Free historical fiction Kindle books for 23 Jun 18

La condesa virgen (Spanish Edition)

by R Corrales

Catalina lleva días intentando frenéticamente descubrir si los rumores que corren por el castillo son ciertos. Al parecer, su padre ha decidido al fin comprometerla en matrimonio. Por supuesto no ha consultado su opinión, y sera la ultima en enterarse de a quien ha elegido como su esposo. Algún motivo debe haber para que nadie se atreva a contárselo y Catalina esta decidida a descubrirlo.

Sea Fog: crime classic

by J. S. Fletcher

I think my first notion was that this was the cry of some animal, trapped close by, or seized by another. But on the instant it came again, and I knew it then for the cry, desperate, terrorised, of a man in deadly fear and peril. I had sprung to my elbow at the first sound: at the second I looked sharply through the opening of the chains into the ground floor beneath me. The man of the map had gone; there, plainly outlined in the bracken, was the place where he had slept, but he and his bottle and his knapsack had vanished. And at that I jumped for the gap in the outer wall and looked out on a morning thick with milk-white mist. A great sea fog had rolled up from the coast and enveloped the plain and the hills, and from where I stood all the land was wrapped in its curling vapours. At first I saw nothing; then, a stifled cry coming again …

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