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Then There Were Eight (Fight at a Funeral Book 5)

by Prof. Judith A. French

These books are part of the ‘Fight at a Funeral’ series. We start with book 1 or 2 (they are both the same story but book 2 is the explicit version with an epilogue). Book 3 tells a story about Marie Wanna which took place within a period after the big fight. Book 4 discusses a period of time before Essie’s death when she was living it up in New York. Book 5 is said to be the most exciting of them all! It tells the story of when Essie was younger and was enjoying a sensuous romantic life-style. Hence there were eight children that followed as the authors share every vivid detail about it all. Then There Were Eight. A must read short story!

‘His big love slowly opened up her body and gently yet explosively blew her mind. Being well endowed, he gave her all that he had, and she loved every glorious erectilating minute of it.’

Twice Shy (Northstar Book 4)

by Suzie O’Connell

Five years after his wife died in his arms, Aaron Hammond doesn’t think he’ll ever be ready to love another woman, but Skye Hathaway’s arrival in Northstar will test that theory.

Skye is still reeling from walking in on her philandering husband and his mistress, and with the ink not yet dry on her divorce, the last thing she needs is to get tangled up with a handsome widower and his charming daughter. With those sad eyes and a patient attentiveness, Aaron could be exactly the soothing balm her bruised heart needs, but she has every intention of steering well clear of himâ?¦ until his adorable little girl decides to take matters into her own hands.

Wounded and wary after her failed marriage, Skye immediately captures Aaron’s attention. As he coaxes her out of her painful memories, he finds himself facing an intriguing possibilityâ??that life may yet have a lasting love in store for him. But can he let go of his wife and open his heart fully to Skye? Because Skye won’t compete with a ghost for his heart. She has been competing with other women for her husband for too long, and she deserves better.

Find out why readers are saying that picking up a new book in this series “is like coming home”â?¦ don’t miss the rest of the books in the Northstar series:

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A NOTE ON THE CONTENT: The Northstar books are contemporary romances and contain some profanity and sensual scenes that may not be suitable for sensitive readers.

Sword of Order (Warrior of Souls Book 0)

by S Mays

Werewolves. Vampires. Demons. The Order of Mankind has trained special agents for centuries in the use of magic, energy manipulation, martial arts and high technology to combat these uncanny foes.

At the age of twelve, Jessica works to become one of these agents. It’s an impossible task, but she is fueled by her hatred of the paranormal horrors who defile our realm. Even at such a young age, her combat prowess and intellect are beyond those of hardened soldiers. But none of her skills can prepare her for the tragedies she must endure.

There are diabolical threats even the Order is unaware of. Ancient supernatural cabals that are scheming for world domination, and they are now beginning to move against mankind.

The Order is not prepared for storm that is to come, and Jessica’s generation will be the last line of defense against the approaching darkness.

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