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BLOGGING: 3 Manuscripts – Make Money Blogging + Content Marketing + SEO Marketing

by Alain Magnuson

3 books in 1 – How to make at least $10,000 a month while blogging from the comfort of your home!

Book nr.1:

Make Money Blogging: A Proven Method to 6 Figures A Year

Blogging has been a powerful source of income for many for the past several years. Since the rise of the internet, blogging has been an opportunity for people to share their thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. As a result of this consistent sharing, many of them are making an incredible income from it. Some have even become millionaires!

The lifestyle that you can earn from blogging is phenomenal. Picture this: earning six figures, or multiple six figures per year, remotely. You have financial freedom, time freedom, and limitless opportunities.

Every day provides you with new inspiration on what to talk about, which means that you living your best life literally gives you content to earn more money to continue living your best life.

It sounds like the dream, doesn’t it?

The reality is, it’s a science. Becoming a successful, profitable blogger is something that anyone can do. By taking practical, strategic steps and enforcing them properly, you can virtually guarantee your success as a blogger. As a result, you can begin generating massive amounts of profit from your blog, increasing your annual earnings well into the six-figures.

If you are ready to begin living your best life and earning an incredible income doing it, download your copy today! Your very own freedom and dream life are a lot closer than you think.

Book nr.2:

Content Marketing: How to Get 12 Months’ Worth of Ideas for Your Blog in One Hour and Start Converting Your Audience Into Paying Customers

Inside you will find a full-proof system that will not only help you to determine the true focus of your blog but also how to be seen as an absolute authority in your field.

You will also learn how to properly identify your audience to ensure you are giving them the content they want, not just in terms of usefulness, but in terms of true enjoyment so that you can be sure they will stick around to the very end of everything you write.

When it comes to content marketing, there are countless books out there making countless claims, and here is another one. Content Marketing: How to Get 12 Months’ Worth of Ideas for Your Blog in One Hour and Start Converting Your Audience Into Paying Customers The title of this book makes a very big claim, and don’t worry it isn’t hyperbolic or just a marketing ploy, you will find the tools you need to create the ideas you are looking for inside. The catch, however, is that you have to read through the book in order if you hope the system to be effective.

Book nr.3:

SEO Marketing: How to Rank #1 When You Are Just an Average Joe

SEO has become the talk of the internet in the digital marketing industry. Search engine optimization is the most effective means of marketing and promotion that doesn’t cost millions of dollars to start.

SEO Marketing: How to Rank #1 When You Are Just an Average Joe is an e-Book that has been created to give you a chance at marketing. Everything has been explained in the simplest manner possible.

Learning the basics of SEO, together with mastering its fundamentals, doesn’t need any complex explanation, and someone with little to no knowledge of digital marketing can get a general grasp on how the digital marketing industry works in one sitting.

What are you waiting for. 3 books in 1? Download today!

Journal 5: All Chapters

by Investec Asset Management

We are required by Amazon to charge a minimum fee in order to publish this eBook on Kindle. We will in turn donate double the cost price to TUSK. Learn more about our partnership with Tusk at


The research and insight of the Investment Institute is primarily shared through The Journal, now in its fifth year of publication. It includes the Investor’s View profiling the perspectives of global chief investment officers from leading asset allocators around the world.

In our first edition, we analysed the investment landscape five years post the global financial crisis. We then examined the changing dynamics of emerging markets and the significant evolution taking place in China’s onshore capital markets. Our more recent work has explored the concept of building business and portfolio resilience in an age of uncertainty, at a time when sustainability and ESG are becoming more mainstream.

Our current work focuses on the steps that asset owners can take to re-orient capital to the long term. We explore the increasing empirical evidence in support of long-horizon investing but ask: is this easier said than done? How do key stakeholders move from talking about the importance of long-termism to taking action, and securing the benefits of doing so?

Forex Trading Basics: Become a Forex Trader with $300 and 3 Hours!: Forex Trading Strategy

by M Gabriel

Forex is a risky business

but Mark Zukerberg once said “The biggest risk, is not taking a risk”

let me help you take the risk with minimum risk….

You really need to give Forex a shot…face it, we all know the 9 to 5 is a race we finish with almost as much as we started. Very little to retire off of and experience the world with, I was stuck there not too long ago. I stared to dabble into Forex a little about 3 years ago and since then I’ve dove completely in and never plan on turning back. Learning to become a profitable trader in the Forex market (3-5 Trillion dollars traded daily depending on who’s estimate you go by.) is easy with the right tools, knowledge, and mindset. This book provides that and much more. After reading the 6 Pillars and taking action you will be able to call yourself a Forex trader in as little as 3 hours and with as little as $300.

