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Full Circle

by Regina Timothy

Eight years after the 9/11 attacks, Samia-Al-Sayyid an Iraqi immigrant is living a quiet life in New York City after she fled her home to avoid imminent death.

She works hard for her cold, heartless, high-strung boss, loves her seventeen-years-old-son, and cherishes the close friendship she has formed with her best friend Susan.

Nothing can go wrong, or so she thinks – until the estranged brother she left back in Iraqi shows up on her door step. Then she finds herself in a cab, on her way to the hospital to identify her son, a terror suspect who has blown the city, and with it her boss’ husband, and her best friend’s son. With everything lost, she is forced to flee to Iraq where she confronts her past. Will she make peace with her past? Can she get forgiveness for all the damage she has caused?

Full Circle is a contemporary fiction tale of friendship, family, and hope. It explores the devastation of loss, the great capacity to forgive and the lengths our loved ones will go to protect us.

Keeper of Keys

by Bernice L. McFadden

A young woman finds out that she has AIDS and considers ending her life.



CAT-AGEDDON is a Stylistic world that exists between the Genres of Hard Science fiction, Science Fantasy, Horror, Magical realism, Mystery and Literary fiction. It is a cat themed attempt to steal the fire from the Astrophysics, Cosmology, Space travel and Computer Sciences and give it to some of the unrepresented branches of science such as Behavioural Economics, Animal Psychology, Evolution, Ornithology, Virology Bacteriology and Industrial Psychology. In this world we bring science fiction back to the planet and give it to cats.
The first installment in this series sets the scene for a scientifically plausible exploration of the demise mankind by an evolutionary turn in our relationship with our beloved feline house pets. In the introduction to the series strange behavioral occurrences in cats all are noted. A herd of cats stampedes the Midwest leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Instances of cat food hoarding may be evidence of Cat mind control. Cats strategically sabotage human machinery starting with our cars. A Youtube sensation searches for answers as he interviews a pop science Author. A bird watcher becomes unlikely friends with a cat and they witness some strange swarming patterns of birds in a unique origin story.

Topics touched on In this debut episode include Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Scholarly articles, Dyslexia, Toxoplasmosis, Fatal feline attraction, Swarm intelligence, Animal herding, Bird watching, as well as the breeds of Main Coon, Velcro Calico, Bombay, American Bobtail, Rag-doll, British Short-hair. As well as a variety of birds including the red breasted robins, Lucifer hummingbirds, the kirtland warbler.

CAT-AGEDDON is written for cat lovers, in that it gives cats an honest treatments in writing. It makes distinctions between breeds and cat behaviours. It develops them as characters while keeping them raw and natural. It gives cats the respect of not needing to put them in clothes or make them walk on their hind legs. It tells many interesting stories without resorting to having cats speak their minds in english when no one is around. It Depicts them as intelligent and Involved in our lives and imbeds them with a sense of respect that is easily carried over into fear.

CAT-AGEDDON is an expansive and diverse world of humans and cats with the range and character diversity of the Simpsons universe. And the variety of story content that accommodates something for everyone.

If you are fans of podcasts like Radiolab and Freakonomics with science based interviews and listen to bands with quirky literary content like the Eels the Mountain Goats, Ween and the Presidents of the Untied States of America, you will enjoy this series.
If you enjoy the idea density of Philip K Dick, the humorous levity of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and Douglas Adams, the poetic intensity of Ray Bradbury as well as the technical creativity of Larry Niven you will like this series.
If you like cats you will like this series.

CAT-AGEDDON was produced using the skilled freelance services provided on Fiverr and the author is grateful for all timely services rendered.

Why CAT-AGEDDON? ” Because I’m the T.S. Elliot of science fiction, that’s why!” Roody Harris.

No trees were harmed in the writing of this book.

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