Free non-fiction Kindle books for 25 Jun 18

How To Browse The Internet Safely: Useful Links and Tips

by Aaron Palowitz

Some useful tips and resources for securing your computer to safely explore the internet.

Primal Learning: Accelerate the Process of Processing Information

by Quinn Spencer

Learn faster, not longer.

A lot of us tend to study, memorize, and cram information into our heads, only to forget about it later or not find any value in half of what we learned. But what if you could be more effective at learning? What if you could retain information longer, or process it faster? That would greatly reduce the time you would spend on school, college, your own business, or even in a company training.

How do you speed up your brain and think more clearly? That is exactly the kind of material that will be presented in this concise guide. We will cover issues like:

  • How to improve your focus in ways you wouldn’t have considered before.
  • How to improve your reading speed, applying the latest techniques.
  • How to improve your memory to get more out of life and have more success.
  • How to accelerate your learning by using different methods.
  • How to find the right learning style for you.
  • How to use mnemonic devices to your advantage.
  • The art of processing information faster and learning at a higher speed has been studied and gauged by numerous scientists and scholars. Training our brain is essential to achieving academic results, as well as our long term success, income, and even closer relationships. If you’re ready to throw away old, stiff methods and embrace something new, then this book is definitely for you.
    Add this book to your cart. You will never waste another minute studying things you’ll forget.

    Drowning In Plain Sight: A Survival Story

    by Len Parsons

    A Suicide epidemic is racing over the world … it is even touching the church. This book is part of the antidote.
    This book came as the Result of a Dream . I find much of my writing Fiction & Non seems to be inspired by dreams . Sometimes I watch the plot like a movie, sometimes I hear the story Narration style, occasionally I witness the events first hand.
    I was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with it happening in your life?
    Someone you love may be going under… Real people ,True Stories… suicide is preventable.
    I remember nearly drowning when I was a kid, it was so Much like drowning in sin, emotional depression and fear, there were people all around me unconscious to my plight, watching me Go Under for the last Time , then my Dad Came, Jumping in clothes and All, to Save His Child , just Like Jesus Did for me. From the Water Lifted Me now Safe Am I!”
    “I have often reflected on this experience and cannot help but see parallels to it in the 52 years I have been privileged to live on this earth since that event took place. I cannot help but see the many times I nearly went under for the last time but my Heavenly Father has rescued me just in time. Sometimes the waters were composed of Fear, and doubt, often times Discouragement and Depression were about to take me down but God has always gotten to me just in Time. I have looked addiction in the face and felt the certainty it would kill me in a year if I didn’t change but yet have no power to change. I have also looked back at the situations “I have walked through and realized that no one around me Really had any Idea of how bad they were or how hopeless I had become. Was it because they were indifferent or uncaring or was it that I kept up a really good front? In this book I share Real stories of Friends Who Have or Nearly Have drowned in Plain Sight .

    Bitcoin: Una Guía Completa para Conocer y Comenzar con la Criptomoneda más Grande del Mundo (Libro en Español/Bitcoin Book Spanish Version) (Spanish Edition)

    by Mark Smith

    ¡Aprende Cómo Empezar a Usar la Criptomoneda Más Importante del Mundo!

    â??â??¡Compra hoy la versión tapa blanda de este libro y obtén la versión eBook Kindle totalmente GRATIS!â??â??

    ¿Has escuchado hablar de las criptomonedas? ¿O tal vez sobre el Bitcoin? Es muy probable que hayas oído hablar de estos términos y quizás te preguntes de qué tratan. Bueno, ¡es momento de conocer las respuestas!

    Con este libro aprenderás todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el Bitcoin y cómo puedes usar la criptomoneda para tu beneficio. Cuando empiezas a usar Bitcoin, no tienes que preocuparte de ser el único que lo usa porque vas a convertirte en uno más de los muchos que ya están aprovechando sus ventajas�

    En las páginas de este libro encontrarás,

    • Información básica sobre las criptomonedas y el Bitcoin
    • Monederos que puedes usar para almacenar tus criptomonedas
    • Cómo usar Bitcoins con más facilidad
    • Cuáles errores comenten los demás y cómo evitar repetirlos
    • Identificar estafas de manera rápida
    • Respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes
    • ¡Y mucho más!

    ¡No te arrepentirás de haber obtenido una copia de este libro, porque conseguirás la información necesaria para comenzar a usar el Bitcoin como un profesional!

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