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Days of Panic: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (EMP Survival Series Book 1)

by Jack Hunt

When the power grid fails, what will you do to survive?

After an EMP obliterates the nation’s electrical grid on New Year’s Eve, it’s not long before society unravels and panic ensues. As the lights go out and silence spreads over the city that never sleeps, four ordinary strangers; a bike messenger, a homeless person, a support rep, and an ex-convict must forge a connection in order to stay alive.

When they realize the danger is far greater than they expected, they must embark on a perilous journey out of the city.

Days of Panic is book 1 of an EMP, post-apocalyptic survival thriller series. It’s a powerful, action-packed story about the ones we leave behind and the risks we must take to survive.

Yours to Give (New Zealand Brides Book 1)

by Diana Fraser

YouTube sensation Laura McKinney has one goalâ??to live life to its fullest by accepting challenges from all around the world and filming them. She believes long-term relationships are for idiots, and marriage is ridiculous. Max Connelly reckons that makes her exactly his kind of woman.

But Max is pursuing his own dream, building his mountain resort into the place to be in the southern hemisphere. He knows what her publicity could do for his resort so he issues his own challengeâ??to get married. After all, it wouldn’t mean anything to either of them. Would it?

Max and Laura first appeared in The Lakehouse Café, book 6 of The Mackenzies. For more information on Diana’s New Zealand series, keep reading!

–New Zealand Brides–
Yours to Give
Yours to Treasure
Yours to Cherish

–The Mackenzies–
The Real Thing
The PA’s Revenge
The Marriage Trap
The Cowboy’s Craving
The Playboy’s Redemption
The Lakehouse Cafe

Mr Malloy: A BWWM Teacher-Student Romance

by Cherry Kay


Being a law student in the USA was quite a challenge for 21 year old Amara but everything she went through was made easier as soon as she got into class and laid her eyes….on him.

Mr Jason Malloy was far too handsome to be a teacher. A man that looked as good as him belonged on the catwalk and not in a University. His toned body and boyish good looks were quite a distraction for most of the women on campus and Amara was no different.

Still, this did nothing to change the fact that teacher-student relationships were expressly forbidden and so nothing could ever come from such a situation.

However, when some unexpected circumstances arise both Mr. Malloy and Amara are forced to face their feelings for each other and do something that is wrong on so many levels, yet feels so good and feels so right at the same time…

If you like romances with a forbidden love and a slightly taboo theme then you will love this beautiful teacher-student romance!

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WARNING: Includes HOT sex scenes! 18+

Baby Bumping Them BOTH: His Two Fertile Girls

by Sarah Sethline

“Oh, honey. You look gorgeous as always. That sundress does a great job showing off your big and beautiful belly.”

Callie is a cute girl with a cute dog that’s gone lost. Adam is a nice guy with a nice, big c*ck who’s happy to help. Callie is so grateful and overcome with emotion that she chooses Adam to be the one to steal her innocence.

Turns out Adam has never done it before either, and it’s such a *fantastic, overwhelming feeling* that he needs to do it over and over again, ALWAYS HARD and WITHOUT PROTECTION. And it’s not just Callie whom he’ll end up knocking up with multiples MULTIPLE TIMES either, but the MILF that lives with her, as well!

“Not a drop of c*m escaped her as she swallowed it all like a good girl.”

Taboo Forbidden Stories: Collection of Sexy Encounters

by Isabel Heat

Looking for some alone time with the man of the house? Look no further!

Group Pleasures Bundle (5 Stories Erotica Cuckold Interracial MMF)

by Tina Jones

Something hot awaits you in this steamy collection!…

Alpha males always know how to please a woman – so much more than her husband!

The Professor’s Heart (Her Perfect Man Contemporary Romance)

by Z.L. Arkadie

The guy in the seat next to me smiles and I quickly turn away. My best friend Elena should be sitting there.

But she’s gone now.

I hop to my feet because I can’t do it, be here without her. And before I can exit the classroom the professor ends his lecture and calls my name.

His name is Derek Valentine, and he says he knows my pain.

This Title – “The Professor’s Heart” was previously “The Sexy Professor.”

Other Books in the Her Perfect Man Contemporary Romance Series:
The Boss’s Desire
The Artist’s Love
The Chef’s Passion

From Battery To Victory

by Dee Talton

Meet Deanna, a young and very attractive woman who falls for the perfect guy, Jamie. Jamie is loving, caring, kind and everything Deanna wants in a man… or so she thought. It doesn’t take long for Deanna to discover that the man of her dreams in a whirlwind of mental, physical, verbal and sexual abuse. Now, she has to make a decision when Jamie turns the abuse on her daughter. Can Deanna free herself from the cold clutch of love before her life spins out of control?

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