Free science fiction Kindle books for 22 Jun 18

Ada: Solstice Volition

by Michael J. Fleming

When Ada Anand is given a very special gift for her fifteenth birthday she has no idea that, in regaining what terrorists took from her years ago, she will show the entire city of Pacifica what it truly means to be a hero.

Set in the Pacific Northwest nearly two centuries from now, Ada: Solstice Volition is equal parts dark and light-hearted, punctuated with humor and cinematic action.

Ada: Solstice Volition is the first book in the Ada series.

IndieReader Approved 4.9/5 stars

“Verdict: Author Michael J. Fleming creates an unforgettable cast in this dystopian story of teens in a world that is, by turns, excessively courteous and violent. Like the young heroine who flies across its cover, ADA: SOLSTICE VOLITION soars.” ~Alicia Rudnicki for IndieReader

Tales from the Edge of Darkness: A Collection of Bizarre Tales

by Lisa Marie Gabriel

A multi-genre collection of tales, each one with an unusual little twist to surprise, shock, delight or make you think again.

Araneae Oculis –
Freak weather conditions terrify a hunter gatherer society with more than its fair share of romantic intrigue but who are these people really?

The Beast Awakens –
The Mayor Elect gives no quarter in election campaigns; he even gets a large dog to scare away canvassers, but he reckons without a political opponent’s victory and an appalling sex scandal.

Coming Home for Christmas –
A famous author returns to her hometown for a book signing and is assailed by unhappy memories; then she meets her first love in the parkâ?¦

Counting his Treasures –
Shades of Alfred Hitchcock abound in this macabre murder mystery with a very unusual murderer.

Fire in Hope Street –
Set in the 1980s; a tale of football and a heroic act that saves two underprivileged boys from a future blighted by poverty, abuse and deprivation.

Of Matilda Who Told Lies –
Matilda is a very bad girl; although she dresses like a princess, she cusses like a sailor, torments bugs and fish, cheeks adults and, what is more, tells lies. Magon is a dragon. This is their story.

The Nefarious Deeds of Flautobel –
Lonely retired teacher, Madeline, develops an interesting new hobby and surprises an old pupil.

Return of the Gods –
They came to help humanity; together they built the pyramids; now they return to a world devastated by nuclear war but who are they really and what was the original purpose of the trip?

Unusual Dog Breeds –
After a frustrating bus ride, Florence experiences a very difficult day at school; everything is not as it seems on Pet’s Day.

Dangerous Truth (Chronicles of Elyan Sindal Book 1)

by Melissa Devlin

Dragged into a fight that is not her own; Elyan Sindal holds the key to Prince Falcon Di’ane’s fate. But getting along with his Ambassador is taking all her patience. The count down has already begun. It’s time to wake up and start running.

This retro, sci-fi-fantasy weaves drama and action into a fluid, complex tale of espionage, trust, and courage.

Language: Intercontinental English. Expect a few quirks.

Paperback is in Dyslexie Font along with revolutionary new formatting for dyslexics. Sadly I am, at this time, unable to offer it in the kindle version. But it is not far from my mind.

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