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HCG Diet CookBook: Top 50 HCG Diet Recipes for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

by JM Peddington

Whether you are new to the HCG Diet, on your third cycle of the HCG Diet, or just wanting to learn about low-calorie eating, then this cookbook is for you! Containing 50 of the most popular HCG Diet recipes, the cookbook will ensure that your breakfast, lunch, and dinner are full of flavor and variety.

Here are just a few of the things you will find inside:
-A complete guide to which foods you can eat on the HCG Diet and which foods to avoid
-Chapters on the following popular meals, including soups, salads, meats, and snacks
-Recipes for popular sauces and dressings
-An entire chapter on popular HCG approved drinks and smoothies
-Dessert recipesâ??including many that feature chocolate
-An entire chapter featuring recipes for eating eggs, perfect for those looking for variety in their protein or those who are vegetarians
-Modifications to use when on Phase 3 of the HCG Diet for many of the recipes
-Clear and easy to follow step-by-step instructions
-Approximate preparation and cooking times for every recipe

Each recipe also includes whether it counts for a protein, vegetable, or fruit serving, and how many of each serving you are getting with each recipe. With this feature, you will be sure that you are getting all the recommended nutrients and food groups during the day.

Following this diet has already helped millions of people like you reach and maintain their ideal weight. By following the recipes in this book, you are sure to meet your weight-loss goals!

How to Draw Little Monsters: 50 Monsters to Learn to Draw (How to Draw Books Book 1)

by Osie Publishing

Limited Time Discount! (Regular $ 9.99 )

The #1 How to Draw Little Monsters: 50 Monsters to Learn to Draw and Color! Activity Book For Kids! Fun by learning to draw Monsters is a great way to spend your free time. This book will keep children entertained for hours. It also serves as a fantastic gift for any occasion. Sized to frame at 8.5″ x 11″ Pages so kids could freely color

50 Little Monsters in 100+ pages!

Make these drawings come to life using your imagination, pencils and markers!

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Rodrigues Island Getaway: Travel Guide 2018

by Heyleena Ramburruth

Rodrigues Island Travel Guide 2018

Whether you’re seeking for an island getaway or travel inspirations, this is a sign that you are on the lookout for happiness, adventure, or a break from routine life. Who doesn’t dream of sun-soaked beaches, gorgeous turquoise ocean, deserted islands, lush green wilderness, scrumptious cuisine, and the never-ending list?

Far behind the bustling cities, there is a little, hidden gem found in the south-western part of the Indian Ocean called Rodrigues Island. Very little is known about this tiny island which covers an area of 108 km2. No doubt it is always referred to as the â??sleeping beauty’ of the Indian Ocean. What makes this island authentic is its friendly people, rich Creole heritage, and its wilderness. Rodrigues can definitely be your next travel destination to hibernate.

Rodrigues Island Getaway is the first ever travel guide book dedicated exclusively to Rodrigues Island. This guide provides travellers with:

  • Insightful information about the island’s history, culture, economy, people, flora, and fauna
  • Tips and recommendations including must-visit places, local cuisine, thrilling activities, accommodation ranging from eco-lodges to hotels, and villas
  • Coloured images showcasing the island’s natural beauty
  • Handy information like website links, basic Creole phrases/words, and colourful maps

With all the information in hands, you are ready to go for a memorable trip! This is not your typical island destination, rather you are meant to get lost in the wilderness and appreciate the present moment!


Secret Scratch Pad For Life Drawing

by Amazing Creations

We as a whole acknowledge that inspiration works like fuel motor for us, yet in the event that we don’t discover inspiration then what to do?

Inspiration assist us with getting work achieved yet in the event that don’t sufficient motivational considerations at that point will we get disappointments?

We should look options of inspiration. Once in a while we can’t center around spurring when we feel down, what to do in such circumstances? We ought to set ourselves up that we can get accomplishment in any conditions. I am helping you with few hints through it you can work without inspiration.

Keep in mind those circumstances when you could turn out at such same issues and apply that. On the off chance that you are rehashing same thing and again it gets the type of propensity, so make a propensity for getting achievement. Positive considerations and certifiable approach is likewise awesome one arrangement.

Trust that you are a warrior and nobody can let you down until the end of time. Knowing your point and objective is critical, go at quiet and cool place and thoroughly consider it.

Answering Your Call: How to Buy a Phone System for Your Business

by Jeff Wiener

Answering Your Call seeks to educate both first time buyers and buyers looking to update their business phone system. They will learn about:
– Telephony history
– Circuit-switched systems
– Hosted systems
– Phone system features
– Call centres
– Vendor & product selection

Bootstrapping Entrepreneur: 100 Free Online Tools for Startups and First-Time Entrepreneurs: Small Business Tools For Entrepreneur Startup, Small Business … For Business, Tools For Entrepreneurs

by K.A DeWolf

100 Valuable Online Tools for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Small Business Tools for Entrepreneur Startup

This book contains online tools for businesses that are hidden gems on the web. Discovering valuable online tools for entrepreneurs (or established business) are vital. However, as a busy entrepreneur (entrepreneur mind), you don’t have time to constantly search the web to find these gems. Well, we’ve done the work for you! In this book, you will find incredible valuable online tools, which are all either free or have a limited version available for free.

Foster and Grow Small Business Ideas

Web-based tools are categorized under following for easy reference:

1. File Management
2. Sales and Marketing
3. Collaboration and Conferencing
4. Project Management
5. Documentation and Scheduling
6. SEO Tools
7. Finance Management
8. Graphic Design
9.Market Research

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • List of 100 FREE valuable online tools for business
  • Brief description of each of the tool
  • Web links to each of the online tool listed
  • Online tools are segregated into 9 broad categories
  • Multiple tools in each category allowing you the choice between top listings
  • Download your copy today!

HOW TO POUR CEREAL : Breakfast recipes

by Dr. Damien Childs

How to Pour Cereal

Hi I am Dr. Damien and my credentials
speak for themselves.

I am a busy man as I am sure that you are a
busy person as well, so I will get straight to

Cerealitis is becoming increasingly common
among todays generation of young adults. As of
right now this disorder plagues 1 out of every 100
individuals on the planet and rising. This is serious
business,and I am at the forefront leading the charge
to one day hopefully find the cure for this very serious
disorder called Cerealitis.

Not only am I a world renowned Medical Doctor
licensed to practice throughout the entire internet,
and licensed to practice throughout all of Mexico
Cuba, and Brazil. I am also a world renowned
Therapist that has heard and seen it all.

So many unanswered questions to problems
come through my doors on a day to day basis that
I often wonder how I will have time to help everyone
and still give all their issues equal attention as they
all deserve.

This when it finally hit me. I will just have to spend
all of my free time when I am away from my practices
and use this time to write a whole slew of How to books
on topics that I have yet to see discussed and taken
head on.

Many people from all walks of life can benefit from
my How to books. It will be as if I can heal thousands
of wounded birds with just one book. My entire lifes
work has come down to this one defining moment.

Remember that I am here to serve and help you all
will your issues, whether they are big or small I am just
an email away.

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