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After returning home from a long bid an ex-convict finds his girlfriend in bed with his best friend who has taken over his block, strong-armed his woman, and played the role of sadistic daddy to his young and impressionable sons. Adding insult to injury, his second baby mama is addicted to crack due to dealings with fowl men, bouts of depression, and traps of the ghetto.

After a life-changing experience, he vows to change his life for the better despite two emotionally crippled baby mama’s, poverty, and a system that doesn’t care if he lives or dies. At this point, he isn’t living for himself. He is living for his children. He looks around his old neighborhood and see’s that it’s infested with skinny jean thugs, social media gangsters, lames, and all around fuck boys. It ain’t like it used to be, prompting the reader to ask certain questions.

What happened to respectable hustlers who may have done the wrong thing, but for the right reasons? What happened to our men? What happened to our women? What happened to our children? Who raised these niggas?

These questions and more are answered in Baby Maker, a look into fatherhood, sex, violence, rising above foolishness, and taking the block back by any means necessary. A riveting read.

Wendy’s Song (The Regrettable and Forbidden Book 1)

by Robyn Branick

Can one decision determine the rest of your life? It is the 1990s, and these privileged, fortunate youth have no consequences, until that fateful night. The teens choose to drive home from a party. Their lives change forever. Life-altering choices continue to deprave Wendy as she spirals into a vulnerable and exposed shell of a woman. The first book in The Regrettable and Forbidden series, “Wendy’s Song” dives into topics of drugs, rape, and pregnancy.

Jane Austen: The Complete Novels ( A to Z Classics)

by Jane Austen

With A to Z Classics, discover or rediscover all the classics of literature.

Contains Active Table of Contents (HTML)

The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you’ll find a new TOC that lists all the chapters and sub-chapters of that specific work.

This book contains the complete novels of Jane Austen in the chronological order of their original publication.
Juvenilia – Volume I
Juvenilia – Volume II
Juvenilia – Volume III
Sense and Sensibility
Pride and Prejudice
Mansfield Park
Northanger Abbey

Bedded Trouble: Found in Oblivion Books 1 & 2

by Cari Quinn

Get ready to rock with an amazing deal on the first two books in the bestselling Found in Oblivion rockstar series in this limited time, exclusive bundle!

Bedded Bliss, book 1
Single mom Chloe Adams just wanted a fun weekend away in Vegas with her girlfriends.
She just never expected to wake up in bed with Warning Sign lead guitarist Michael Shawcross, a sinfully delicious rockstarâ?¦and wearing his ring on her finger!
Triple Trouble, book 2
Warning Sign bassist Juliet Reece is all about her music.
Until suddenly her no-strings fling on Halloween takes an even dirtier turn and she ends up with two hot as Hades menâ??who just happen to be best friendsâ??in her bed. And outside by the pool, and in the kitchen, and in the elevatorâ?¦
Author’s note: These two standalone books about the band Warning Sign contain no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a HEA. Triple Trouble is a ménage romance, but both men focus solely on the womanâ?¦that lucky wench!


Series Reading Order

Found in Oblivion
Bedded Bliss
Triple Trouble
Dirty Duet
Lost Lyric
Perfect Pitch
Raw Rhythm
Finding Forever

Lost in Oblivion
Seduced (prequel)
Rock, Rattle and Roll

LIO Holiday Stories
Merry Oblivion


A Savage Love Story

by K’Vonne

What’s done in the dark will come to light. Temptation can make you do things that you normally wouldn’t, and the love of money is the root of all evil. With money comes envy and hate. More money, more problems. Foxy, unfortunately, experiences the truth in all of those statements. This isn’t your average love story.

Rico and Foxy had it all. Money, love, and children. They shared a love that most people dreamed about, but all of that changed when their secrets began to surface. Foxy just wants to honor her father’s legacy and his last wish by running his drug operation. She becomes a queen pen without her husband’s knowledge, and her deceit jeopardizes the life they’ve built.

