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Sleepwalking Out Of Afghanistan: Walking It All Back

by Harold Phifer

I found myself caught in the middle of the biggest vehicle explosion to ever hit Afghanistan.
While dealing with injuries and destruction my mind kept spinning out of control from horror to horror to my dysfunctional past.
I did my best to replay my personal ordeals ad the reactions of the people around me as accurately as possible.

The journey starts out in the tropical comuntry of Thailand where I was living a carefree life with no worries or drama.
By happenstance I came across another retiree (Dylan) that took advantage of my drunken state while easily coercing me to dive into my life’s history.
It was a life that I buried deep below the surface away from my kids, my family, my friends, my co-workers, and mainly myself.

Each story is sure to affect you differently than the previous one, Dealing with what I had viewed as an imminent death helped to bring closure to where I was once
open and exposed.

The book touches on the sad, the shocking, and the schizophrenic behaviors that surrounded me until later into my adulthood.
I tried to ratchet down those experiences with my sense of humour and my creative out-takes.

You are guaranteed to read this book over and over again! You may find yourself identifying with many of the events and characters.
But undoubtedly, some of the stories will stick with you like nothing you have ever read or heard before.

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Sweet Bergamasque

by Quentin Smith

Jean-Marc is nurturing his first decent Bordeaux vintage in a decade when the German army invades France in June 1940. His decision not to flee with his wife and children will haunt him throughout the war, but when he loses his wine farm to the occupiers and is forced to hide in his neighbour’s cave cellars, the opportunity to join the maquis and retaliate is irresistible. Amongst his new comrades is the enigmatic Monique and their journey is one of bravery, unexpected romance and eventual tragedy, leaving Jean-Marc out for revenge.

WAR: Loyalty


War-poems. Loyalty. Hard to explain, powerful to feel.


The Cleansing Aftermath


A year has passed, the winds of the plague swept into obscurity, the world dragging itself back into the light the young man who once was is now left with the crumbling society slipping through his fingers. There is no army for him to follow, no light that does not burn, no freedom that does not cost and no hatred that does not weigh him down… The Cleanse may have happened, leaving the world behind in the wake of devastation that it left behind but one thing has not changed… the one thing that never changes… humanity and the lengths it will go to for survival.

Follow Steve again as he riddles down a trail of deceit and lives in the failures that he helped create, watch him lose more than he could have ever imagined, feel him as he steps the thin line between the right and the sickening, fight with him as he discovers that more can happen to his world than he ever could have imagined, take his hand as he drowns in the pain of a world on her knees…

The second book in a series of just one normal man… boy… as his world collapses… reading the first book is advised to have any understanding of the vast world and creation that is around him…

Where will you be when the Cleanse continues?


by Feero Viksen


Dr. Jerry’s Zombies

by Aunt Molly

Dr. Jerry’s Zombies is a Terror – Science fiction of Aunt Molly

This book is a new survival fiction, talk about the origins of the zombies
Dr. Jerry’s project called “Serum for the military project” in the barracks lab.

It can accelerate the body’s Antioxidant production for the troop of soldiers when their fight in the war.

Serum’s highlights… 1. the body’s Antioxidant production (faster) 2. The body’s cells have a healthy all the time.
3. Endured the pain of the wound for a long time. 4. Starve for a long time and etc. The project has been welcomed as well from the army.

A serious incident occurred when he experiment with a dead body (Biotechnology’s mistake), So causing many stories and finding a weapon to kill it.

The zombies to kill people life cruelly every minutes, Let us pray the God to global peace again.

A Terror – Science Fiction
Genre: Terror / Science
Written by: Aunt Molly

O dia em que a guerra chegou: (conto) (Portuguese Edition)

by Adalclê

As bolhas de sabão eram infinitamente mais suaves e acolhedoras do que aquelas que preencheram o país do garoto Doel, num ensolarado agosto. Ele tinha acabado de completar oito anos, quando os conflitos políticos e as guerras começaram. Então, de um dia para o outro todas as coisas mudaram. O mundo que conhecia se desfez. Como uma criança poderia suportar grandes perdas? Doel não entendia direito, mas andava com algo valioso; uma coisa que só poderia ser usada em épocas como aquela. E chegara o tempo de usá-la.

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SYUURAI (Japanese Edition)

by KAI


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