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Mindfulness for Beginners: How to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Life (Mindfulness Books, Mindfulness Meditation, Mindfulness Techniques)

by Tony Smith

Mindfulness for Beginners: Discover How Mindfulness Can Reduce Stress and Improve Your Life!

Do you feel constantly stressed out and overwhelmed?
Do you feel that you have no control over your thoughts and actions?

Do you want to find ways to live a more peaceful life?

If that sounds familiar, Mindfulness for Beginners: How to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Life is the book for you.

About Mindfulness for Beginners

Author Tony Smith walks you through the basics of mindfulness practice and gives you simple, effective ways to incorporate these practices into your daily life.

This book is for anybody who goes through life feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by the demands of work, family, and social obligations. It is also for anybody who finds that the constant, never-ending hustle and bustle of modern life often results in feeling disconnected and distant from the people and things that are most important in their lives.

You’ll learn about what mindfulness is and how it can help relieve stress, reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, and put you back in touch with the things that matter the most to you.

If you want to regain control of your life and let go of stress and anxiety, then pick up your copy of Mindfulness for Beginners today!

Why You Should Check Out Mindfulness for Beginners

This book is for you if you:

  • Feel disconnected and separated from the things that matter to you
  • Experience chronic stress, and don’t know how to relieve it
  • Want simple techniques that can help you manage the stress of modern life
  • Have a desire to find ways to be a better and stronger person
  • Yearn to cultivate closer relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues
  • Aspire to improve your performance and standing at work
  • Need ways to express yourself and reconnect with who you are at the deepest level

If you want to reduce stress and anxiety – and be the best version of yourself – then you should check out Mindfulness for Beginners!

Automating Inequality: How the internet influences racism

by Melinda Rose

How often do you use the internet to gather information for your personal or official use? Daily? weekly?

There’s never been an easier time to search for information than today. With vast availability of the internet and gadgets that connect in a click of a button, there is no excuse to knowing what you would like to know.

Ironically though, it is easy to come across misleading information and not even realize it. Slowly but surely, you find it â??normal’ to qualify theories presented to you by the internet as facts. You begin to believe what the search engines present to you as nothing but the truth.

How would you feel if you discovered that the information provided to you discriminates against the very humanity that consumes it?

This book reveals to you the hidden truths about the information you receive from conducting a search using your search engine. Information that you may now have believed in and maybe even presented to other people as facts.

It will help you see colors you hardly noticed and the mental configurations you probably have bought into as gospel truths.


by Mary D. Hilton

What Does The Ketogenic Diet Give You?

If you have you been feeling bad and unhealthy recently; you have lost control over your weight and you want something to get into shape again. You have lost hope and you have been seeking help, but no one was able to help you be healthy again. Don’t panic and don’t worry about your health anymore because this Ketogenic book will be your best guidance from now on. You might have read tens of Ketogenic diet books, but none has proven its efficiency in helping you feel energetic. And you might be bored from reading the same information over and over again, but you will discover many new things about the Ketogenic diet.

In this Book: Ketogenic Diet – Stay on Track with the Ketogenic diet cookbook contains:

  • The Ketogenic diet: Concept and etymology
  • Ketogenic main FAQ
  • 7 Days Meal Plan and Weekly Shopping List
  • 45 Easy to Follow Recipes with directions, calories and nutritional information.

The Ketogenic diet recipes in this book include: Toast with avocado, Eeggs in avocado, Gluten free Soup with broccoli, Spaghetti stuffed squash, Cauliflower rice with carrots, Chocolate cake in a bowl and more.

The Ketogenic Diet is said to be the diet of the century and it is inspiring scientists to develop it into a more sophisticated diet that high promises in curing and preventing certain serious illnesses. Of course, the Ketogenic diet is not a magic spell and it cannot magically cure all types of diseases; but it can be very effective in helping you step towards losing weight without exhausting your body with too many exercises. This diet will allow you to get your body in the process of metabolism early and it will pretty much give you, the health benefits you are seeking if you want to lose weight. And this diet has proven its ability to strengthen your heart and improves your energy level to be able to work and cope with your everyday challenges and activities. 

