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The Bravery Chronicles: Damien

by LD Calderon

I suppose I could start the story with how the end of the modern world happened.  I could tell you about the tsunamis that took out the east coast.  Or I could tell you about mass chaos that the wildfires from the droughts caused.  But really at the end of the day, it had just been what they’d always said would happen. 

When we were the exiled, that’s really when this story starts.  It was a story that should never happen and all too often does.  The majority get scared.  The minority becomes the cause. Fear does crazy things to people. 

Especially the end of humanity.  Maybe the disasters had stopped.  Maybe.  We never knew much more than what happened right there, here, or wherever we happened to be at the time.  But the government.  That became the problem. 

Our faces were on all the wanted posters after that.

The world we lived in, were raised in, was one full of elementals. 

People that could control a specific force of nature.  Not everyone could do it. 

A lot of the people I knew couldn’t microwave a Hot Pocket.

And that’s what the government had declared as the cause of the end of days style natural disasters. Not global warming. Not the facts that had been provided to them for decades. Not the previous geological history of the planet.

In the new world, if you had magic, you only really had four choices. 
1.  Lie.  Just bold faced lie and say you didn’t have magic and hope to somewhere up above you don’t accidentally slip.  That no one you know remembers you having it. 
2.  Surrender.  Become a part of the government that so hates you and offer your magical services to them. 
3. Die.
4.  Scavenge.  Hide out for as long as possible and hope no one ever finds you. 

With time the old world was being reclaimed and the people still living were making their way into groups.  This left behind hundreds of miles of abandoned properties.  Neighborhoods, shopping malls, dime a dozen franchises, new car lots, and gas stations all left to gather dust.  And this was where the scavengers thrived.  This home was a zone.  A large indoor shopping mall, converted by some of the first scavengers in the area.  The perfect squatting ground, walled off save one entrance.  A guard at every corner of the roof all day, every day. 

It was heaven for the renegades.

“Its the story of how we decided to fight. Its the story of what my life was and what it wasn’t going to be anymore. Its the story of how I decided I wasn’t going to allow my choices to be made for me anymore.” -Anastasia, Princess of the Dictatorship

“Its the story of how the world ended, for real, really. Its about how the magical hid and how I did it. Because basically I’m a ninja and if there’s anything I’m good at, its surviving.” – Damien, Scavenger & Self-Proclaimed Ninja

“Its the story of what really happened to me and when I decided status quo wasn’t going to work anymore.” – Phoenix, Bodyguard & Royal Guard

“Damien basically just rambles for several hundred pages, smokes too much weed, and requires saving.” – Erik, Scavenger & Disgruntled

The Mind of Stefan Dürr: The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy (Volume 1)

by Alan Joshua

Their brains were larger than ours. They thought in symbols and made and used tools-a million years ago! They bred with modern humans, passing on their genes in modern DNA. But did Neanderthals also endow us with psychic abilities and provide a doorway into other dimensions?
SHIVA takes you on an exciting adventure into this possibilityâ?? if it is just a possibility.
An experiment goes horrifically wrong in a secret Russian laboratory. A black hole vaporizes Podol’sk, leaving a mile-deep crater and snuffing out thousands of lives. Simultaneously, a U.S. shuttle vanishes in orbit and a French astronomer spontaneously bursts into flame.
What do these events have in common? The mind of Stefan Dürr, the mysterious subject of the experiment.
Beau Walker, a disgraced researcher, is snatched by the government and coerced to join a U.S./Russian multidisciplinary scientific team, searching for the cause of the disasters. Beginning with a terrifying descent into the Russian crater where physical laws don’t apply, he’s thrown into a world of advanced biotechnology, biowarfare, paranormal research, and military intrigue.
The stakes are unimaginable: Find and control the cause of the events or face planet-wide obliteration.
Amazon:”Must Read Sci-Fi Thriller! Awesome! exciting, fast paced and fascinating novel. Paranormal, science fiction, and the next stage in human evolution.”
Kirkus Review “Deft dialogue, crisp plotting, and a likable central figure make this multidisciplinary scientific adventure an exuberant and involving read.”

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