Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 23 Jun 18

The Truth Is: Sharing The Truth of Jesus with Confidence, Conviction, and Compassion

by Steven Kozak

Every youth leader, pastor, and parent wants their students to grow confident in their faith, yet few have the resources to do so. Not only are youth walking away from the church, but they are also caught up the lies our culture is feeding them. They have bought into ideological relativism without ever considering its consequences. Parents and youth workers need the meat of apologetic topics in an easy to understand format and the proven methods that not only see results but also build confidence and conviction in our students. The need is now greater than ever to make apologetics a part of the DNA of youth and family ministry. Truth Is brings apologetics content and method together in a seamless, comprehensive, and approachable format that can be talked about at the dinner table, studied in a small group, or taught in the traditional classroom. The search for a comprehensive but easily digestible treatment of apologetics for your students is over.

Rift in the Deep: Part 1 of the epic fantasy series the Steward Saga

by Janelle Garrett

Step into a fantasy series unlike any other, often compared to the works of Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson and Terry Goodkind

A darkness lurks beneath the surface, brooding, waiting. The Deep writhes in currents of power, holding the Rift at bay. But the Stewards, accessors of the Deep, have not walked the Lands in three hundred years. Their legend lives on, but it is just that. Legend. No one living remembers. And the witches wait for their return, when all four Stewards can unite to bring about the downfall of the Rift.

Brate Hightower knows of such legends, but it has little to do with his daily life. He toils on his farm, alone and wondering when he will be able to travel to the Forest City and sing in the halls of the Triumphant King. Malok Mountain Keeper lives in isolation, studying as an acolyte and longing for the day he can become a Brother and spend the rest of his life gleaning as much knowledge as he can. Graissa del’Blyth lives in discontent amongst the wealthy, longing for a life of purpose and justice. Priva Car’abel is a bladewielder, at the beck and call of the Flatland King and searching for a missing Princess. All of their lives change in an instant, and none of them can predict where their paths lead. Will they step up to the challenge and embrace their destiny? Or will the lure of power or the challenge of a new, rising foe be their undoing?

The sphere hangs in the balance. They must succeed, or all will be lost in darkness and shadow. And if they are to embrace the call, they will need the help of the Covenwitches.

When the Morning Stars Sang

by Marcia Gunnett Woodard

Eva had perfection. Her home, her marriage, her lifeâ??it was all flawless. Then Sypher showed up, telling her she was missing out. Should she believe him? Was it worth the risk, to trade the perfection for the “something better” he claimed he could give her?

Between the Walls of Night: The Gräzland Tales: Book 1 (Histories of the Vale)

by Trevor V.W.

For long dark centuries, legend spoke of a Prince born to save the world… and now that Prince is dead.
Those stories, collected by my father in the last days of the old kings, tell the tale of that late prince: Alexi of the Vale. As he journeyed north in secret, pursued by forces unknown and unknowable, he put to paper the hopes and fears of another world in its own wordsâ?¦ strange as they may be. This is no tale for the fainthearted. The stout and true… may they read, and understand.

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