Free philosophy Kindle books for 18 Jun 18

Human Potentials for Change

by Edward Schellhammer

There is an archetypal concept that is the foundation to becoming a human and living under physical conditions on this planet. The entire humanity should be on an evolutionary path in order to develop all mental and spiritual potentials. To be on this planet provides learning opportunities that shape the qualities of the soul for the life in the other world.

Such genuine learning processes are:

To become free from inner burdens of the past life

To build up experiences that promotes soul and life

To gain inner orientation with contemplation

To form all (mental) psychical-spiritual functions

To develop inner life with the power of the Spirit

To identify human values for life and community

To create a relationship rooted in inner processes

To develop and practice the force of love for life

To form the mind for inner freedom and dignity

To shape talents and potentials through education

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