Free romance Kindle books for 26 Jun 18


by Karla Brandenburg

Try the first in the Epitaph series free!“Crazy Amy” Benson has an unusual talent for hearing epitaphs as the dead pass on. The men she dates who aren’t unnerved by her ability are usually scared off by Amy’s brothers. When reporter Kevin McCormick shows up to do a story at the cemetery, Amy tells him his dead sister is calling for justice, except Kevin’s sister died in an accident.

Kevin relays Amy’s odd message to his family and unleashes a killer. While Kevin strives to be an investigative reporter, he doesn’t anticipate his first opportunity will focus on the murders of his own family. Now he has to protect the alluring epitaph writer while hunting for evidence against the killer.

Jewels and Panties (Book, Two): Jewels in the Night

by Brooke Kinsley

Ruby, Saphir, Emerald, Diamondâ?¦
Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Pinball Wizardâ?¦


When it felt as though my life was torn apart, he was there for me and I’m falling for him fast. The only problem is this house he’s put me in. Full of girls with secret pasts and run by an old woman who’s more mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle, I don’t know what’s going on from one minute to the next.
But with Lincoln by my side I don’t have time to dwell on the gossip that surrounds Waters House as he whips me up in a whirlwind of bliss and excitement. The only problem is not everyone in the house approves of us. Especially the wild teenager, Jet who’s harboring secrets of her own, ones that could kill her along with the other poor girls who washed up on the beach.

She’s too perfect, too good for me and she doesn’t even know it and her body drives me wild! I made the biggest mistake of my life letting her stay in that house and I’m hellbent on getting her outta there. But I can’t hide my secret life from her forever. With my own past filled with sinister tragedies, it won’t be long until I can’t hold back anymore and confess everything. If only that bitch, Jet would stay outta my way. If only I didn’t need her for my plan.
With more girls washing up on the beach with my signature spiral tattoo, it won’t be long until Detective Berger is led straight to my door. If only people could see that I’m not evil and that what I’m doing is for the good of the city. I’m not a maniac like all the other serial killers. I’m a vigilante, a good guy, someone who’s just trying to send a message to save our children.

Warning, this book contains sexual and graphic content. Take responsibility for your own sexual pleasure..

Enjoy 🙂

Undercover Princess (Castles of Dallas Book 1)

by Lenora Worth

Undercover Princess …. a modern day fairy tale

Born to an Italian father and native Texas mother, Nico Lamon returns to Texas to launch an exclusive deal with the iconic Castle Department Store. Guilty for not being there when his father died, Nico has brought the House of Lamon back from the brink of bankruptcy. He devises a marketing gimmick that will benefit both the Castles and the House of Lamon: find the perfect woman to be the fashion line’s spokesperson and to wear the gorgeous Valentine shoes he personally designed. When he spots Eleanor in the crowd, he won’t stop until she’s that woman. His woman.

Eleanor Castle returns to Castle Department Store undercover as head of security, but she’s really back to reclaim her heritage and save both the store and her aging father. Eleanor has a plan to stop her evil stepmother from her devious doings and she won’t stop until she knows her face is safe. But when Nico spots her at a gala and decides she’s the one who should wear the shoes and that she’s also the one he wants in his life, Eleanor has to reevaluate her undercover plan. Nico slips a red shoe on her foot and captures her heart. How can she fall for a prince of a man without exposing herself and her bruised heart?

ROMANCE: HISTORICAL ROMANCE: Winning the Dukeâ??s Heart (British Duke Regency Romance)

by Emma Atwell

When a mysterious book of scandalous origin falls into the hands of naive new bride Emily, it sets off a misunderstanding of epic proportions when her new husband, the Duke of Wellington, discovers her with it.

Bookish, hopelessly romantic young bride Emily, youngest daughter of a British Earl, fell for her intended, the Duke of Wellington, months before ever meeting him in the flesh. Hopeless victim of a crush that bloomed at the mere sight of his portrait, she dreams of wedded bliss with the mysterious Duke.

Her hopes are crushed when the proud, accomplished Duke barely speaks to her at her wedding, and avoids her for days afterward. Desperate to win his approval, she conspires with her maidservant Annie to try to determine the source of his unease with her.

But as she tries to penetrate his secrets for the sake of her marriage, a hilarious misunderstanding develops. A mysterious book by one of France’s most infamous authors has fallen into the unwitting Emily’s hands, and she doesn’t read French. But her new husband does, and draws all the wrong conclusions when he catches her with it. The young couple is about to get an object lesson in the importance of communication–courtesy of the Marquis de Sade!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! Story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

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