Free business and investing Kindle books for 26 Jun 18

Entry Level Entrepreneur

by Grant R. Ellis

Have you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur? Do you have an idea for a business that you want to start? Are you confused about what to do, and afraid of failure? Starting a business is hard. Growing a business is even harder. It’s no wonder that 90% of small businesses fail. So how do you avoid becoming a statistic? How do you get started? What are the first steps? What mistakes should you avoid? What are some best practices you should adopt? In “Entry Level Entrepreneur,” serial entrepreneur Grant Ellis gives tips and strategies for starting and running your first business, all gleaned from his own experience. He shares his successes as well as his failures in an effort to show the reality of being an entrepreneur. This book is a manual that can help new entrepreneurs navigate the difficult world of starting and running a business. If you want to be an entrepreneur, but aren’t sure about the steps you should take, or you are already an entrepreneur, but want to take your business and life to the next level, this book is for you.

The Complete Guide to 2017 Tim Ferriss Podcast: A comprehensive list of Books, Movies, YouTube clips etc.

by ghost whowalks

Like most of you, I am a Tim Ferriss Fan and regularly listen to his podcast and again like most of you, I listen to it as a secondary activity – meaning I am always doing something else like running or driving etc. When I get to my destination, everyday life takes over and I may/may not remember the few things I thought were important. Sometimes, I am able to remember the guest, go back to show notes and capture what I wanted to but other times, it escapes my mind and remains undone. My hypothesis is that, it happens to a lot of you as well

In search of a solution, I came up with this database – a consolidation and sorting of categories (Books, Movies, YouTube links etc.) that makes it a much easier reference than discrete show notes. I have captured > 90% of content – 10% that I excluded is because they didn’t really lead anywhere, others that were very obvious (links to FACEBOOK homepage) and very few that I might have just missed. I regret those errors and apologize in advance. There are many ways to use this and so there is no need to elaborate on it. One important caveat I would add here is that this database makes more sense when you have listened to the podcasts and understood the context in which the items are discussed.

I would appreciate your purchase and request you to leave some feedback on the site – it will help me make a better version of it next time. Hope you find it as useful as I do.

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