Free humour Kindle books for 18 Jun 18

The Estate Sale by Emji Boettcher: Oh Fer Godsake

by Matthew Hinckley

What happens when you finally accept what the universe has given you, you throw up your arms, you sell everything in the house and hop a plane to the diamond district in New York? True story.

Watching Porn With Leatherface

by Duane Bradley


From the author of MIDNIGHT SPOOKSHOW comes a trip to the dark side of cinema. WATCHING PORN WITH LEATHERFACE is a collection of film articles covering movies from Troll 2 to Thunderbirds, which Gerry Anderson described as “the biggest load of £$%& I have ever seen in my entire life.”. In these pages, you’ll learn what happened when the CIA recruited Michael Myers and discover why watching skin flicks with cannibals beats paying to see Twilight.

Also included are four bizarro short stories inspired by B-movies. From legalized patricide to zombies in the desert, it doesn’t get any weirder, or any better, than this.

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