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The Darkest Night – Gemini

by A. LaQuette

THE DARKEST NIGHT – “GEMINI” tells the story of biracial sisters, Dominique and Angelique, who have been having the same recurrent nightmare for the past week and awakening at the same time. Dominique thinks this mean something is about to change in their lives, and Angelique — who is hoping that it’s only a coincidence — deep down shares her sister’s belief. Their grandmother, a gifted woman from Louisiana, can sense that something is about to go terribly wrong in her family’s life, but is not sure what has to be done to prevent it. She knows that there is something special about the girls and that they share an unbreakable bond, but the dark truth about their family’s Louisiana past is about to be revealed as secrets that were never supposed to come out about the girls’ parentage finally comes to light. When everything is revealed, will knowledge be enough or will it prove to have come too late?

The first release from THE DARKEST NIGHT series, THE DARKEST NIGHT – “GEMINI” is a story that will captivate both younger and older adult audiences as it touches on different aspects of life (love, hate, joy, pain, death, etc.) and involves the mystical and supernatural elements of Louisiana’s culture. A story full of mystery and suspense, this debut by Mississippi author A. LaQuette is sure to keep readers of all ages on the edge of their seats.

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