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by Eva Poole-Gilson

FELINE SAGES! Stories, poems, and photos of the cats who’ve shared the author’s lifeâ??delightfully FAT with LOVE & WISDOM. A people-friendly translation of their magnificent Meowese and Body Language!

ï??*Introduce you to precocious Mr. Edison who invents and coaches games at age 8 weeks
ï??*Entertain you with Isadora, a little prima donna dancer
ï??*Awaken your childhood imagination with the tale of a basement band of cat drummers
ï??*Make you laugh and cry over the cats who’ve touched your life & influenced your philosophy
ï??*Enchant you with Shasta’s story (dumpster baby, abandoned and adopted uncounted times)
ï??*Help you get through the loss of a pet (too adventurous or too ill to stay any longer)
ï??*Slyly suggest you create a word-picture treasury of your own purrfurred, feathered, or finned family
ï??*Encourage even greater love for your cats, for all cats, for all pets, for all animals
ï??*Cherish the world even more because cats are in it!

“The pages of WHISKERED WISDOM are filled with the closest to unconditional love I have ever feltâ?¦so connected to the feeling we all yearn forâ?¦it even embraces the difficult and painful phases in lifeâ?¦.” – Sacha

“Peaches is one Beautiful Catâ?¦ Those eyes! omg! Wow!” – Rusty Kavendek

“You have such a gift for putting my feline’s attitude into words. You must be a “mom” to a catâ?¦otherwise you would not know the attributes of their â??royal highnesses’!” – Rita Ginocchio

Feed your need of feline-read. Don’t miss this cat-bliss. WHISKERED WISDOM is a keeper!
Meet the cast of characters, the cats of characters NOW.
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Another’s Perspective: Genesis

by Oshane Levy

“There’s a time in life you must step to reality from the TV shows for reality shows never really show what life really holds.”
“Too limited to feel unlimited.
Maybe its mankind biggest challenge;
Man’s ultimate obstacle.”

This is a reflection of a young black man’s thoughts while self indulging, self diagnosing himself in order to maintain his mentality in the art form of poetry!

Please read paperback version for bonus content not available in the eBook version.

Lata de sardinas para dos (Spanish Edition)

by David Ledesma Feregrino

La poesía de Ledesma se cierne como transformación del mundo â??interno y externoâ??, como una tácita emancipación de las convenciones sociales que limitan el amor y el placer. En Lata de sardinas para dos se rezuma el deseo y la carne, aunque también pervive, única y misteriosa, la pulsión de la ternura y el tacto, de la empatía y la intimidad. La aparente (im)pureza de la fuerza sexual encuentra, a través de la libertad del verso, su propia voz singular, su propio espacio idílico en donde la degustación de las sardinas, lejos de ser pestilente, se vuelve odorífera y confortable; en donde el ágape solitario entre dos amantes se convierte en un convite habitual para todos los lectores.

The Fragrance of Love

by C. Abhijit



A poem should be there 

Touching your depth and soul 

Where monsoon’s fragrance lies 

With the oldest definition of love  



Let’s come and start a conversation 

One day no words will be left to say 

Itâ??ll lead to the silence 

Which will give birth to love



Wish was to touch you

Before you turn cold like ice

Wish was to sink my limitations

In your large sky

Where dreams would burn

Like stars and moon



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