Free parenting and families Kindle books for 23 Jun 18

49 Fun & Free Summer Activities For Your Family (49 Ways Series Book 2)

by Mary Joy Schwab

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Best Selling Authors Mary Joy Schwab and Michael Cercone have created the second book in their 49 ways series. In 49 Fun & Free Summer Activities For Your Family, they explore creative ways to spend the summer days having fun and building strong relationships among family members without spending a lot of money.

In this book you will be given indoor and outdoor activities, quiet and active activities as well as themes that can last all day or all week. In addition, many of the ideas also have links to additional resources to make it easy to engage in the activities quickly and easily. With this book in hand you will have a summer full of fun activities that will quickly become family favorites.

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God Answered Me: Chapter Three

by Marsha L Ceniceros

True stories of child abuse, author Marsha L Ceniceros has captured and exposed the horrid effects of child abuse, long after the victim had been victimized. Chapter Three describes the tragic effects of being a victim of child maltreatment. Those horrid memories of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, damaged her siblings permanently, which contribute to their early death. The on-going violence, drug, alcohol, and attempted suicide attempts demonstrates how serious and permanently child abuse continues to rest with the victim throughout their life.

Unfortunately, child abuse continues to rise in our society. This is the murderer that will continue to claim lives long after the victims’ harrowing experiences.

Shattered Dreams: Healing and restoration for those who have experienced marriage breakdown

by Paul and Liz Griffin

Sadly, many Christians have experienced marriage breakdown. For them, the reality of life has been that the exciting dreams and expectations with which they entered into marriage have long evaporated. Instead they have to contend with the pain of disappointment, betrayal, loneliness, guilt, shame and rejection.
If you have experienced the heartache of marriage breakdown, Shattered Dreams is a book which will help you. It will help you understand and process the many emotions that at times have been overwhelming. Shattered Dreams is a book that will encourage you and help you to find healing and restoration.
The author’s prayer is that this book will help all those with shattered dreams to know that God loves them. To know that God is able and wants to bring healing into their hurts and pain and that He has a plan and purpose for their life.

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