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The illogical logic of stigma.

by Andrew Silletti

If we can realize that whatever feelings we experience when in the presence of a person whose thoughts, feelings, or behaviors make us uncomfortable, are there because the thoughts, feelings, or behaviors are contrary to the experiences we’ve had in the past, it can open us up to taking the time to understand the differences as opposed to fearing them. The goal in these situations, then, would be to reconcile the difference between what we know with what we’re experiencing in the moment.

Strong Women Quotes: 100 Lines, Sayings, Quotes for Strong Women

by The Grumpy Guru

Woman! You are Strong and Powerful

A powerful woman is in charge of her destiny without losing her identity. Her strength comes from her security in her femininity and empowering others to live and find meaning to what they are called to do in this life. You are a Strong Woman and this is your reminder.

Strong Women Quotes : 100 Lines, Sayings, Quotes for Strong Women

Not that you need reminding but just when you need some encouragment or reminders, go ahead flip through the pages of this book and get your groove back. Sometimes all you need is a little push and you’re back on the saddle feeling amazing and living it like you mean it!

You have this amazing ability to thrive and you were born to survive all obstacles. . A little motivation goes a long way and we are glad to share some insights that can get you there.

There is no such thing as a perfect life, but you can go on living perfectly content with your journey. Let us be part of this journey and experience life with you. 

Let’s be blissfully grumpy together.

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