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by James Huber

A soldier is come back to the States after failed foreign policy makes him redundant in his overseas assignment. When he returns, he is discharged from the Army and pushed into situations that have gotten out of control. Unknown to him the government has come apart and the rulers are different nowadays. Government agents roam the streets looking for anyone who may oppose the new totalitarian state. The soldier is nearly caught up in their web. He escapes through what the government admits is an administrative error. He takes action to get out of the area and try to return to his old life in the country. But finds it impossible to do on his own. When he returns to his home area, he finds a resistance movement that fits him like a glove. He is able to not only fit in, but is named to lead the resistance movement.
The movement lives In abandoned camps and stays as far away from the Gov Boys, as they are called, as they can. They eventually decide to do something about the state of affairs. Their activities will spread across a huge area of the American heartland.
The protagonist, named Archer, will not lead the movement, but will prove to be a very valuable asset to them. His skills and recent military service will aid them in coming to grips with the tactics and personnel of the new government.
There is intrigue, action, fighting and camaraderie in the script. Former friends are reunited to fight a vicious regime bent on total national dominance. The government is headed by one man in power. He is not elected, but rather a former FBI agent that was cashiered for brutality. The action pictures are graphic but needed to impart the message.
Archer and his companions are not superheroes they are normal men and boys who know what needs to be done and they set out to do it.

James Huber is the Author of this Five Star Awarded novel. He is an active author and is currently involved in the writing of a series of another genre. He is a college graduate and has studied at Oxford, Baliol College. He is retired and dedicates his time to writing.

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