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A Little Like Destiny

by Lisa Suzanne

A #1 Bestselling Rock Music Book! 
Bestselling author Lisa Suzanne’s forbidden romance series pits a rock star against his business mogul brother. 
Reserved and responsible Reese Brady refuses to miss her chance with bad boy rock star Mark Ashton. After one steamy night, she’s convinced the emotional connection they shared was just a figment of her imagination. After all, he’s a womanizer whose affairs are highly publicized.

Reese strives to leave that night behind her after a handsome business mogul asks her to dinner. Her relationship with Brian Fox quickly escalates into something meaningful, but she never expects the secret that emerges when he finally invites her to his penthouse.

She fell in love with a rock star the last time she was there. How could she know she’d fall in love with his brother next?

This is a three-book series that must be read in order:
A Little Like Destiny
Only Ever You
Clean Break

Manipulation: The Complete Psychologistâ??s Guide to Highly Effective Manipulation and Deception Techniques â?? Influence People with NLP, Mind Control and … PSYCHOLOGY,SEDUCTION,PUA,BRAINWASHING)

by Brandon Cooper


Do you know people who are constantly pushing your buttons to get you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do for the purpose of furthering their agenda? Do you feel you are always being led into things you don’t want to do by others? Do you feel helpless, powerless and off-balance while interacting with your partner or your boss? Is someone constantly making you feel inadequate and unworthy?

This book will help you gain comprehensive insights into the world of manipulation, negative persuasion and NLP. It will blow the lid off the clever and sneaky manipulation tactics people use to have their way over you. It will also help you recognize situations where you have been manipulated. In addition to this, you’ll also learn how to fight back against manipulation and be in control of certain situations.

Here are some topics you can expect from the book:â??

  • Understanding the dynamics of emotional manipulation 
  • How manipulators use Neuro Linguistic Programming to change your thought process 
  • Different ways people manipulate others to further their motives 
  • How to spot manipulation
  • Solid techniques for outsmarting manipulators 
  • Coping with a manipulative relationship 
  • Verbal communication and nonverbal communication
  • Proven tips for boosting your self-esteem

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STOICISM: The Art of Living

by Phillip Lark

Book #2 of STOICISM series

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your existence?

Do you wish you could finally find meaning in your life?

Are you searching for the perfect lifestyle to help you achieve both inner peace and success?

The answer to all your questions lies in the original philosophy of Stoicism.

The true nature of Stoicism was born in Ancient Greece a long time ago, but it is still as relevant and meaningful today as it was hundreds of years ago.

In fact, Stoicism has influenced culture, history, art, and even religious practicesall around the world, ever since it came into being.

Sadly, most people today have lost the true understanding of what Stoicism really is. They don’t know how powerful it can be when it comes to improving your life. But this book is here to change that.

The basic principles of Stoicism can easily become a part of your modern lifestyle today, and can change the way you think and feel about life for the better.



Stoicism is not just a philosophy, it’s a LIFESTYLE. One that can help you find your true place in this big universe. But more than that, Stoicism can help you achieve peace in your day-to-day life, so you can finally live a life that’s free from troubles and suffering.

In this book, you will find:

-  The True Origins of Stoicism

-  The Stoic Virtues and Disciplines

-  The Value of Logic in Modern Society

-  How Physics and Ethics Can Improve Your Life

-  The Contemporary Applications of Stoicism

-  Daily Practices for the Modern-Day Stoic

-  �and much more!

Stoicism can help you turn your chaotic life into something special.

By changing the way you perceive yourself in this world, this lifestyle will help you take charge of your own life, and control your happiness.


Are you ready to live a truly meaningful life?


Backyards and Byways

by Charles Ray

A collection of photographs taken from 2012 to 2018 in locations in the U.S., demonstrating that outstanding photography does not require travel to exotic locations.

The Ghost of Communism

by Lou Lesko

The true story of a fashion photographer who goes to the Soviet Union as a photojournalist, not quite knowing what photojournalists do.

How to Win in an Audition and Influence Casting Directors (To Book You for an Acting Job)

by Riley Hamilton

Did you just take a bus to Los Angeles so that you can pursue your dreams of acting? Well as soon as you get off the bus and get internet again, why not download this eBook and learn exactly that it takes to be an actor in this new era?

