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Invisible Me

by H. M. Irwing

Freddie Lynch has grown up being Fatty Leech for most of her life. The one thing she had always longed for was to shed that weight. It was either that or turn invisible in the eyes of everyone around her. So, what happens when the impossible occurs? When Freddy finds herself invisible? How will true love find her now?
Edwin Carr is still grieving the loss of his fiancée. Her untimely death threw his life into a downward spiral he was only just crawling out of when he encountered her.
Read this romantic fantasy to discover yourself, how true love can surpass any boundaries.


by S.A. Sebastian

Scene Two – Miss You Before You Even Leave

Caroline [Talking to herself]: I’m so uncomfortable right now. Ugh. And this bra doesn’t fit. It’s too big. How can it be too big? How could my bra not fit me?? It’s my fucking bra! What the hell is going on here? Hmmmm. I’m worried someone with bigger tits wears my bras when I’m at work. Just one more problem to deal with in this life.

Jahlil: [Going through the fridge] The world has heated and cooled since you’ve been in there. I stopped by for 10 minutes woman, I’ve got places to be.

Caroline: One second I’m trying something else on, I’ll be right out!”

And there is the crux of Caroline’s problem. There’s an attractive, funny, confident, supportive apparently amazing man right there in her living room. Staring right at her while drinking her favorite juice. A man she could imagine spending the rest of her life with and who she has made endless unknown sacrifices for.

There’s a problem. There always is right?

He’s just not ready, he’s just not mature enough yet, the timing has just never been right.

So she’s developed a plan, a somewhat diabolical one at that. She’s going to use the new guy in her life, Chase, to make Jahlil jealous enough to act and finally do something about this connection between them.

But after a crazy night of partying with friends, Jahlil and Chase now have a massive secret of their own. One they damn sure can’t tell her about.

So while Caroline begins to fall for Chase while she’s using him to make Jahlil jealous, Jahlil begins to realize that maybe it’s time to step up and finally do something about him and Caroline, while Chase falls in love with Caroline all the while trying to fight off Jahlil.

As the comedy, lies, games, emotions and ego’s accelerate, the question isn’t what’s going to happen, it’s what’s going to happen next.

Can lies and games ever work to achieve true love?

EUGÃ?NE VALMONT & SHERLAW KOMBS: THE SUPER SLEUTHS (Mystery Classics Series): Detective Books: The Siamese Twin of a Bomb-Thrower, The Ghost with the Club-Foot, … Kombs, The Adventure of the Second Swag…

by Robert Barr

This carefully crafted ebook: “EUGÃ?NE VALMONT & SHERLAW KOMBS: THE SUPER SLEUTHS (Mystery Classics Series)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.
“When I say I am called Valmont, the name will convey no impression to the reader, one way or another. My occupation is that of private detective in London, but if you ask any policeman in Paris who Valmont was he will likely be able to tell you, unless he is a recent recruit. If you ask him where Valmont is now, he may not know, yet I have a good deal to do with the Parisian police.” (The Triumph of Eugéne Valmont)
Robert Barr (1849-1912) was a Scottish-Canadian short story writer and novelist, born in Glasgow, Scotland. His famous detective character Eugéne Valmont, fashioned after Sherlock Holmes, is said to be the inspiration behind Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. Barr also wrote two parodies of Holmes as a form of flattery to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the fashion of other such parodies being written at that time. And in spite of these parodies the two remained good friends all through their lives. A must read for all Holmes’ enthusiasts!
The Triumph of Eugéne Valmont
The Mystery of the Five Hundred Diamonds
The Siamese Twin of a Bomb-Thrower
The Clue of the Silver Spoons
Lord Chizelrigg’s Missing Fortune
The Absent-Minded Coterie
The Ghost with the Club-Foot
The Liberation of Wyoming Ed
Lady Alicia’s Emeralds
Parody of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventures of Sherlaw Kombs
The Adventure of the Second Swag
Literary Article
“Canadian literature”

Washington Square (The Unabridged Edition): Satirical Novel from the famous author of the realism movement, known for Portrait of a Lady, The Ambassadors, … Casamassima, The Bostonians, The Americanâ?¦

by Henry James

This carefully crafted ebook: “Washington Square (The Unabridged Edition)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Washington Square is a tragicomedy that recounts the conflict between a dull but sweet daughter and her brilliant, unemotional father. The plot of the novel is based upon a true story told to James by his close friend, British actress Fanny Kemble. The book is often compared with Jane Austen’s work for the clarity and grace of its prose and its intense focus on family relationships. Dr. Austin Sloper, a wealthy and highly successful physician, lives in Washington Square, New York with his daughter Catherine. Catherine is a sweet-natured young woman who is a great disappointment to her father, being physically plain and, he believes, dull in terms of personality and intellect. His sister, Lavinia Penniman, a meddlesome woman with a weakness for romance and melodrama, is the only other member of the doctor’s household. Henry James (1843-1916) was an American-British writer who spent most of his writing career in Britain. He is regarded as one of the key figures of 19th-century literary realism.