Ashanti is Foxy’s right hand and best friend. She can’t seem to get it right with Vito, her longtime love. They share a daughter, but Vito won’t stop cheating. News of him having a baby on the way doesn’t help things, and Foxy wonders if it is finally time to walk away.

Will secrets tear these couples apart? Or will they find a way to make it work? Find out if love prevails in A Savage Love Story.

Lustful Ladies: The Big Ten Pack of Rough Sex, Lesbian Sex and More (EROTIQUE TEN PACK Book 1)

by Lorrayne Lynn

These ladies lust after pleasure and will stop at nothing to attain satisfation.

SOLD INTO MARRIAGE: Escaping A Monster

by Pamesh Gates

Imagine being the person that your mother hates most in the world then imagine that hate multiplied by the deceit of your best friend, you will see that your life can only be described as one wild roller coaster of a ride. This is the reality for Sheneya “Shene” Rivers whose life has always been filled with drama and pain. At 14, her life goes from bad to worse when she gets pregnant and sold into marriage. For the next few years she struggles to survive her initiation into womanhood until she escapes. Thinking she has found a moment of peace, she begins to rebuild her life but lurking in the shadows is a force from her past that will stop at nothing to return to a life she had worked so hard to escape or leave her in a grave. Will Shene find the strength to survive for her future or will she succumb to horrors of her past?

Out of a Dark Reflection (Murray of Letho Book 8)

by Lexie Conyngham

Murray’s most frightening case to dateâ?¦
Letho, Fife, 1816: Murray and his guests all have good reasons for not attending Edinburgh’s winter season, even down to the new maid. But then an old woman is found dead in the village, and murmurings of witchcraft are abroad. Suddenly everyone seems to have the darkest of secrets – but who would kill to keep theirs?

Look out for A Dark Night at Midsummer – novella-length sequel to this novel.

The Spycatcher Caper (Dick DeWitt Mysteries Book 3)

by Robert Muccigrosso

Best known in peacetime for his bumbling ways as a private eye, Dick DeWitt finds himself inducted into the U.S Army during World War II.

Somehow, the military sends him to the West Coast to uncover spies, fifth columnists, and saboteurs.

What poor DeWitt is not aware of is that while he is looking for the enemy, the enemy is looking for him.

The Bad Boy Or The Billionaire: Gay Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

by Walker Frost

Love Or Money?

Jack was always a one man kind of guy, but then he gets a look at Alan. His muscles, his attitude and his body are crying out for satisfaction. Fighting isn’t something that Jack condones and does his best to avoid any such altercation. He’s with Timâ?¦a billionaire with too much time on his hands. Tim loves the art of the fight and brings it to life in a run down in badly need of renovation house. Jack feels obligated to put in the work by rolling up his sleeves to get dirty. He never understood about lightning striking.

Cupid’s arrow has found him and Alan is in his sights. Life was easy in the closet, but it gets even more complicated when Alan is invited to stay in his family home. The heat and leering glances will come to a boiling point. It’s just a matter of time. Can Jack trust what he feels for two men? Is there something they are both hiding from him supposedly for his own good? Love is a fickle mistress and sometimes you have to fight for what you want in life.

This Is A 8,000 Word Romance Short Story With A Free 19 Gay Romance Short Stories Collection Inside

If You Only Knew: A Sweet Coffee Shop Romance (Second Chance Romance Series Book 4)

by Maggie Fox

Do you ever really know somebody?

Cafe owner Faith’s love life has been non-existent for years. Nobody has swept her off her feet the way her first love did. Things didn’t end well on that front though and since then she’s been careful who she gets involved with.

Then Zane Ferguson arrives in town as the new owner of the local outdoor extreme sports business.

Faith doesn’t want to get involved with another adrenaline junkie no matter how gorgeous he isâ??been there, done that, got the broken heart to prove it.

Reluctantly won over by Zane’s charms, Faith decides to risk a date with him. Before she knows it, her heart is ruling her head, and she’s falling for him.

But Zane is keeping secrets as Faith soon starts to realize…

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