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A Father’s Love: A Clean Billionaire Romance (Heartbeats Book 3)

by Lorana Hoopes

Can a bad boy turn good?

Billionaire Maxwell Banks enjoyed his single life. He was free to do what he wanted, until a blast from his past showed up on his doorstep with a daughter he didn’t know he had. Now he is forced to become a father overnight and he has no idea what he’s doing. Can he change to become the role model she needs?

Alyssa Miller hasn’t had the best luck with past relationships and she’s heard nothing but negative comments about Maxwell, but when she is tasked with helping him care for Peyton, she begins to see a different side of him. Will she fall for the one man she is sure will break her heart or can he be redeemed?

Find out in this third stand alone romance in the Heartbeats collection. Just click the buy button above.

The Man Who Forgot Christmas (Western Classic): Discovering the True Spirit of Christmas in a Wild West Adventure (From the Renowned Author of Riders of … Silvertip and The Man from Mustang)

by Max Brand

This carefully crafted ebook: “The Man Who Forgot Christmas (Western Classic)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.
After a successful prison breakout Lou Alp, a thief, and Jack Chapel, a wrongly accused person, form an unlikely pair and plan to rob a bank. But when the attempt at bank robbery goes awry with a bullet wound on Alp’s legs, Chapel comes forward to take care of him. But things are not going to be as easy as both of them fall for the same girl, Kate. What happens after this is sure to melt many hearts.
“It was snowing. A northwester was rushing over the mountains. As the storm wind shifted a few points west and east, the mountains cut it away, so that one valley lay in a lull of quiet air, with the snow dropping in perpendicular lines; or else the mountains caught the wind in a funnel and poured a venomous blast, in which the snow hardened and became cold teeth. The two men lying in a covert saw Skinner Mountain, due south of them, withdraw into the mist of white and again jump out at them, blocking half the sky. The weather and the sudden appearances of Mount Skinner troubled Lou Alp.” (excerpt)

The World Outside: Clean Amish and Motorcycle Club Romance

by Etenia Hoffman

A Standalone Sweet Clean Amish Romance. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Jessie, a heavily tattooed foul mouthed biker, is riding with his biker gang across the country as a bachelor’s send off for his friend who’s getting married. Jessie, himself, would never dream of settling down; he loves his lifestyle too much and a wife would complicate it.

The bikers meet with a little accident and some of the bikes need repairing. They stop by at the small Amish community of Middlefield and ask for a place to stay while they recuperate.â??

Rebekah had always lived a quiet life in her little Amish town until a year ago when she lost her parents. Now she feels as though her life has come to a standstill and she wants to break away; she needs a distraction. That’s when she meets the handsome biker staying in their little town for a few days.

Can two people from completely different worlds come together and give each other what they want and need?

Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After PLUS bonus 15 clean romance stories inside!

Bible Verses About Stress: 90 Days of Christian Motivations to Relieve Stress and Get Peace of MInd

by Yolo Speaks

God is Alive through his word.

When life get’s tough, everyone needs motivations to help focus on and see how amazing life is. Stress is not worth it. Get comfort and peace of mind in His words.

Bible Verses About Stress is a compilation of 90 Daily Devotional that you can reflect on when you need to ease your anxious mind and be still.

Life is Wonderful with God.

We only have one life to live and it is our duty to make it count. You hear people saying that life didn’t come with a manual, but it did. We were given the Bible to give us insights on how to live and deal with difficult situations.

YOLOSpeaks aims to offer guidance and reflections on the truest of the true. The Bible. This is our way to give you tiny tidbits of God’s message so you may be able to relate this to the one life you are lucky enough to live.

The Outlaw’s Bride (Prairie Hearts Book 1)

by Linda Goodnight

Firelight flickering in his eyes, he battled the temptation to share his burdens, but caution won out. “I do. I care too much.”
Those words hung between them, full of meaning.

Linda Goodnight is a RITA award-winning, New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author of more than 3 million books sold.


A man on the run.

Seth Blackstone has been running from the law for two years and has no plans to stop now. It’s happenstance that he stumbles onto a Kansas ranchâ??just in time to witness the local law threatening a young woman. He knows he shouldn’t interfere, but he can’t seem to stop himselfâ?¦

A desperate woman.

After her parents’ deaths, nobody believes Raven Patterson can manage the family ranch on her own. Some days she doesn’t believe it, either. But there’s no way she’s letting her brother and sister be farmed out to another family. They need each other. So when Seth claims he’s her new hired man, she quickly agrees.

