Free business and investing Kindle books for 23 Jun 18

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

by Philip Carey

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is a comprehensive textbook that cracks the digital marketing ‘code’ with a view to reaching, engaging and serving the ever-changing consumer. The book presents multiple industry-relevant frameworks for successful digital marketing and caters to the need of not only management students but also media professionals, marketing managers, brand marketers, budding entrepreneurs and even individuals seeking to create a personal brand online and understand the basics of digital marketing concepts, tools and techniques from grounds-up.

Humans in Organizations: Topics in Organizational Behavior

by Najib Mozahem

If humans were machines, then it would be easy to predict how they were going to behave under certain circumstances. Fortunately, we are not machines, and here lies the beauty and complexity of humans. This book takes a look at how humans behave within the confines of organizations. By understanding why humans act the way they act, we will be in a better position to develop our skills as members of organizations. After all, we both shape, and are shaped, by organizational dynamics. An understanding of the behavior of people in organizations, and the ability to analyze this behavior, will help guide us in our decisions and actions. Without people, there can be no organizations.
This book can be read by anyone who is interested in what goes on in organizations. If you are a management student, or a person who is interested in knowing more about human behavior in organizations, then the book is for you. The book does not presuppose any kind of specialized knowledge in the field of management.
Topics covered in the book include:
-Irrationality and perceptions
-Women in organizations
-National culture
-Organizational culture
-Ethics in organizations
The book is written in a conversational style so as to present the material in a way that students, and others, can relate to.

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