Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 26 Jun 18

The Late Tenant: A Supernatural Mystery Novel

by Louis Tracy

An author from Wyoming rents a flat in London which has a reputation of being haunted by the ghost of its former dead tenant!
“So, like many another youngster in the far lands, he heard the voice of London calling through every book and newspaper he read. It was a siren voice, devoid of accent. The Wyoming wooing, too, became a serious matter; hence, like one of the dove-eyed oxen he knew so well, he stampeded in sudden panic, realized his personal possessions, and, in the vernacular of Sioux Pass, “lit out for the nearest depot, an’ boarded an east-bound train.”

MYSTERY & DETECTIVE COLLECTION: The Winning Clue, Mrs. Marden’s Ordeal, No Clue & The Man Who Forgot (Thriller Classics Series)

by James Hay

This carefully crafted ebook: “MYSTERY & DETECTIVE COLLECTION: The Winning Clue, Mrs. Marden’s Ordeal, No Clue & The Man Who Forgot (Thriller Classics Series)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents:
“The Winning Clue” – Enid Withers is found dead and amateur detective Lawrence Bristow takes up on a challenge to solve the mystery of her murder. But after hitting few dead ends, Bristow is joined by a professional investigator Samuel Braceway. Both have their unique ways and different theories, and believe the other one is on the wrong trail.
“No Clue!” – Detective Jefferson Hastings is invited at Sloanehurst, home of Arthur Sloane, rich and eccentric man deeply interested in study of crime and criminals. During his stay at Sloanehurst a young woman is found dead at the estate and Sloane’s daughter wants Hastings to help solving mystery of the murder. In the beginning it appears that there are no clues at all, and every suspect has a perfect alibiâ?¦
“Mrs. Marden’s Ordeal” – Ruth Marden was disappointed with her marriage and her husband George whose affairs with other women led them to a verge of divorce, but his relationship with Marjorie Nesbit was the thing that troubled Ruth the most. After a party thrown by Ruth and George, Marjorie is found deadâ?¦
“The Man Who Forgot” – An alcoholic gets himself to a point where he is unable to recall his own name or anything at all about his past.
James Hay, Jr. (1881-1936) was American novelist and journalist, born in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Most of his books are crime mysteries and detective stories, some of which are set in Asheville, place where he spent part of his life, and worked as an editor in the Asheville Citizen magazine. Some of his other detective novels have their settings in Washington, where Hay spent his final years. Hay was the founder of the National Press Club, and had friendly relations with presidents Wilson and Taft.

Hunting for Love (UnBearable Romance Series Book 2)

by Amelia Wilson

Sometimes love really is only skin deep.

Lucy Weller was describable in one simple word: manipulative. She wasn’t rotten to the core or malicious, but if something didn’t go her way she made it. The only person she couldn’t use this power on was her brother Ryan, and no matter how many different times she tried, he was always immune. With the sudden appearance of Ryan’s mate, Lucy is forced to confront the shocking fact that she isn’t a â??model woman’. She couldn’t cook; she didn’t like to clean; she barely even shifted enough to be considered a bear shifter.

Enter Jon Maltoda, a humble, words first, actions second kind of man. For him, taking this trip to Alaska was important for many reasons. The first and foremost that he was going to get his mind off his now ex-girlfriend. A bear shifter himself, the pain of losing his potential mate to a larger, stronger male had done a lot of damage. Surrounded by friends, in the height of the salmon run, he plans on finding that inner peace he once had.

When the two meet, can Lucy help build her mate up into the male he can be? Can Jon get past Lucy’s stubborn refusal to change for the better?

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