Brown’s General Knowledge Quiz Book Volume 1 UK Edition: Over 2000 Questions

by Lewis Pearce

We are putting an end to the poorly researched quiz books of the past. Brown’s Publishers are proud to produce a quiz book series, containing factually correct questions and answers.

Volume 1 in our ‘General Knowledge Quiz Book’ series contains 150 pot luck quizzes and 2250 questions. In this series, the questions are pot luck and not categorised by subject matter. We believe this makes each and every quiz suitable for everyone.

In the eBook version, there is a link directly to the answers on each quiz. This makes it easy and convenient to move between them.

Brown’s General Knowledge series is family friendly and contains questions across all topics and difficulty levels. Pick up and play at home or in the office, or take the e-book copy with you on long journeys. There’s always time for one more quiz!

Red, My Funny Doberman, Rescued to Hero: His True Hilarious Stories

by Kae Mentrum

Red, a Doberman, was rescued as a teen pup. He was a super smart, wise guy with a keen sense of humor which kept me laughing. This book is a compilation of many stories of his funny antics. It also shows if a dog, no matter how difficult, can be trained with the right dosage of love and discipline.

The Trumpassic Period – Year One

by David Belisle

Do you wish you could close your eyes and the Trump presidency would just go away? … Behold the next best thing. It’s another time, another place. Welcome to the Trumpassic Period. They’re all here. The Tyrumposaurus, the Crookadillary and the rest of the not quite ready for prime time dinos.

Read along as they traipse through the Puhl-DePlugg Reservoir, where politics meets paleontology in dozens of delicious dinosaur tales guaranteed to turn that frown upside down. See Trump’s White House news through a dinosaur lens in the first year of this unforgettable farce.

The Ambassadors (The Unabridged Edition): Satirical Novel from the famous author of the realism movement, known for The Portrait of a Lady, The Turn of … American, The Europeans, The Golden Bowlâ?¦

by Henry James

This carefully crafted ebook: “The Ambassadors (The Unabridged Edition)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. The Ambassadors is a novel by Henry James. This dark comedy, seen as one of the masterpieces of James’s final period, follows the trip of protagonist Lewis Lambert Strether to Europe in pursuit of Chad Newsome, his widowed fiancée’s supposedly wayward son; he is to bring the young man back to the family business, but he encounters unexpected complications. The third-person narrative is told exclusively from Strether’s point of view. The theme of liberation from a cramped, almost starved, emotional life into a more generous and gracious existence plays throughout The Ambassadors, yet it is noteworthy that James does not naïvely make of Paris a faultless paradise for culturally stunted Americans. Strether learns about the reverse of the European coin when he sees how desperately Marie fears losing Chad, after all she has done for him. As one critic proposed, Strether does not shed his American straitjacket only to be fitted with a more elegant European model, but instead learns to evaluate every situation on its merits, without prejudices. The final lesson of Strether’s European experience is to distrust preconceived notions and perceptions from anyone and anywhere, but to rely upon his own observation and judgment. Henry James (1843-1916) was an American-British writer who spent most of his writing career in Britain. He is regarded as one of the key figures of 19th-century literary realism.

Rainbow 6 Siege Game History and advice: a valuable guide for beginers and intermediate players

by Max Hawkins

The History, the game overview plus valuable advice all in one place. Tips for beginners and intermediate players. Hes available to contact and play games with. (PS4). It might be unofficial but its put together by a player

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Sea Battle Strategies

by Vytautas Samalavičius

Everything you have to know about game Sea Battle (also known as Battleship): historical background, interesting facts, rules, strategies, tactics and useful tips. If you want to master the game and increase the possibility to win, this book should be your guide and key to it. The game itself is fun and simple. Fast pace, incorporation of luck, strategic thinking and relatively high demand for concentration made Sea Battle popularity huge in the past and present. Great solution if you have time to kill!
Let’s play now.

LUDICRUM: The Interactive TV & Radio Games Guide

by Finn Pistonelli

LUDICRUM is a hilarious, predictive and very, very addictive TV & Radio prediction game that is played at the same time as you listen to the radio or watch TV. It can also be played whilst using social media on the internet. It will make long car journeys seem like fun, it can make the most boring of programs seem interesting and will add endless fun to your life in a new way that you would never have imagined. It is for all ages, it can be played by a family or friends at leisure and at work, and can be played solo by a single player. This simple guide has all you need to play Ludicrum, except of course for your radio or TV. Be prepared to have fun!!!

Sea Penguin Part Five: Our Front Door (Sea Penguin Selections Book 5)

by Kate Smart

Part Five in the Sea Penguin Selections series. Random nonsense tales, slightly disjointed, featuring most of the characters from the first four books, and a couple more. The action starts with an excerpt from Mrs T-G’s old ‘Paris Diary’, and continues with Tuppy and Geoffrey being imprisoned in a dungeon by Mrs T-G, who is enraged about the Diary incident. Other episodes include Tuppy being psychoanalysed after being stung by the mutant South American wasp.
Anyone who has liked the previous four books might like this one too.

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