Free science fiction Kindle books for 18 Jun 18

Dinosaur Encounters: A Prehistoric Thriller

by David Serra

An alien experiment, regenerating micro-organisms, crash lands on Earth and revives the dinosaurs from their bones. Young clerical employee, Patrick Newlaw, is sent on a business trip with his friend E. J. Hernandez to Osenburg. They’re there to help a partnering company after a suspected “meteorite” crash caused a brief blackout. However dinosaurs begin showing up all over town and wreck havoc, leaving Patrick, E. J., and Patrick’s long lost childhood friend, Latoya Lollier, to try and survive the carnage.

The Ghost Factory (Hell’s Half Acre Book 1)

by Jordan Vezina

All that Master Sergeant Nick Shelter ever wanted was to be a good Marine. Multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Force Recon team leader proved his mettle beyond a doubt, but this war will be different. Nick will be tasked with a mission no one ever trained him for: Go back to 1991 and kill his best friend to stop the world from ending.

Master Chief Frank W. Holder has been a Team 4 Leader with Naval Special Warfare longer than he can remember. What happened in Mosul and Fallujah can’t be explained, and the consequences aren’t going away. Holder and a handful of his most trusted SEALs are about to be absorbed into the Bolivia Group. If they can’t keep the scientists of the Bolivia Group alive, Master Sergeant Nick Shelter will fail.

Doctor Eileen Stanton started the Human Cloning Initiative, and blames herself for what is about to happen. The work of the Bolivia Group and the HCI are on a collision course that will result in the end of everything. The former Stanford Physicist will die in the first pages, but not for long.

The Hell’s Half Acre series is a military thriller with a science fiction twist. Non-stop action and unexpected plot twists are just the beginning when you enter The Ghost Factory.

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