Free science Kindle books for 17 Jun 18

How I defeated colon cancer: The real story of a survivor

by BuluÈ? Andrei Tudor


This book is all about how to defeat and win the fight against colon cancer once you or a family member or maybe someone dear to you has been diagnosed with this disease.


Everything described in the book (treatments, medication, diets, etc) has been tested on myself, I do not pretend to give out any other information than exactly what has helped me, boosted my immune system and showed me the way to victory, as well as descriptions of my mental state through the entire process.
I will show you what you can do and how to keep your spirits up once you hear such dreadful news. The pages contained give a hands on approach on how to tackle and win against the enemy within.
All of the events described in the book are real and I consider that without a full picture of the situation at hand I would be unable to truly express my story.


We all hear about cancer survivors but rarely have a chance to go in depth into their experience, my goal is to create a book that will help others and maybe even save their lives.

Everybody deserves a fighting chance and I truly believe that access to the proper information and techniques can go a long way. As well as eliminating suppositions or rumors that we hear indirectly.


Once we have the tools available and the knowledge required we can enpower ourselves and take the healing process one step further from the victim stand point to the fighter/warrior point of view.


Download and start reading the book, every hour counts.

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Emergency Survival: How To Make Sure You Get Out Alive, How to Calm Down When Everyone is Panicking

by Timothy Elton

If you want to be prepared for any disaster, and be the first one to save yourself and your loved ones, then keep reading…

Emergencies can happen anywhere: at home, at work, and it can be where you are right now.

What would happen if a hurricane, tsunami, flood, tornado, or house fire destroys your home tomorrow? 

Would you be able to stay alive post-disaster?

Every year in the United States alone, over 10,000 people die because of natural calamities. 

The bigger problem is… it’s not the tragedy itself that killed them…

It’s their lack of knowledge.

How many of these 10,000 people could’ve been alive today if they know even a bit of survival techniques?

You see, most victims make the same mistakes – they run, they panic.

If it happens now, will you know what to do? 

Will you disappoint people that are relying to you?

You might even make a costly mistake of dying by doing somethingâ?¦ than doing nothing.

But now, you can be confident and prepared with this guidebook. Usually only known to top survivalists and emergency response teams, this can maximize your chances of survival in any kind of emergency.

This Emergency Survival Book includes:

  • How to Develop a Survivalist Mindset and Be Prepared for Absolutely Anything
  • The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Do Before Doing Anything Else
  • Stop Making Survival Planning Mistakes that Could Put Your Life In Danger
  • Surefire Gears That Will Drive Your Emergency Survival a Success
  • How to Fast-Track Your Medical Knowledge to Make Sure Your Patient Survives
  • The Things People Forget When They Leave Home But Are Very Important
  • What to Include in your Disaster First Aid Kit to Make it Your Great Weapon
  • Medical Techniques that have been proven to save lives

And much, MUCH more!

If You Don’t Learn What’s Inside This Book, You Risk LOSING YOUR LIFE AND OTHER PEOPLE in an Emergency Situation.

This book saved lots of lives. In fact, it is being praised by emergency management experts, survivalists, bloggers, and people from every walk of life. You are guaranteed that it is a high-quality handbook.

So if you want to never worry of an upcoming disaster, just scroll up and click the BUY NOW button to start preparing your emergency disaster and medical skills, today!

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