Cowboy

by Mercy Levy

Zeke Calhoun had a farm to run, cattle to protect, and a home to build out in the near-wilderness that was Rushville.

He didn’t have time to search among the scarce pickings of the nearby outpost or the fledgling town his family was helping to build for a wife.

Seraphina Montague was descended from Shaman and wise women, and afraid of no one, and nothing. When Seraphina’s grandmother answers an ad in the Matrimonial Times without telling Sera, she hopes to send her granddaughter away from trouble.

But, trouble follows in Nathaniel Gunn, the man that Sera’s parent betrothed her to as a child. When he comes to claim her and she’s gone, he follows with the intention of taking her back, no matter what the cost.

But, what cost can be counted against the loyalty and courage of true love?

Moldavite Magick: Tap Into The Stone Of Transformation Using Mantras (Crystal Mantra Magick Book 1)

by Baal Kadmon

From The Introduction:

If there is one thing we all have in common is that we live on this great planet we call home. We often do not sit and reflect at the immensity of this planet. We take it for granted. Our days are so packed with activity and busy work that we forget where we come from. Very few people today can detach even for a moment to realize the miracle of existence on this great planet. According to both science and religion, life on this planet is a miracle, perhaps a fluke. No matter what you want to call it, that life exists here at all is amazing. Here we are, on a spinning rock that is hurtling through an ever expansive universe. It just boggles the mind, doesn’t it? What is even more mind boggling is that everything is teeming with life. Even inanimate objects aren’t dead; their atomic structure is alive with energy. An energy we can use for magickal purposes. This energy is vibrating on certain frequencies, just like our own selves. These frequencies allow us to interact with everything that is around us. One of the best conduits of this earthly energy are crystals. In this book we will discuss how to use crystals in magick, but not only that, we will use Mantras as well to add extra energy to the crystals. I will explain why the two together are so effective. In this volume we will discuss a certain specific crystal, and the crystals is called Moldavite. It’s by far the most powerful crystal you can buy. We will go through several rituals involving Moldavites and mantras. But first, let us discuss Crystals, mantras and moldavites in general. After that, we will put it all together.

We will use Moldavite and Mantra Magick for the following:
magickal purposes:

To attract Money
To Compel someone to be attracted to you ( be careful with this one)
To promote physical healing
To enhance your psychic powers and hidden knowledge
To Control spiritual entities

But be forewarned, Moldavite is a very powerful crystal. Use with Caution

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