Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 23 Jun 18

God & I: A Girls Bible Study Guide

by Lakiisha Cook

Give your daughter the gift of forming a bond with God. This Bible study journal highlights whom God and Jesus are and sharing God’s good news. Thirty-one daily journal entry pages that encourage a relationship with God are included as well. Each day includes space to write a prayer to God, give thanks, form a prayer list, draw the best part of the day, and what will be achieved tomorrow.

Santa Claus’s Partner (Illustrated): A Heartwarming Tale of the Spirit & Magic of Christmas

by Thomas Nelson Page

Santa Claus’s Partner is a heart-warming story of the spirit and magic of Christmas. The wealthy old man realizes that he is miserable and that his life is lacking the things that are most important, so he decides to change his ways. He takes on the young daughter of his clerk to become Santa Claus’s partner and the two of them distribute gifts to poor children who would not have gifts otherwise. He saves his last gift for the little girl and her family.
Thomas Nelson Page (1853-1922) was a lawyer and one of the best-known American writers of his day. After his service in presidential administration Page returned home and continued to write for the remainder of his years. Page’s fiction featured a nostalgic view of the South in step with what is termed Lost Cause ideology. He also wrote books for children and teenagers.

Zip and Flash (Pint-Sized Heroes Book 2)

by B.J.K. Brown

A five-year-old boy and his dog find an injured animal laying partially in a creek at the bottom of a hill. The two of them work together and find a way to get the animal up the hill to safety. It will be a difficult task, but they are willing to do it to save a life. Meet Zip and Flash in the second of BJK Brown’s new series of animal stories called “Pint-Sized Heroes”.

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