Free reference Kindle books for 19 Jun 18

Teach Me to Spell

by Connie Oudemolen

This book is a longer version of my previous book “Learning to Spell: Total Collection. Each example has a sample sentence to read.

Beating Anger: 11 Practical Strategies to Lead your Anger (Dr. Mohmed Ragab Book 987654321)

by Dr. Mohmed Ragab

– Beating anger starts in your Mind, How?
– All you need to beat anger is just 5 minutes daily, know how?
– The secrets of Chi Kong (a Chinese sport); how it controls anger?
– The Islamic Strategies for Anger Management
– How to get rid of Intolerance?
– How can you protect yourself from Physical Violence, even your body is weak?
– How could you be prepared for The Cold War?
– What is the Heavenly Reward for who controls anger?
– Many interesting stories about Anger
I hope you enjoy reading and enjoy beating your anger as well
Yes, you can Beat Anger
Dr. Mohmed Ragab

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