Free religious fiction Kindle books for 19 Jun 18

Meant for Each Other (Tybee Island Book 1)

by Delaney Cameron

Kirsten is thrilled to return to the place where she spent so many summers as a child. Here she can forget the episode that nearly ruined her last year of college. Was it unreasonable to suppose that this far from the scene of her crime she would be safe from meeting the man who knew all about her worst moment?

After six months of nonstop traveling, Trey is happy to trade living on the road for the peace and quiet of Tybee Island. In such surroundings, he should be able to work undisturbed. These plans are interrupted by the appearance of a former student. Running into Kirsten is a disturbance of the worst kind: a reminder of an encounter he hasn’t been able to forget.

Author’s note: This is a revised and expanded version of a novella published years ago under a different title and pen name. It takes place before the events of Dream of Me.

Pecan Flan Murder Plan: A Culinary Cozy Mystery With A Delicious Dessert Recipe (Slice of Paradise Cozy Mysteries Book 5)

by Nancy McGovern


If you’ve gotten to know Faith in the 1st four “Slice of Paradise” stories and you’re hungry for more…IT’S TIME! Join her in her 5th adventure, Pecan Flan Murder Plan! It’s gonna be “Flan-tastic!”

Faith Franklin is over the moon about the grand opening of Paradise Falls, a beautiful nature preserve she’s helped bring to the community. Between the gorgeous surroundings, the friendly people and the majestic animals, nothing could ruin this day!

Well, almost nothing.

One of the preserve’s staff members has been found murdered, and there seem to be countless leads to follow. From personal drama to suspicious attendees at the celebration, Faith isn’t sure where to start. And, with the deputy sheriff warning her not to interfere with his investigation, she may not get the chance anyway.

Too bad, because there’s a lot more to this case than meets the eyeâ?¦

Written by bestselling author, Nancy McGovern, and talented newcomer, Cyra Bruce, the “Slice of Paradise” series has it all: intriguing characters, clever whodunits & tasty recipes that come directly from Faith’s Slice of Paradise Café in beautiful, sunny Florida!

If you haven’t jumped into this series yet, now’s the time!

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The Joseph Perspective: A Short Story of Trials and Triumph

by Eric Stender

As his father’s favorite son, Joseph enjoys a charmed life. However, the extra attention drives his older brothers to unite in a conspiracy that thrusts Joseph down a dark path where he’s left for dead, then sold into slavery. Alone in a new country, the young dreamer must decide if he can continue to trust the God of his father while surrounded by false idols, temptations, betrayal, and other struggles.

His journey leads him further from his father and his brothers. Will they ever be reunited, and if so, can Joseph forgive them for what they’ve done?

Find out in … “The Joseph Perspective.”

Each chapter shares a separate perspective of the biblical story as told by the individuals themselves; the dreamer, the jealous brothers, a forgetful Butler, the Pharoah of Egypt and more. This story challenges you to trust God no matter the trial or tribulation you find yourself in and see the bigger picture He has planned for you.

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