But the sheriff is suspicious of their ruse and Seth finds himself stuck on the Patterson ranch. He doesn’t mind the work, but he does mind Raven’s constant presence, her soft touch. She makes him remember things better forgotten. Like the life he used to wantâ?¦

Genre: historical Christian romance
Length: novella (100 pages)

~ * ~

“(Linda’s) beautiful storytelling, coupled with a well-crafted, poignant plot, will touch readers’ hearts from the first page.”RT Book Reviews on THE MEMORY HOUSE
“It’s loaded with angst but it’s quiet, smoldering angst not in-your-face, slap you upside the head angst.”Dear Author on THE MEMORY HOUSE
“…more depth than a lot of women’s fiction and romances.”Birdhouse Books Blog on THE RAIN SPARROW

La Mer, Volume I: Dawn to Midday On the Sea

by BL Blackwood

A book of poems in five parts, or scrolls, exploring the trauma of loss and injustice, and the longing for things to be made right, through the lenses of mythological, historical, classical, and apocalyptic imagery, drawing primarily from Jewish, Christian, Ancient Norse, and Ancient Greek traditions.

Homo sum (Historischer Roman) – Vollständige Ausgabe: Die Geschichten der Sinai-Halbinsel: Die Höhlen der Anachoreten, der Wüstenväter (German Edition)

by Georg Ebers

Dieses eBook: “Homo sum (Historischer Roman) – Vollständige Ausgabe” ist mit einem detaillierten und dynamischen Inhaltsverzeichnis versehen und wurde sorgfältig korrekturgelesen.
Georg Ebers (1837-1898) war ein deutscher Ã?gyptologe und Schriftsteller. Mit seinen historischen Romanen und populärwissenschaftlichen Büchern trug er zur groÃ?en Popularität der Ã?gyptologie im ausgehenden 19. Jahrhundert bei. Beginnend mit Eine ägyptische Königstochter (1864) verfasste Ebers zahlreiche historische Romane, die auf groÃ?es Leserinteresse stieÃ?en. Neben Felix Dahn gilt er als der bedeutendste Vertreter des “Professorenromans”. Die Themen der Romane wählte er teilweise aus dem Umfeld seiner wissenschaftlichen Arbeit, also der ägyptischen Geschichte, aber auch aus anderen Epochen (Mittelalter).
Aus dem Buch:
“Felsen, nackte, harte, rothbraune Felsen ringsum; kein Strauch, kein Halm, kein anschmiegendes Moos, das sonst wohl die Natur, als habe ein Athemzug ihres schöpferischen Lebens den unfruchtbaren Stein gestreift, auf die Felsflächen des Hochgebirges hinhaucht. Nichts als glatter Granit und darüber ein Himmel, so leer von jedem Gewölk, wie die Felsen von Sträuchern und Gräsern. Und doch, in jener Höhlung der Bergeswand regt sich menschliches Leben, und zwei kleine graue Vögel wiegen sich in der reinen, leichten, von der Mittagssonne durchglühten Wüstenluft und verschwinden hinter einer Klippenreihe, die, wie eine Mauer von Menschenhand, eine tiefe Schlucht begrenztâ?¦”

Virgin Territory: Book 1 Dystopian Romance Series

by Rhys Frey

The future is hot!
Two very different women on perilous journeys of self-discovery.

Aurora lives in the Cape Town Island State, has a dead-end job and a husband more dead than alive.
Meanwhile Bridget is a prostitute with unusual skills in the flooded canals of New York City.

Both will find themselves adrift in a wild world that might not be as deserted as it appears.

The first in a new series of speculative dystopian romance novellas…just to whet your appetite.

The second, Full of Grace, available now:

The third in series, Second Coming:

A rating of 4,25 on GoodReads:
“The quality of the writing is excellent and the erotica well described and on plot. The character introductions are intriguing and I was quickly invested. “

If you enjoy dystopian sci-fi with fantasy elements, then this is for you.
A fan of The Handmaid’s Tale? Then give it a try.

Warning: This book is for adults and includes adult language and themes.

