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Mud-Puddle Glupp

by Adam Malone

Inspired by a rainy day when the author’s two young daughters did not want to go outside and play, Mud-Puddle Glupp is an imaginative, verse-style story that encourages children to go outside instead of staying inside and watching TV all day. This fun story exhorts all children to seek out the Gheeble to learn why rainy springtime can be both magical and fun, as they seek out the mysterious Mud-Puddle Glupp, who “fishes for worms while asleep in a cup.”

Ghast the Supervillain (Book One): Building a Nether Army (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 – 12 (Preteen)

by Mark Mulle

GENRE: Children’s Adventure
(An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 – 12 (Preteen)

Ghast the Supervillain
Book 1: Building a Nether Army
They haven’t seen the last of me yet! Those fools think that they can just kick me out of their army! I was the best soldier that they’ve ever had. They’ll lose the war without my great ideas. They must just be afraid of how great I am. I would be scared too if a great big Ghast had all of the answers. The army made a big mistake when they kicked me out. Now I’m going to get my revenge. I’ll build up my own army and take over theirs and then take over the whole Nether and maybe even the Overworld too! No one will be able to stop me! There’s just one problem… I need to build my army first.

Other books in this exciting Minecraft series
Book 2: Taking Over the Nether Army
Book 3: The End of the War
Book 4: Life in the Overworld
Book 5: A Secret Mission
Book 6: To the Nether and Back
Book 7: The Jungle Temple
Book 8: A Villager’s Mission
Book 9: To the End

Author Note: This unofficial Minecraft book is not authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft Corp., Mojang AB, Notch Development AB or any other person or entity owning or controlling the rights of the Minecraft name, trademark or copyrights. All characters, names, places and other aspects of the game described herein are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. Minecraft®/ /TM & ©2009-2016 Mojang/Notch.

The Christmas Tree

by Abdiel LeRoy

Strength Will Not Save, but Love Just Might!

Would you love a heart-warming story to share with your child? One infused with Christian messages? Then join the Christmas Tree on his heroic journey!

From the heart of an ancient forest, whispered love awakens the courage of a little boy to protect his beloved tree. But can he overcome man’s impulse to destroy, his merciless machinery, his callous indifference?

This magical tale will impart a hope that embraces all of humanity, a testament to love in this world and the next, introducing young readers to themes of resurrection and care for the environment.

From forest to home, from Earth to Heaven, be swept up in this enchanted story!

The Coalition: (Teen Paranormal Dark Fantasy) (Coalition Book 1)

by Aria J. Wolfe

What you don’t know can kill you…

It’s just a pretty pendant. A harmless necklace. Everyone wears them, like a talisman.
At least that’s what sixteen year old Shai Eli has always believed. But why does her community enforce a law that keeps people from removing the necklaces?
When a book, a key and a vision begin to unravel the sinister secret behind her community, Shai discovers the guy she’s falling for may not be who he says he is.

This young adult paranormal dark fantasy novel is book one in the Coalition Series about a dreary community of orphans where the Shai must overcome her fear of deep emotion and learn to trust her best friend.
But what she doesn’t know is that Aliah harbors a nasty secret that could potentially destroy the fragile beginnings of their romance.
When a mutual friend is discovered brutally murdered and twenty-one orphans go missing, Aliah comes up with a dramatic plan to keep Shai safe. A plan that back-fires when Shai realizes that someone is willing to go to drastic measures to hunt her down.
As Shai’s and Aliah’s feelings for each other grow so does Shai’s suspicions. And when Aliah’s past catches up with him, Shai begins to unravel the truth about her identity, her connection to Aliah and the secret he has worked so hard to keep.

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