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Tasting Texas (The Tasting Series Book 1)

by Kimmie Easley

*STANDALONE in the Tasting Series*

Beth Garrett spends every waking moment with the love of her life, The Long Branch Saloon. The popular southern bar is a much needed escape from the reality of living in a small Texas town.

Never one for drama, Beth swears off screwing around with men from her own backyard, and spends most of her nights alone. That is until fate has pity on her and sends the occasional handsome stranger through town.

That’s exactly what happens when Eric Alexander comes to Sommerville on business. After a long meeting, Eric ends up at The Long Branch to blow off some steam. With the help of Beth’s best friend Wren, the sexy New Yorker challenges her to a game of pool in exchange for an unforgettable Texas experience.

Just as Beth thinks she has Eric eating out of the palm of her hand, Wren decides to stir the pot. Now she has to decide if the reward will be worth the risk in this steamy novella, the first in The Tasting Series.

Kings of Rittenhouse – A Shameless King Prequel

by Maya Hughes

Declan and Mak have been at each other’s throats since sophomore year and now it’s time for the party to end all parties for the seniors of Rittenhouse Prep.
What’s the worst that could happen?

Long live the Kings…

Bleed Out: When Reason Dies

by Straughn Bowman

This intense thriller will take you out of your comfort zone, and place you right on the front lines of America’s next civil war. In his debut novel, Straughn Bowman paints an uncomfortable portrait of the violence and mayhem that has overtaken America following “It”. The story follows five main characters as they learn to survive in their dangerous new reality.

Here’s what some Amazon readers are saying about “Bleed Out: When Reason Dies”:
“… it haunted and riveted me… It is fiction but seems all too real and can be viewed as a cautionary tale…”

“… a timely and thought-provoking story…”

“… takes you out of your comfort zone…”

“I couldn’t put it down”

“I had to remind myself to breathe when reading”

“This book takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride! You will almost immediately connect to the characters.”

“Intense, claustrophobic read!”

“Such a great read! Very interesting story. Lots of great action and detail. Some unforgettable scenes. I really enjoyed this book. I highly recommend it!!!”

The Sedona Files: Books 1-3

by Christine Pope

Three women. Three extraordinary love stories. One war.

The first three books of The Sedona Files are now available in an omnibus edition that includes:


She thought she could see it allâ?¦

He showed her so much more.

Psychic Persephone O’Brien thinks she’s always prepared for the unexpected, but when she reaches out to distractingly attractive ufologist Paul O’Brien for help, the two of them soon find themselves drawn into a far-reaching conspiracy that sends the two of them on the run â?? as well as into each other’s arms. And after Paul is captured by sinister agents, Persephone finds herself joining forces with an unlikely group of UFO hunters to rescue Paul and derail an alien plot before it’s too late. (Book 1 of the Sedona Files)


He needs her help.

She’s his only hope.

But he’s hiding somethingâ?¦

When a sexy stranger with no memories of his former life staggers out of the desert, pleading for Kara Swenson’s help, she can’t refuse â?? despite her better judgment. After all, being involved in the UFO community for many years has made Kara open to the strange and unusual. What transpires between Kara and the stranger is intimate and sensual, leading to complications Kara is forced to confront. And when the shocking truth of the stranger’s identity is revealed, Kara finds herself having to make a choice between the truth of her heart and an uncertain future. (Book 2 of The Sedona Files)


The winter brings more than just a chillâ?¦

When strange forces begin to threaten her hometown, it’s up to Kirsten Swenson to save her friends and family from certain destruction. Agreeing to work with a mysterious Man in Black proves to be more than Kirsten ever bargained for, because Agent Martin Jones is far more than he seems. With his ability to awaken the powers that have lain dormant within her, Martin draws out the shocking secrets that were buried in Kirsten’s past, while also encouraging her to give in to her heart. But when the aliens force her to make the ultimate sacrifice, Kirsten realizes that sometimes following her heart isn’t enough. (Book 3 of The Sedona Files)

Many a Dark Night

by Emma Accola

In the last moments of her life, beautiful Camille Rudell went down fighting. She left a clue to the identity of her killer, but it stayed hidden with her body for decades.

Reeling from a breakup, Fallon Hume returns to her mother’s hometown of Idyllwild on the day Camille’s remains are found. Fallon’s mother, Tawny, has always been the prime suspect in Camille’s disappearance. The death threats start immediately. Fallon is determined to clear her mother’s name, but she quickly finds that those involved in Camille’s short life have many reasons to lie, including Tawny.

Jax Lyngdal has grown up in Idyllwild, and he knows his father is lying about the night Camille disappeared. Like Fallon, Jax wants to clear his parent’s name, but he won’t be able to do that without Fallon’s help. Jax knows that Fallon won’t trust him, and she shouldn’t, because he broke up with her after a short, hot romance. He’s waited two long years to see her again.

Before Camille can get justice, Fallon and Jax must confront their parents’ past and discover what it is that they and their friends are hiding from the summer of 1979. Camille is back, but so is her killer, as ruthless and willing as ever to spill blood to keep those secrets.

Alien Me

by Emma Accola

When Darcy Hinson touches her date and he collapses, she knows it’s no accident. Her strange abilities, the ones she has hidden so well, are out of control. Then she meets Sean Banks at school. He lays her secrets bare and tells her that she’s not humanâ??at least not completely. He says they were created to serve an alien species, and he takes Darcy to their hidden world beneath the surface of the Earth. The aliens call themselves the Original People, and they have an ancient society that relies on other species to survive.
In this new realm, Darcy and Sean are given gorgeous clothes, jewelry, and servants. But the gifts aren’t free and these beautiful aliens have an agenda of their own that could mean the destruction of humanity. Nothing is as it seems, and Darcy finds herself torn between her Earth family, the world of her creators, and her forbidden and growing love for Sean.
Alien Me is a dark, gripping tale of two human-alien hybrids, the aliens who produced them, and the battle for the future of Earth.

Don Quixote (Best Navigation, Free AudioBook) (A to Z Classics)

by Miguel Cervantes

With A to Z Classics, discover or rediscover all the classics of literature.

Contains Active Table of Contents (HTML) and â??in the end of book include a bonus link to the free audiobook.

Don Quixote, errant knight and sane madman, with the company of his faithful squire and wise fool, Sancho Panza, together roam the world and haunt readers’ imaginations as they have for nearly four hundred years.

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