Deadly Icons: Azrael Harvests Art Thieves

by Chet A. Kisiel

Young sleuth Milton Lessing is sent to Cyprus to find the killer of his firm’s local manager, the manager’s uncle, and a precious stolen icon. Milton is no ordinary hero of crime stories. He is shorter than average, bespectacled, a scholar of human nature and criminology, but, as the son of a cop, he can handle himself. He combines high intelligence with moral probity and good taste, the rare combination of a true hero, which he will have to become before his ordeal is over.
On the plane, he meets Joe, who tells him his daughter Elena, an archaeologist, can help him find the icon.
Milton enters a world of villainy. His arrival causes panic among people who have everything to lose, including:
� the nosy company secretary,
� the scheming financial adviser of a Russian countess and her servants,
� a ruthless real estate mogul, whose empire is tottering,
� his Harvard-educated sales manager,
â? the sexy wife of a local politician, whose affair would ruin her husband’s career,
� The hidden Mr. Big, the brains behind the theft, who has a terrible secret,
� the master fence, an art professor in exile, and his brilliant female artist.
A cryptic character known as The Voice sends an assassin to kill Milton, and others entangled in various schemes, each separately plan to eliminate the nosy detective.
Enter Elena, the most beautiful woman Milton has ever seen, but as icy and remote as Diana. They form a great duo. He, with his sharp mind, and she with her psychic and martial arts skills, complement each other to a T. Will Milton, an unlikely Adonis, win her love?
From the abbot of a remote monastery, who seems too eager get the insurance money for the icon, they learn that a Russian monk had visited there.
On the way back from the monastery, an attempt is made on Milton’s life, but Elena saves them.
At the Bacchus café, Elena introduces Milton to her friend Sabazjos, who embodies male beauty just as she embodies female beauty and who becomes another ally.
Under the influence of wine he drank at the monastery, Milton dreams that his new friends are reincarnations of Zeno, Aphrodite, and Dionysus. Are they real, or are they from another world?
When Milton tells Callia, museum director, about the Russian connection, she arranges for him to meet Countess Bolkonskaya, scion of the Russian community.
The inspector, meanwhile, summons Milton to the morgue and shows him two corpses, a monk, who was found hanged, and a thief, who took Milton’s picture in the hotel. Who is behind these unrelated murders? The police throw Milton under the bus. The inspector is livid and suggests that Milton leave the island before the “deadly icon” claims more lives.
At the countess’s Milton meets Gregory, her crooked financial adviser, and her wicked servants, Boris and his wife Olga. While viewing the countess’s dazzling art collection, Milton asks questions about The Holy Trinity, a precious icon he suspects is fake. Has he stumbled on another art scheme? Is this another deadly icon? Gregory is nonplussed and invites Milton to a party on board his yacht.
Milton goes to the party and during the merrymaking slips below to search the staterooms. While examining the contents of a closet, he feels a hand on his shoulder, turns around, and everything goes black.
Milton’s friends watch in dismay as the lights of the yacht recede into the blackness of the night. Milton has been kidnapped! Who can save him?
Travel to exotic Cyprus to find out and meet a host of memorable good and evil characters in this epic, informative, and gripping novel that asks the big existential questions. Go back in time and see Martin Luther throw the inkwell. Follow in the footsteps of St. Paul, and attend Latin Mass in the ancient church at St. Paul’s pillar, where Christianity got its start in 45 A.D. and learn why atheism is impossible Click here to go to the Look Inside this Book section.



The Greatest Thanksgiving Tales: How We Kept Thanksgiving at Oldtown, Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen, The Master of the Harvest, Three Thanksgivings, Ezra’s … Out West, A Wolfville Thanksgiving…

by O. Henry

This Thanksgiving give yourself a nice gift! Presenting the Thanksgiving tales from the acclaimed authors to help you soak into the spirit of this wonderful festival:
An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (Louisa May Alcott)
Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen (O. Henry)
The Purple Dress (O. Henry)
An English Dinner of Thanksgiving (George Eliot)
Aunt Susanna’s Thanksgiving Dinner (Lucy Maud Montgomery)
The Genesis of the Doughnut Club (Lucy Maud Montgomery)
Ezra’s Thanksgivin’ Out West (Eugene Field)
Three Thanksgivings (Charlotte Perkins Gilman)
Helen’s Thanksgiving (Susan Coolidge)
John Inglefield’s Thanksgiving (Nathaniel Hawthorne)
Thanksgiving at the Polls (Edward Everett Hale)
Millionaire Mike’s Thanksgiving (Eleanor H. Porter)
The Thanksgiving of the Wazir (Andrew Lang)
The Master of the Harvest (Mrs. Alfred Gatty)
A Wolfville Thanksgiving (Alfred Henry Lewis)
How We Kept Thanksgiving at Oldtown (Harriet Beecher Stowe)
The Thanksgiving Party and its Consequences (Mary Jane Holmes)
The Night before Thanksgiving (Sarah Orne Jewett)
Miss Heck’s Thanksgiving Party (Ida Hamilton Munsell)

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