Free travel Kindle books for 17 Jun 18


by Mark Walters

Buttock-bruising buses and chock-a-block trains take Mark on a farcical journey around India. Along the way, he sees the awful, the absurd, and the awesome.

He travels over Himalayan mountains, across Rajasthani deserts, and through Keralan rainforests; via super cities like Mumbai and Delhi, sacred sites like Rishikesh and Varanasi, and scenic spots like Palolem and Hampi.

He encounters randy perverts, mystical madmen, and armed mustachios. He witnesses the barbecuing of bodies beside the Ganges, and Indian and Pakistani soldiers facing off in a Run DMC showdown. He experiences temporary insanity after consuming bhang, and testicular torment doing yoga in skinny jeans.

And it all begins with an ill-fated venture to walk across India…in flip flops.

Camino De La Luna – Take What You Need (Without Pictures)

by Pearl Howie

This is a book for people who wake up at 5am (or 3am) worrying. Sometimes genius and the truth arrive at this time, sometimes it’s just your mind or your ego spinning lies, keeping you awake, freaking out your body, making you sick, torturing you, trying to keep you small. I’ve been there. Years, months and just hours ago. And it is so wonderful to be able to choose to get up and use this time to greet the dawn, to get clarity and change my life, or to soothe the beast and be able to go back to sleep in peace, and wake again knowing that there is nothing to be afraid of, that I am life and my life is perfect and we are all perfect. This is a book about faith, about adventure, about living with my heart open and letting go of the fear of being myself. In June 2016 I decided to sell my house of 22 years and leave my comfort zone. I had no idea where I would go next, but slowly the Camino de Santiago showed itself and I decided, with no rucksack or hiking experience to start…

Fresh Off The Boat: A Tiki Tour of New Zealand

by Simon Harry Collins

Fresh Off The Boat is a collection of irreverent yarns spun out in The Land of the Long White Cloud. A young couple escape England on a working holiday, but fall in love with New Zealand. Is it the volcanoes, slow internet, ancient cars, remoteness or unpredictable weather that make this faraway land so alluring?

Over 4 years, Simon travelled the length and breadth of the Shaky Isles, accompanied by his willing (and occasionally unwilling) wife Sinéad. Their stories are coloured by comedic experiences, intrepid detours, and a dry appraisal of everyday Kiwi life. The result: a curious and honest glimpse at a country with so very much, and so very little.

Stunning natural beauty, a land of perfect road trips and a lot of cows. Fresh Off The Boat talks fishing, hot pools, fizzy beer, short shorts, overpriced housing, zero health and safety, and briefly mentions a team called the All Blacks. It’s an enjoyable, fun-filled romp around Britain’s long lost relative, New Zealand.

How to Get the Most Out of your Next Cruise: The Ultimate Guide to Your Best Cruise Vacation

by Karen Jeans

Between website reviews, travel blogs, brochures and articles there is a lot of information available about cruising; from the best itinerary, the best ship, the best cabin, the best packing list and how to get the best deal. But from all the “top ten lists” and “best cruise hacks”, what is the most important advice that will actually help you get the best value as well as the best experience on your next cruise?

In How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Cruise, I have gathered together the top recommendations and most valuable tips that will help you make the most of your next or your first cruise vacation. I have boiled down the plethora of information into what is most important for you to consider when booking your cruise, how to take best advantage of your time onboard, as well as what features and options are good value for the money and what are the biggest wastes of money while cruising.

This book will not walk you through the entire vacation planning and booked process and it will not try to convince you that cruising is right for you. What it does do is cut through all the tips and information to give you the very best recommendations to help you plan and enjoy your next cruise vacation.

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