Free sports Kindle books for 21 Jun 18

Survival Secrets:The Beginners Guide To Thriving In Emergency Situations

by Steven Swift

Survival Secrets: The Beginner’s Guide to Thriving In Emergency Situations is an essential guide for preppers. You’ll learn all about everything from Survival Gear, doomsday preppers,how to build a bug out bag,survival food to store and more.

Everyone needs to start somewhere and this is the perfect spot for a prepper to begin the journey of protecting their family. Whether you are an absolute beginner who just decided to begin prepping after watching The Walking Dead, or you’re a die-hard fan of Doomsday Preppers and are looking to protect your family from natural disasters this book will teach you something.

Close The National Parks: The Natural Conclusion of American Conservation

by David Henry

Close the national parks. Keep only the smallest necessary, skeleton crew, close the gates, and don’t open them for a hundred years.
It goes against everything our wildly humanistic tendencies tell us, grates painfully on our sensitivities. We can’t imagine it, but it isn’t impossible, whether we can imagine it or not. When we cultivate a garden, we pick the weeds. In this instance, we are the weeds, and the perfect state of the garden is not ordered rows, but disordered chaos. Nature is not as Emerson imagined it, sculpted by the hand of the creator, waiting only for our ability to interpret its divine meaning. We only want this to be true.

Watch the flames from afar if we must, but don’t let our vanity convince us we can be the savior. Man as savior, pinned to two trees in the shape of a cross is an invention of man’s mind just as surely as the natural world isn’t. Embrace not knowing and accept our failure. It’s the natural conclusion of the American Conservation Movement: true conservation. Trees will fall and they will make sounds, even if we aren’t around to hear it.

KETO Diet Cookbook for Beginners: Amazing & Easy Ketogenic Recipes for Weight Loss (Keto Diet Recipes, Ketogenic Cookbook, Keto Deie Meal Plan, Ketogenic Guide)

by Lisa Wilson

Do you believe that you can eat a lot of fatty, tasty, satisfying and favorite dishes and at the same time lose weightand be healthier? No? Well then, you just do not know anything about the keto diet! Perhaps this power system is the path that will lead you to the figure of your dreams. Thanks to this weight loss system, it will be possible to reduce weight by burning fat deposits, rather than muscles. Correctly designed menu contributes to the improvement of the digestive system, the growth of muscle mass and even the strengthening of the immune system.

Despite the fact that ketodiet severely limits the use of carbohydrates, it cannot be spoken of as an excessively rigid diet plan. This diet, as ridiculous as it sounds, consists mostly of fats and a large amount of protein, so there is no feeling of hunger. In fact, many say that their appetite subsides, and they feel more energetic and focused once adjusted to the new diet. Since keto diet is based on reducing carbohydrates, if you are just starting it, then you might find it hard changing your usual menu. This is where this cookbook will come in handy.

Here you will find recipes of your favorite main dishes, side dishes and desserts adjusted to accommodate your new diet plan, as well as many interesting recipes you might not have tried before. The Desserts section might be especially interesting to you because it includes mouthwatering sweets that take very little time and effort to make. If you have been on a keto diet for some time now and are just looking for new recipes to add to your menu, you will surely find many unique and most importantly tasty and easy to prepare dishes to try out.

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