Free fantasy Kindle books for 21 Jun 18

HEX Book 1: An urban Fantasy Novel – The Sholto Gunn series

by Craig Zerf

“I killed a vampire, sent a demon back to hell, filled in my tax returns and went to church. And that was only this morning. This afternoon I’m going to take on a fallen angel.

So, if you need the impossible done and you have nowhere else to turn, call me. Sholto â??Hex’ Gunn, warrior mage for hire. But bear in mind, the best don’t come cheap and I don’t do no charity work. Don’t insult me by asking for a discount.”

A group of dark Mages are looking to muscle in on New York. They reckon it’s about time that darkness ruled.

But they didn’t take into account that Hex might disagree.

The last thing that you wanna do is upset Hex in his home town because he just might decide to start kicking butt and taking names â?¦ and one of those names just might be yours!

Sholto â??Hex’ Gunn – he’s our kind of trouble!

For anyone looking for a read containing â?¦

  • Dark Fantasy
  • Supernatural Thriller
  • Witches & Wizards
  • Urban Fantasy Thriller
  • Supernatural Shifter
  • Angels & Demons
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Paranormal and Urban Romance
  • Supernatural Mystery and Suspense
  • Vampires and Werewolves

Scroll up and tap or click BUY NOW to jump face-first into this wild ride with the supernatural. Uber cool mages, fistfights, headless barmen, shifters, werewolves and a man with a big stick!

A Diamond in My Pocket (The Unaltered Book 1)

by Lorena Angell

After breaking the 100m world record, sixteen-year-old Calli is whisked away to a secret facility where she’s placed with other teens who possess superhuman speed. She soon finds herself in a deadly situation involving other superpowers, a magical diamond, and a centuries-old clan vying for world domination. Calli will have to rely on her quick wit and gut instinct to navigate her new world which includes secretly carrying a power-infusing diamond, all the while steering clear of the young man who mistakenly believes she’s his soulmate.

Book one of The Unaltered series introduces a secret universe existing within our own. In this world, cosmic energy grants superhuman abilities, and people of like ability band together in clans for both safety and community. Flesh-ripping demons prowl at night, drawn to the cosmic energy. Governments spy on clans, clans spy on governments, and trusting the wrong person may carry a terrible price.

A #1 bestseller in eleven countries, with over 225,000 downloads. A Diamond in My Pocket is a book readers have shown their love to with over 1,200 5-star reviews. The tale woven is one that feels ensconced in today’s world alongside a huge dose of superpowers. Currently being optioned for film and television, so don’t miss your chance to read this exciting book before it hits the screen.

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