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The Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: 50 Healthy & Tasty Vegetarian Keto Recipes To Help Ease You Into A Healthier Lifestyle & Promote Weightloss!

by Chantelle Begley

The Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet Cookbook!

Download This Amazing Cookbook Today! Available To Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet!

The world has been taken by storm by the amazing ketogenic diet that eliminates empty carbs and focuses on the power of fats and proteins. However, taking a step further to remove harmful fats from greasy meats lies the true power of keto. â?¨

Introducing, The Vegetarian Ketogenic Cookbook, containing 50 healthy and delicious recipes aimed to promote wellness and an overall healthier lifestyle. With exciting and innovative meals and treats like banana walnut pancakes, zucchini pasta, tofu tacos, and even squash flower pizza, there’s a whole new world of flavours to enjoy. Let us take care of all your meal prep plans so you can get on with enjoying your healthy new life. So don’t waitâ??start living life with clean food and great energy today with this vegetarian take on the ketogenic lifestyle.

Here Is A Preview Of What Is Includedâ?¦

  • The Vegetarian Keto Diet
  • Ketogenic Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes
  • Ketogenic Vegetarian Lunch Recipes
  • Ketogenic Vegetarian Snack Recipes
  • Ketogenic Vegetarian Dinner Recipes
  • Ketogenic Vegetarian Desert, Smoothie & Tea Recipes
  • Bonus Recipes
  • And Much, Much More!

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Best Cruise Tips: 303 Cruise Hacks Saving You Time, Money & Frustration

by Randall Stewart

Imagine being pampered on an all-inclusive floating resort that takes you to new countries in a tropical paradise.

Cruising is one of the most cost-effective vacations compared to land vacations and we’ll be sharing a variety of insights that’ll save you even more money on your next vacation.

You’ll discover a myriad of tips and strategies that’ll make your next cruise vacation a positive, memorable experience. And we all desire creating lasting memories that we can share with others for years to come, wouldn’t you agree?

Just a couple of these cruise hacks could save you a pretty penny. Wouldn’t that be better than a kick in the butt with a frozen boot?

Each of the cruise tips described in this up-to-date guide is concisely written so that you can quickly and easily identify with those cruise hacks that resonate with you the most. Not to mention being an entertaining read – to boot. No extraneous fluff to wade through in order to tap into the best cruise tips out in the market. Wouldn’t that make your reading experience that much more rewarding?

Whether you prefer relaxing and unwinding while watching the ocean sail by, or looking forward to participating in a myriad of onboard activities and excursions, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll answer all of your most pressing questions, such as:

  • Should I do it all on my own or use the services of a cruise-expert travel agent?
  • What cost-saving measures should I take when selecting my itinerary and booking my cruise?
  • Where should I be looking to find great deals on cruises?
  • What should I be doing to get ready for my cruise so that I don’t forget any essentials?
  • How do I optimize my time on embarkation day?
  • What could I be doing while onboard cruising?
  • How do I make the most of my days in ports of call?
  • How should I stay connected to the outside world?
  • What should I expect on my last day of cruising?

You’ll gain insights into how to best prepare and pack for your cruise so that you can best enjoy your time spent doing the things you value the most with fewer worries and aggravations.

We’ll have you spending more quality time with loved ones, friends and family while making the most of your days onboard and in ports of call.

All of these cruise tips and hacks will save you time and frustration in planning and preparing for your next ultimate adventure.

Why not pick up a copy of this guide and empower yourself today?

The DASH Effect: Instantly Return Your Body to Peak Physical Form (Included with Dash Diet Recipes & Intermittent Fasting to Lower Blood Pressure For Healthy Living)

by Aaron Holtz

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Return Your Body To It’s Natural Metabolic Condition Today With The Dash Effect!

  • Are you suffering from hypertention, diabetes, or depression? 

  • Are you looking for a way to reduce & eliminate the symptoms and effects of heart disease and high blood pressure?

  • And/or are you simply looking for a diet that you can count on to start being a healthier version of you for the years to come as you age?

