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Foster’s Fall (Foster’s Life Book 2)

by Jake Williams

Set after a Gator Tale and before Foster’s Choice, this novel is part of the Foster series of stories that will examine how he is changed by his experiences at Hawthorne, the relationships that influence his life, and the chemically-induced haze that leads him down dangerous roads.
His image as a harmless frat boy and all-American jock starts to crumble as he questions or simply follows the culture of sex, entitlement, drugs, violence, and lack of responsibility that surrounds him at Hawthorne College.

This part of the series focuses on the political scandal that causes his father’s run for vice president to collapse into ruin.

NOTE TO THE POTENTIAL READER:. This is a novel with a gay main character, some profanity, drug and alcohol use, and some violenceĆ¢??even some texting and driving. The characters in this book, gay or straight, aren’t always role models for normal, sane, and responsible behavior. If you’re not comfortable with those things then you may want to pass on buying this book. If you have a relatively open mind then give it a shot!
Jake Williams is the author of Foster’s Fall, Foster’s Choice, and A Gator Tale. He’s a new writer and still getting his feet wet, so please go easy on meĆ¢??I mean him.

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