Riley Hamilton has written the definitive guide to starting out as an actor and it’s only twenty pages long. That’s shorter than your friend’s short film script that they want you to act in for free! You can now get the distillation of five years of a legitimate Casting Director’s experience whittled down to the absolute essentials. Learn hundreds of tips that will help you get the edge in an audition and warm the icy hearts of Casting Directors.

French Humorous Illustrator: Albert Guillaume

by Yuri Karminsky

Albert Guillaume (February 14, 1873 – August 10, 1942,) – French artist, cartoonist, illustrator. The master of a modern poster. He is famous for his posters of French life.

The influence on his work was rendered by Jules Shere, who stood at the origins of a modern poster, often called the “father of a modern poster”. His works are valuable, primarily as an illustration of the life of the French during the Beautiful Age, the golden age in Europe, which lasted from the end of the XIX century to the First World War.

He created a number of theatrical posters, advertising posters and shields.

He also gained popularity thanks to satirical drawings and cartoons published in Parisian humor magazines such as Le Figaro Illustré, Gil Blas, Le Rire, L’Assiette au Beurre, etc. As a result of the publication of these magazines, Parisians began to acquire an increased propensity for art, culture and politics.

In his works, Guillaume ridiculed the weaknesses and shortcomings of French society, corruption and abuse.
Today the posters of Albert Guillaume remain popular, especially as decorations for restaurants and bars.

Architecture Building: The beautiful architecture around the world photobook nature with landscape

by Arika Williams

77 pages large size Photo books of Architecture Building , photo books nature, photo books adults, photo books children, photo books kindles,
photo book for education
Suitable for education and relaxation

Life and nature that you will never miss.

Full-size images and full color.

Die Kunst – Ihr Wesen und ihre Gesetze (Vollständige Ausgabe: Band 1&2) (German Edition)

by Arno Holz

Dieses eBook: “Die Kunst – Ihr Wesen und ihre Gesetze (Vollständige Ausgabe: Band 1&2)” ist mit einem detaillierten und dynamischen Inhaltsverzeichnis versehen und wurde sorgfältig korrekturgelesen.
Aus dem Buch:
“Meine armen “Goldenen Zeiten!” Natürlich wurde nun aus ihnen nichts. Mein Feuer für sie war verraucht, noch ehe es überhaupt recht ins Flackern gerathen war. Ich schichtete noch hundert Seiten auf und dann liess ich sie liegen.
Ich konnte nichts halb sein. Hatte mich vordem nur die Praxis gekümmert und war ich infolgedessen nur Praktiker gewesen, so interessirte mich jetzt nur noch ihre Theorie und ich wollte nur noch Theoretiker sein. Und die alten Schweinslederscharteken auf meinem Tisch häuften sich und ich wurde Stammgast in der Königlichen Bibliothek.
Die Gelehrsamkeit, sagte ich mir, ist der Grützberg, und durch den musst du dich nun durchfressen. Dann kommst du in das gelobte Schlaraffenland, wo die Knödelbeete und die Leberwurstbäume auch für die Proleten wachsen, und die Weisheiten werden dir immer nur so gebraten in den Mund fliegen.”
Arno Holz (1863-1929) war ein deutscher Dichter und Dramatiker des Naturalismus und Impressionismus. Als sein Hauptwerk gilt der Gedichtband Phantasus.

History and Histograms: Exploring Fernandina Beach, Florida Through Photography

by Jacqueline DeBusk

Using this book while touring the beautiful town of Fernandina Beach, beginning digital photographers can take in charm and history while learning the basics of photography. Intermediate photographers can use this book to refresh technical and creative shooting principles while saving time in finding historically and artistically interesting vantage points. Seasoned photography instructors and tourist services providers can use this book to help design a photography tour of historic Fernandina Beach, Florida. With over 45 photographs, photographers will easily see Fernandina Beach as a great place to practice their craft. Lessons cover exposure, white balance, meter mode, focus mode, and histograms, as well as composition techniques. The author recommends reading and practicing the first several lessons of the over 25 lessons before touring; reading ahead is recommended for familiarity with terms and logistics of the reader’s camera.

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