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Our Magical World, Our Magical Selves: How I learned to let Life’s coincidences teach me.

by David Starkovich

â??â??â??â??â??â?? EVERY DAY NEEDS A PSYCHIC SPLASH OF MAGICAL FAIRY DUST! â??â??â??â??â??
â?¡â?¡â?¡â?¡â?¡â?¡â?¡WELCOME TO THE 2018, SAN FRANCISCO GAY PRIDE EDITION!â?¡â?¡â?¡â?¡â?¡â?¡â?¡â?¡
PLEASE NOTE: On the book cover is an image with two upside down triangles. One is on the
hill, one is on the crystal, hanging in our window. The Crystal began its life as a clear crystal, but changed, during my “enlightening experience”, the story I tell here. If you think I am lying, or deluded, this story is definitely for you! For everyone else, enjoy the true story our lives together created; I hope you will never look at an impulse, coincidence, or pun, in quite the same…light, again. Namaste!

“THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS.” – Seth, in SETH SPEAKS by Jane Roberts and Rob Butts.

â??”With little more than pluck and belief, we made the impossible happen.” – The fictional character, Glinda, in OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL
“Of course, Impossible is relative. – Dave Starkovich â??

â??”Never let your intelligence get in the way of learning, geniuses of the world, for it is the Heart that teaches the Intellect. Let me explain my “reasoning”, which is a combination of using your Intellect and your Heart! Impulses are from the future, and are felt by the Heart. Memories are of the past, and are reviewed by the Intellect. We live in the fine line between the two, and rarely understand either. Every step we take in this journey we call Life, is preceded by a felt impulse. An unexamined life is just that: unexamined.” – Dave Starkovich â??

â??”If you don’t even allow for the possibility of magic, how will you ever recognize it?” – Rick Castle, a fictional T.V. character. â??

Twenty-one years ago, at age 43, I experienced a “Magic Show”.
I experienced clairvoyance, confirmed telepathy with a friend, and learned how we each use these every minute of every day of our lives.
It seems to me, that I was also shown a solution to the puzzle that began eight thousand years ago with Abraham: who were he and, later, Moses chatting with? Who is “I am who I am”, and the “Third Personality of Christ” Seth spoke about? From SETH SPEAKS, we know John, Jesus, and Paul were the second incarnation of the Christ Personality.
Jane and Seth introduced me to the Third Christ Personality. That is in my story.
For that reason, I am…
Have I got something to tell you! I have a message or two that should interest you! Seth and Jane asked me to be part of THE EXPERIMENT. Twenty years ago. I have finally decided to describe what happened in a novel. It is a tale of Value Fulfillment, and an “instruction manual”, should you decide to apply the lessons we’ve learned, to your own life. There have been scientific discoveries to back me up since then, and Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor has told her story on It just might be that I won’t seem as crazy as it might have appeared, twenty-one years ago.
And for those who have NOT read SETH SPEAKS: Ever wonder what it’s like for your life to go ‘PSYCHICALLY SUPERSIZED’? And come back to a new, “Psychically Magical”, normal? While not a full autobiography of our life together, this is a description of a quite singular time of our lives. Or any of our lives together!
WE discovered where humankind hid the MAGIC OF LIFEâ?¡ !
The showman in me wants to ask: are you ready to jump down my “Rabbit Hole”? I assume that most of humanity would really, really, REALLY, like to experience a “grand psychic experience”, but you would have to give up what humanity calls, “being sane”! You’re in luck! I went through it; I CAN explain it, and you get to view it from a safe and “sane”, “objective”, distance! You will only see the tip of the iceberg…many more “improbable” coincidences happened.
SPOILER ALERT: Once I tell you, you will no longer be able to discover how humanity disguises Magic yourself!
But then, again, after reading OUR ~~Fairy Tale~~, YOU will be capable of seeing the Psychic Magic in your life, yourself!

-Dave Starkovich

Scrag – Up The Hill Backwards: A defiant true story of child abuse

by Jesamine James

Based on a true story of a girl coping with an abusive childhood in the 1970s in central England.

His voice echoes through her nightmares, “Even when I die, I’ll come back to haunt you.”
It’s time for Jes to bury Marie’s ghosts forever.
Six-year-old Marie finds her world has changed and become one of confusion, deceit and abuse.
No longer called by her birth name, she is unaffectionately referred to as Scrag.
Her will to survive manifests quite bizarre tactics, as she deviates off course into a childhood of insanity, paranoia, glue-sniffing, self-harming and messages from David Bowie ringing through her ears.
Her mind contrives strategies to cope with the continued onslaught that it seems destined to endure.
Adulthood is her escape route if she can survive the wait, but can demons be truly locked away in the past forever?
This is the story of one child’s mind at the mercy of a real life monster.

Author note:
This is my story of how a paedophile entered my life, home and family when I was six years old.
I highlight how he attempted to break my mind, soul and spirit for his total control over me. I fought for my sanity, survival and freedom against his evil and constant onslaught of abuse.
I was Marie; now I’m Jes.

Eighty Years and More: Reminiscences 1815-1897: The Truly Intriguing and Empowering Life Story of the World Famous American Suffragist, Social Activist and Abolitionist

by Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, born in 1815, was an American suffragist, social activist, abolitionist, and leading figure of the early women’s rights movement. Along with her friend Susan B. Anthony, Canton was one of the very prominent faces of Women’s Movement in America. Her Declaration of Sentiments, presented at the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 New York, is often credited with initiating the first organized women’s rights and women’s suffrage movements in USA. Unlike her contemporaries, Stanton was also interested in various other issues pertaining to women like their parental and custody rights, property rights, employment and income rights, divorce, the economic health of the family, and birth control until her death in 1905. But even before being a suffragist, she had also been a champion of Abolitionist cause and envisaged the dream of a just society since the very beginning of her life. This edition brings to you the famed autobiography of this courageous woman in celebration of the undying spirit of freedom, equality and woman power.
“I am moved to recall what I can of my early days, what I thought and felt, that grown people may have a better understanding of children and do more for their happiness and development. I see so much tyranny exercised over children, even by well-disposed parents, and in so many varied forms,â??a tyranny to which these parents are themselves insensible,â??that I desire to paint my joys and sorrows in as vivid colors as possible, in the hope that I may do something to defend the weak from the strong….”

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