Free historical fiction Kindle books for 18 Jun 18

Rain Dogs (A Portrait Of The Rock Star Book 1)

by Travis E. Hughes

In a remote cabin deep in the Olympic Mountains, a man wakes up with no memory, and no clue who he is, except for a mysterious cassette tape filled with hauntingly familiar songs sung in his own voice. His wallet claims his name is Jack Strawhaus. The year is 1985. As communism and religious institutions crumble, Generation X is growing up and their voices are starting to be heard. Cooped up indoors for days on end, weaned on punk and metal, the youth of the Northwest pass their time by forming bands in each other’s basements. Lost and afraid, Jack ventures into Seattle to join an endless string of drug-addled parties and decade defining concerts, with nothing but the bewitching music on his demo tape to serve as his guide.

Texas Ranger Creek – West to Tombstone: A Western Adventure (Sundog Series Book 6)

by Ash Lingam

Texas Ranger Captain Ridge Creek continues to combat the Violence prevalent in the Texan territory after the Great Civil War. Along the trail, Creek meets Mountain Man Seth Kinman. Tracked by a Comanche War Party, hell-bent on killing the old Buffalo Hunter. From Laredo to Galveston, only to end up riding all the way across Texas, New Mexico and on to Tombstone to help out the Captain’s old friend and gunfighter, James Butler Hickok. The state of Arizona is now fallen into complete lawlessness, and Hickok has taken on himself to bring order to the area. Once again, Ash Lingam brings his characters to life mixing the historically factual of the real-life Old West with his Western Tales and the hardest lawman of all, Captain Creek or known to the Comanche as the feared “With Dead Eyes.” (Sundog Series Vol. 6)

Bridles Lane (West Country Trilogy Book 1)

by Johanna Craven

Cornwall, England. 1740.

They say only the brave ride Bridles Lane at night.

Vicar Richard Dodge speaks of ghosts and demons, conducting elaborate exorcisms in his churchyard overlooking the lane. And with the villagers sheltering in fear, local smugglers carry their haul up the road to be hidden in the safety of the church.

Isaac and Scarlett Bailey have spent their lives hiding contraband in Talland church. Forced into free trade by their father’s mistakes, they want nothing more than to escape the smuggling syndicate and build a life above the law.

On the other side of Bridles Lane, Flora Kelly has grown up in the shadow of her mother, the village charmer. Sceptical of her mother’s craft, Flora reopens her family’s tavern, determined that her life will not be one of fortune telling and herbal lore.

When a seemingly abandoned ship is wrecked in Talland Bay, it sparks a wave of hysteria among the superstitious villagers. Faith in the vicar wavers and Flora feels herself drawn to the controversial old ways of her mother. Among growing unrest, the mystery of the wrecked ship deepens, unearthing long-forgotten secrets that will tear a village- and a family- apart.

Inspired by true events, ‘Bridles Lane’ is the first book in the West Country Trilogy, from the author of ‘Forgotten Places’ and ‘The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’.

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