So take the risk and thank me later….

6 Pillars of my Forex success

Currency pairs– What makes up the Forex market. I give you an introduction to currency pairs.

Buy and Sell Orders– The two options you have whenever a trade presents itself. I break down how it works and why you don’t actual buy or sell physical paper money from different countries.

Stop loss and Take profit– The two end results of every trade. I show you how to have more taking profit trades and less trades that hit your stop loss. Also giving you bonus info on how to bid properly on your trades to avoid blowing your account like most new Forex traders.

MetaTrader 4– Get access to the most trusted platform for trading Forex in the world.

Brokers and Signal packages– I give you my favorite broker to get your Forex account started with as little as $100, I also provide you with contact information to a great Forex trader and mentor that can provide you with everything to have you placing your first trades within a week GUARANTEED!!!

Mindset– Having the right Mindset is 90% of what make successful traders successful. I give you insight into that mindset to better prepare you to make the jump into becoming a Forex trade.

If you are ready to make the jump and become a Forex Trader scroll up and grab this book and lets start this journey together. I can tell you know your reward is bigger than your risk….

Where Can I Find Wifi?: Work Anywhere, Travel Forever: Tales of a Digital Nomad

by Kayla Kurin

Do you want to live a location independent life by working remotely and joining the digital nomad community?

Do you want to travel the world, working from your laptop on beaches and mountaintops?

Do you then start to wonder – how is there wifi on top of a mountain? What if I drop my computer?

You might have read articles or other books on how to work remotely and travel forever. These might have been filled with images of computers on beaches, touting how easy it is to work less and roll around in your hoards of sweet, sweet cash. But, when you read this book, you’ll realize keeping sand out of your keyboard when you go to the beach is really hard.

In this book, you’ll learn how Kayla has travelled around the world for over five years from the Ashrams of India to the ruins of Greece, all while growing her savings account.

You’ll also learn:

How Kayla saved enough to take a one-year backpacking trip when she was making less than 40k a year.
How you can volunteer or work abroad.
How the author went from being broke in London to starting two successful businesses and how you can apply your skills and experience to a digital career.
The options for going remote including freelancing, starting your own business, teaching online, and more.
How the author, a self-described terrible decision maker, chooses where to live & what to pack.
How to answer questions like, รข??when are you going to get a real job?’
How to make lifelong friends on the road.

This book ain’t some mumbo-jumbo about how easy it’s going to be to work 5 hours a week and become a millionaire while you yacht around the world. It’s a realistic account of a girl who works like 30-ish hours a week… more or less… depending on how many weird festivals are on.

If you read the 4-hour work week and thought: what a load of bull,then this is the book for you.

Eat This Mr. President: How a Brazilian Immigrant Went From Truck Driver to Millionaire in 4 Years

by Marcos Jacober

Shh..This is an investment secret that only 1% of the U.S. populations knows about!

Every week, counties in the United States sell properties for pennies on the dollar just to collect the taxes owed. In addition to that, you can lend money to counties risk-free, with returns up to 50% a year guaranteed and backed by state law.

Read The Secret to 24% Returns Guaranteed by Law! to discover:

– How a truck driver became a millionaire in 4 years?

– What are tax lien certificates?

– What are tax deeds?

– Access to free online resources

– Secrets that only experts know

– How to create wealth from tax deeds?

– How to locate sales tax in your area?

Take your first step in becoming financially free!

35 Truths: Lessons from the Front Lines of Executive Coaching

by Clyde Lowstuter

As an early pioneer on the front lines of Executive and Career Transition Coaching, Clyde Lowstuter and his team at Robertson Lowstuter have transformed the lives and careers of tens of thousands of clients, globally, through leadership development services. Equipping clients with proven, commonsense strategies, 35 Truths: Lessons from the Front Lines of Executive Coaching enables individuals like yourself to accelerate personal success, improve your leadership effectiveness, and facilitate high-performance team building. Relevant for relationships on and off the job, 35 Truths is a thought-provoking and life changing blueprint for positive change and authentic living. Paired with inspirational images, each truth will challenge you toward greater self-awareness through coaching tips and penetrating questions. With this virtual coffee table book, you are invited to pour yourself a cup and engage in self-reflection toward enhanced leadership and creating more meaningful relationships. Continually ask yourself, as Clyde does, “What’s another perspective?”

This ebook is best viewed in single column format using black text on white background in your Kindle settings. The high quality graphics make for a larger size, but they do not disappoint. Enjoy!

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