Free reference Kindle books for 23 Jun 18

National Nursing Home Administrator Exam (Single) Practice Test #1

by Joseph Daigle

This package contains 1 NHA National Exam Practice Test.

Contents of the package are:

1 50 question printable practice exam with associated answer keys.

Each answer contains the correct option (A – B – C – D), along with an explanation of the answer for more detail.

When applicable, to provide the student with a deeper understanding of the subject matter, we provide a URL for more information or cite a regulation directly.

Our sources for the National Practice Tests include: State Operations Manuals, CMS.Gov, OBRA, Social Security, OSHA, NFPA, common knowledge of PCC, Human Resources, Leadership and Management, Health Care Management, Hospital Management, Basic Nursing Principles, Resident Care, General Psychology, and other sources relating to the National NHA Exam. These areas continue to cover both CORE Knowledge of healthcare administration as well as Line of Service for NHA testing.

Areas Covered:

(1) Resident Centered Care and
Quality of Life
(2) Human Resources
(3) Finance
(4) Environment
(5) Leadership & Management

Topics Covered are:

OBRA, Quality Care, Business Fundamentals, Basic Nursing, Rules and Procedures of Nursing Facilities, Nursing Facility Staffing, Interviewing Techniques, and more…

(1 practice test, with answer key)

Learn English Sounds with Pictures and Audio: For Easier Spelling & Reading (Easier English for Dyslexics Book 18)

by D M Baker

Read / Spell…Better…Faster

Pictures & Audio for Easier Letter-Sound Recall

Learn English Sounds with Pictures and Audio for Easier Spelling and Reading presents all English sounds with 42 imaginative images and recorded descriptions of each sound. Audio and hyperlinks in this ebook are available only on 3rd generation or newer Fire tablets and on the free Kindle reading app for Android phones and Android tablets (according to Amazon’s FAQs as of this publication date).

A memory tool

Practice saying the sounds with the pictures provides context and muscle memory for letter sound connections in the brain. Strengthening those connections lays the foundation for better spelling and reading.

Knowing the sounds frees up working memory to focus on spelling patterns for each sound in the ebooks Easier English for Dyslexics 1 to 17. These 17 additional illustrated ebooks include word lists, review, puzzles and silly phrases to give a dyslexic the phonemic practice with letter sounds needed to make reading and spelling more automatic.

Simple to use

Dyslexics need to be taught letter sounds directly which American schools often fail to do. This ebook and others in the Easier English series reinforce this key literacy skill.

You don’t have to be a reading expert to review these materials with your child. You just have to be willing to explore the sounds in words.

Help is on the way

So strengthen the main weakness that keeps dyslexics from digging into the engaging stories and information that interests them and from writing the creative stories they envision. Scroll up to get your copy today and review these pictures and sounds with someone you love, maybe even yourself.

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