Introducing “The DASH Effect“ Return Your Body To It’s Peak Physical Form

In This Book You Will Learn:

  • What the DASH Effect Is

  • The Key Concepts Behind the DASH Effect & How It Can Change Your Life

  • Why YOU Need the DASH Effect to Stay in Peak Form

  • Special Benefits of the DASH Diet: Including Weight Loss, Osteoporisis Reduction & Heart Disease Cure

  • Ways to Include the DASH Effect into Your Daily Meals

  • And Much More

Benefits of Embarking on the DASH Diet Include:

  • Lower Sugar and Calorie Intake

  • Increased Levels of Energy

  • Enhanced Fat-Burning and Weight Loss

  • Marked Reduction in Blood-Sugar Level & Hypertension

  • Sustained Energy Throughout the Day Without Dips

  • Increased Body Metabolism

  • Body’s Ability to Fight Depression and Reverse Osteoporisis 

  • Improved Quality of Life 

  • And A Whole Other List of Positive Benefits!

This book will not only help correct the mistakes you are making right now when it comes to dealing and managing your condition, but also improve and reverse the effects it has done to your body for enhanced quality of life in the years to come!

**Bonus Included**

  • Detailed Recipes For DASH Effect Meal Preparations

  • A Worksheet To Get You Started With Your Meal Prep

  • Nutritional Information to Stay On Track (Nutrition Tracker)

  • Motivational Tools To Maintain Your Progress

  • Exercises To Keep Your Body In Shape

Let’s not wait any longer!

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My Delicious Life: delicacies from my mother’s fusion Israeli cuisine


“Warm, humorous and everything you want a cookbook to be. Really made me feel like I was in your mama’s kitchen stealing tastes by the spoonful!” Historical romance author TTThomas.
Miryam Levy of Haifa, Israel is a talented artist, fashion designer, natural linguist, writer, Cessna pilot, actress, fortune teller, and a magnificent cook, who can feed five or fifty with the same ease. Miryam is also my adored mother and a tough act to follow. This book is my gift to Ima on her 85th birthday and a tribute to her rich and beautiful life. For years Ima collected recipes from family members and friends of different ethnicities. Her handwritten collection survived three children, four wars in the Middle East, five grandchildren, and a succession of birds, dogs, cats, and pet lizards. Ima cooked for armadas, often with leftovers for the next day. In these recipes I venture to preserve the flavors and aromas of my insanely happy childhood among my food-loving and cheerful tribe. There’s no calorie count here, but rather the sweetness of maternal love wrapped in dough and fried in sticks of butter, lots of powdered sugar on top.

The Slow Cooker Cookbook: Over 50 Delicious No-Fuss Recipes Designed for Ready-to-Eat Meals (Bakery, Casserole, Curd) (Quisk and Easy Natural Food Book 61)

by Teresa Moore

Discover The Slow Cooker Cookbook: Over 50 Delicious No-Fuss Recipes Designed for Ready-to-Eat Meals (Bakery, Casserole, Curd)

Here You Will Find The Ideal Recipes That Make Your Evenings So Much Easier!
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This Recipe Book Is The #1 Things You Need To Make Healthy, Easy and Delicious Meals!

Sweet pies, biscuits, muffins in the Slow cooker are so airy and tasty that you simply forget about the oven, especially in the summer heat. Baking a pie in an Slow cooker, you will be sure that it will not burn and do not overdo, but the biscuit will rise remarkably and will be magnificent. Almost any recipe for bulk cake can be adapted to an Slow cooker. In this collection of rets, basic pies from simple ingredients are collected and do not take long to prepare. The variety of recipes allows them to be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, casseroles of cottage cheese and cereals are suitable, for lunch and dinner you can choose vegetable, meat, pasta or fish casseroles. Choose a recipe, bake and you will not regret!

Learn How To Make These Easy Recipes

  • Cherry pie
  • Carrot-apple pie
  • Cupcake with cherries
  • Chocolate cake with sour cream
  • Carrot cake
  • Chocolate cake

Do You Want To?
Make Delicious Meals?
Save your time?

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